First Impressions: Jonathan Jackson Returns to GH

Jonathan Jackson returned to General Hospital today. What were your first impressions of his return? Watch two clips after the jump.

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    I loved it. The storyline itself was lacking, but all the actors being back together really made me think of old times. I loved L&L2 back in the day. I hope they can fix this whole Lucky/Liz/Nik storyline to give the actors something good.

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    Yeah Lucky is back!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was great especially when he was on the phone with “Laura”…..I hope the idiots bring her back

    I liked Greg Vaughn but he did not have chemistry with RH

    Long Live LnL1 at least until they make a Jason/Liz/Lucky triangle ( Hey a girl can dream)

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    I still feel terrible about GV and GH’s bad writing for his character but without a doubt JJ still has a presence as Lucky. I even saw the years of addiction etched in his face and JJ somehow wore the scars and insecurity of the GV years.

    Also Nik’s violation of territory seemed more dark with JJ at the helm.

    Finally, I also believed for the first time in a long time that Elizabeth had loved Lucky forever.

  4. Profile photo of Frons-n-GuzaSuck

    I also loved GV as Lucky but there is no denying how great JJ is as Lucky. Although Lucky and Liz with GV were a successful chemistry test back in 04-05 before the writers destroyed them, very few couples come close to the kind of chemistry that JJ and BH had and from what I saw in his first episode back still have despite the horrible storyline.

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    JJ is good, so was GV. And yeah okay he is the only actor that ever had a modicum of chemistry with Lizard (I never saw it with JY, very little with GV, I didnt see any with Jason or Ric and very little with Nik but that could be because the story is so slimy)…at least she doesnt do the baby voice so much around JJs Lucky, but I have to say watching this I didnt feel a WOW moment where I thought now I see why tptb switched. I could just as easily have seen GV doing those scenes.

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    I felt like Lucky never left. I mean when I was watching Lucky, it was like JJ hadn’t been gone, it was awesome. I don’t know how to explain it but it was like, Lucky is Lucky again.

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    ITA agree with you Cyber…as an Liason fan I have made my feelings known that it would only take original Lucky and Liz to bring me out of my Liason funk, but I won’t hold out hope for that.

    So I will keep my Niz picture because I am just thrilled my girl gets a story, and I am so flipping thrilled that there is a small chance that JJ’s Lucky will finally be written like a strong legacy character should be. I am ok with Lucky being angry because when I look at JJ I see all he did for Liz, and feel their history.

    God I never realized what a fangurl I was of JJ’s until Liz opened that door

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    You know, this might not work. Yes, JJ has a huge fan base, and yes, he did seem to be trying to play the GV looks (the “seeing my father” look of disappointment, the “concern about Elizabeth” look, [I saw a screen shot of him questioning Jason pretty soon where he pulls the “deer in the headlights” look], etc.) And yes, if they play the LL2 card, they might attract fans…but for how long? Today, the story didn’t seem to be playing into his strong suits, and I think that has a lot to do with the amount of maturity that GV played the character of Lucky with.

    Also, you know it’s a huge smack in the face to GV by leaving him in the intro… as bad as Ric Hearst’s exit was, they were quick to get him outta those credits…

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    Season I think too many people are equating GV’s looking older in the part thereby making Lucky appear more mature. The fact that he became a cop, took care of Liz’s kids also helped with that mature aura. I don’t buy it. Like Lady mentioned Lucky is Lucky again. It made me so happy to see the awesome presence the man has, sorry but JJ even helped me cope with the stupid that is JaSam

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    I hate to tell you this but you were typing your post while I was typing mine, I had ZERO idea that you were posting. Look at the time stamp. You started yours at 7:04. I started mine at 7:02. Unless I had a time machine how on earth am I “tailgaiting.”

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    As much as I liked Greg Vaughn, for the first time in years I saw a viable challenger to my Liason love. They seemed like the old LL2 within a couple of minutes–and the father/son chem between Luke and Lucky was great in those few minutes too!

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    I couldn’t put my finger on it and now this storyline is really a layer deeper for me ITA for the first time in a long time I felt the history of this super-couple (I’m not negating GV’s Lucky because I am a Greg fan too). Just how I feel watching Jonathan for the first time today…as a long time fan…I just hoped for more screen presence before this Nik thing hits the fan…I wanted to at least see a LnL2 love scene…come on Jonathan lets hit the sheets….(just joking)

    I like his scenes, and thought the Remember me was really cute scribing…the phone call to Laura was fantastic a really nice touch….

    I’m glad they are at least finally mentioning her in dialog although it seems to be strategically calculated esp after the engagement party w/Bobbie I don’t even see her in scenes with her daughter, Lesly taking pictures for Laura, and just the presence of the iconic Audrey Hardy.

    ..Too bad they didn’t ask Genie just to do a sound byte phone thing that would have been awesome…but?

    something fans never got back in the day just a bunch of hugs and kisses. So I am very disappointed to be getting Jonathan back in the middle of a crappy storyline….I don’t think Frons/Guza will allow them to try to recapture their super couple status…I can already see the writing against that happening…but I’ll enjoy them for the few eppys that’s left of them because the cah cah will be hitting the fan soon so?

