Days of Our Lives: Bloopers

Fancy a bit of a giggle? Stumbled upon this old video, which houses a few of Days of Our Lives’ best bloopers. It just goes to show how funny Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves are in real life, plus the gorgeous Leann Hunley and Thaao Penghlis. This clip also sports a potty mouth from Frances Reid, as well as Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans caught in a couple of hard positions. My pick of the bunch is Leann Hunley’s comment about the split in her dress. Flawless! Watch for Alice Horton dropping the ‘F’ bomb? It sounded like it. Well who knew?

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    :bigsmile: LOL! Ya know, it’s so funny when old people swear! You get this surprised yet shocked look on your face, but you end up trying not to laugh, so your chuckling inside with tears streaming down your face! That’s what happened to my while watching the first clip with Tom and Alice!!!

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    It makes me miss everyone in the clip! Bring back Jack and Jenn! I love Frances Reid even more now that I’ve seen her drop the F-bomb! Now I want a donut!

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