DC #471: Colleen Zenk Pinter Interview

For almost 32 years, she’s dazzled As The World Turns audiences as the unforgettable Barbara Ryan. On this episode of the Daytime Confidential podcast, it’s Luke and Jamey, Colleen Zenk Pinter has under her spell. The soap superstar joins the guys to talk about her amazing daytime career, working opposite the likes of Anthony Herrera (ex-James) and the late Benjamin Hendrickson (ex-Hal), and how she balances it all with her real life love affair with husband and fellow soap veteran Mark Pinter.

Zenk Pinter also talks about what it’s been like to finally have Babs back front and center, in a steamy, comic, cougar storyline with Trent Dawson’s Henry and Lynn Herring’s Audrey. She also shares how her oral cancer diagnosis has changed the way she looks at her life and career. It’s an interview Oakdale lovers won’t wanna miss!

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8 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Mark

    Great interview, guys! Gosh, I just love Colleen! She’s always been one of my favorites. And I’m really excited about what’s coming up on the show. It’s so great to hear Colleen say she’s excited about it.

  2. Profile photo of ghaddict

    Great interview guys!!!!!!!!!! I wish Mike was there since we all know how much he loves CZP…..I can’t wait to see what ATWT has in store and for Carly to return…..

  3. Profile photo of goyankees

    I just remembered I need an oil change…

    Seriously. I remember @ the Emmy’s taken aback at her ‘stylist’ doing that to her skin… she’s such a pretty woman. Stunning, actually….. this is just NOT the picture to have…..

  4. Profile photo of Oakdale-fan

    Great interview!!
    Colleen is just all kinds of wonderful. It sounds promising that she’s so excited about what’s coming up on the show. And I love what she said about everyone being featured in the Christmas episodes. That’s what we want for the holidays!

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