    Frons wouldn’t allow Jason/Elizabeth to happen ok now w/Jonathan back I was like WoW at least I can get something…..yeah more writing in the negative. Oh well I’ll take whatever crumbs they throw my way. Knowing GuZa Jonathan will hit the sheets but not w/Elizabeth something (some) of their fans (may have) waited…whatever…

    based on these two scenes Thumbs up…I agree with the poster who says this brought back so many memories when GH was good…the four muskateers GuZa takes a hatchet to that wonderful memory from their fans…kinda makes me sad…

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    Sorry, I like GV & I am sure that he is a wonderful person (& if I was writing the show, I would have it that Faison had the real Lucky all this time, and that GV’s Lucky was an impostor that didn’t know he was one… b/c they could never quiet break the real Lucky’s mind, so he & Hells figured they’d just get a replacement… thereby absolving GV’s Lucky of any “guilt” & making it possible that BOTH actors could be on the show), AND I agree that having GV in the opening credits still is shitty… BUT OMG, JJ is back, baby!!!
    GV was a decent actor & he definitely got super-screwed over by the writers & other PTB… but to me, JJ is MY Lucky (THE definitive Lucky) and I am glad to have him back.
    I just hope the storylines improve with him.

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    Season and Raven, I’m referring to the growth that Lucky has made as a person. Does anyone honestly think that the same kid that slept in a boxcar would end up raising two kids who aren’t even his, marrying Elizabeth, becoming a cop, having to deal with the disappointment of the legendary Luke Spencer, overcoming various injuries, overcoming a drug addiction, cheating on ur wife with Maxie, divorcing ur wife, having his mother come out of her catatonic state, watch ur parents get married only to watch ur mother slip back into catatonia, finding out that that was a sham, having ur wife turn to Jason of all people, dealing with the death of your best friend Emily, watching ur brother grieve his dead fiance, having ur mother come back out of a catatonic state only to be kidnaped by Scott Baldwin of all people, getting her back, having her leave again to go to France, being with Sam, breaking up with Sam, finding out that ur father cheated on ur mother and had Ethan, having Jake get injured, and getting engaged again to Elizabeth? If that doesn’t mature you, then I don’t know what does.

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    I would just like to make “one” post on this board (like I use to) without the same tailgater following me around with the negative BS.

    I already know you don’t like Lizzard because you are her hater just like you already know I do…so there we go…

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    “I’m not the one.”

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    Spins Vixenella

    :bigsmile: :bigsmile: MY Cowboy is home! I loved every second of JJ Lucky on today’s GH! Jonathan Jackson stepped right back into Lucky’s shoes like he never left. I am one happy, squealing fangurl.

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    Yep thats why the double post has a second time…the time I EDITED THAT POST. 7:06 I didnt edit the first post, and WOW if I had edited that first post that would mean that I started typing it even EARLIER, not later. I happen to be having a bad fibro day and thus am typing more slowly and making more errors that I have to go back and fix like hitting the send button twice. Thats why my shorter post took 2 minutes more to post than your long post took to post.

    How about this, why dont YOU leave me alone, you got that? Since apparently I am now not allowed to post to GH threads you go to first. Puh-lease.

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    Go Bully someone else, I was born in NY I dont take the guff.

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    I love having Joshua back! I really hope that it was worth it for the “big-wigs” to have fired GV, in the long run. If the writing is crap then it doesn’t matter who is in the role.

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    After watching Jason today, I think Liz is the luckiest lady in the world to be miles away from him. He has turned pure evil. He goes to Johnny and tells him “you know the business”, then goes on to say “There is no way to save her” and Johnny is supposed to be OK with this. He has corrupted Sam, Spanelli, and now he expects Johnny to be OK with him killing his sister. On what planet would Liz and her children fit into this?!?! How in the world would Luke and Laura’s grandkids fit into this lifestyle? TODAY Guza just trashed Jason! Congrats!

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    Sometimes Daytime confidential is the best soap on….LOL

    Come on people lets all state our opinions and be civil these are fake characters we are talking about

    As much as we don’t agree we are entitled to our opinion and this shoudn’t get personal

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    I haven’t been regular viewer since the Labine/Riche era but tuned in today for JJ’s return, which I agree was seamless.

    Re the phone call, when did Laura come out of her vegetative state? Is GF returning to the show?

  23. Profile photo of Jenny

    I was a total fangurl, today. When Liz opened that door and he said “Remember Me?”…..I paused the show, ran around the house screaming, then hit play. I’m 30 yrs old. WTF?! LOL!!

    JJ and BH’s chemistry is still there. Wow. That last scene with Lucky’s voiceover, while Luke caught Nik/Liz on the docks, was so soapy and good.

