Forbes March Lands Degrassi TV-Movie

As the World Turns' Forbes March landed a role in the upcoming, as yet untitled, Degrassi TV-movie and just finished three days of filming, according to TV Guide Canada.
One of my fave people and actors ever, Forbes March, landed a role on Degrassi’s next untitled TV-movie! The Canadian actor travelled to Toronto to film for three days to play the role of George. “I had a blast,” March tells Suds. Incidentally, when March was looking for work a few months back (thanks a lot, kill-happy One Life), I had actually suggested the Canadian audition for Degrassi. A few months later, as luck would have it, March attended one of Degrassi’s gay crew member’s wedding. When producers met March at the ceremony, they were quite taken with the actor and offered him a part. During the filming, the Degrassi cast and crew were seriously impressed with the actor’s work, so don’t be too surprised if he returns to the series down the road. Expect the movie, which came on the heels of Degrassi’s explosive hit and critically acclaimed telefilm, Paradise City, to air sometime next year.

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Paradise City...was that know as Degrassi Does Hollywood in the US?

I wonder who Forbes will shake it up with...I have a feeling it will be Manny. I liked her towards the end of Degrassi Does Hollywood. But not with Jay, please break them up Forbes! LOL!

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I love Degrassi... and March is a fantastic actor. I'm eager to see what capacity they use him.

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I 've  never seen or heard of Degrassi, but now that Forbes March will be on I will definitely go see the movie. What is it about ?