  24. Profile photo of season1217

    Lucky always had maturity. I’d say he had more when he was played by Jonathan than he did when played by Jacob and Greg. Some of that goes to the writing but I also think Jonathan’s exceptional acting added a lot to it. And do I think that the same boy that lived in a boxcar could get married, raise two children, have a career, and overcome adversity? You damn straight I do! JJ’s Lucky was always competent and mature. He was able to make it to Port Charles all by himself while on the run from the mob when he was 11. He knew how to take better care of himself then some adults. He helped Elizabeth with her rape while dealing with finding out his father had raped his mother. The last scenes Jonathan had with Genie and Tony where Lucky was able to come to terms with what happened with his parents showed just how grown he really was. In some cases, Lucky showed more maturity than his parents.

  25. Profile photo of keanna

    Come on guys, let’s keep this civil. As for JJ, though I hate the way it happened and poor GV got fired, I thought it was great and seamless like JJ never left. Lucky calling his mom loved it. Can’t wait to see how this triangle and this whole thing with the Cassadines develop.

  26. Profile photo of BigDede

    This storyline has just gotten so much more insteresting now that JJ is back. Most of us saw the sibling stife that was going on between Lucky and Nik in the past. So just imagine how it will be now.

    Also the scenes with Luke and Lucky were great. Luke eyes lit up at seeing Lucky and Lucky had that Spencer swagger that has been sorely lacking in recent years. As soon as Liz opened that door, you saw all that Lucky swagger. I love it!

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    It really does feel like an entirely different character to me. I was never much of a fan of Lucky’s when JJ left, but I attributed that more to the writing than GV’s acting. On today’s show I immediately saw the chemistry with him and Rebecca Herbst, but never really did when GV was in the role. Before I could care less about the whole Lucky/Liz/Nik triangle, but with JJ back I am now more into the storyline and of course I am curious to see what a LnL redux part 350 would be like. I wonder if the writers will actually give Lucky a brain again.

  28. Profile photo of lizluvr

    I have to agree with most of you when I say that it felt to me like JJ never left. He just fit in so seamlessly. He and ReH just have that seemed like liz just glowed and i truly felt like she was talking to lucky the guy who she went through hell and back with, the love of her life. (yes she turned around and made out with nik, his brother, but hey it is a soap) i love GV and all but i am beyond ecstatic that JJ is back!

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    Oh please classic

    try to turn this around sweetie I have have been called out by name, you have been taggin me for weeks so you flip the script to play a sympathy card, for “following my posts around this board..” then you point a finger to call me out (again) as a bully?’ ok whatever I’ll be the bad guy now will you leave me alone?

    I’ll take the hit because I’m sick of you. I’ll eat the cheese…but I repeat for the ummm how many times now? “leave me alone”

    clue” 7 comes before 8

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    Getting JJ back as Lucky has made GH watchable TV again. JJ is a marvelously talented actor. His delivery of dialog is faultless, and the little facial expressions he commands bring back the much needed dimensions to Lucky the character.

    Welcome home JJ, welcome home.

  31. Profile photo of GHFanYouBetcha

    It was great to see JJ back, his chemistry onscreen was instant with his castmates. I was hoping with the awkward transition from Lucky 3.0 back to Lucky 1.2, TPTB would’ve at least had the decency to remove GV in the opening credits but that was asking too much of them I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I love GV and agree with the others, wished they could’ve kept GV and had a storyline fleshing Lucky 3.0 out as an imposter planted by Helena. Ah well gotta let that go I guess. Having JJ back to me makes the Niz pairing even more icky. Love TC and RH but at this point would rather see LL2. RH has chem with everyone actually. Speaking of, Lulu/Dante were hot, Lulu was hysterical and Dante was the total gentleman. I wonder if now that the original Cowboy is back if Ethan will exit stage left along with Rebecca now that ABC SID is saying NL is on the way out. Guess we’ll all have to tune in……

  32. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I really wish I could take a poll – and this is seriously just curiousity. A lot of the hardcore pro JJ posters seem to be new. I wonder how much of this is

    a. Lapsed GH viewers coming back
    b. JJ fans who never gave up the love, but continued to watch even without him and were already DC posters
    c. New viewers that just started watching for JJ
    d. New posters that came to DC because this is the site that broke the story
    e. Liz fans who just want JJ because tptb are willing to write for him and werent willing to write for GV and your hoping that JJ means more story for Liz.

    I am curious to know what this potentially translates into in terms of new viewers. I would hope with all the press ratings will go up, just like they did with Carnival, which means folks in columns a and c, but the other posters would be a wash. I find it interesting that we have so many new posters (which is a good thing, but esp. if that means they are also new or lapsed/returning viewers)

  33. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I thought JJ’s return was okay. I didn’t have any Wow moments. It was just okay. I didn’t see any chem with him and ReH this time around, but that could be because of the nature of the story. I found her particularly repulsive today. JJ did do a good job at playing Lucky as totally clueless, just as GV has had to play him for a long time. – “Oh mom, Liz just feels guilty because of what happened with Jason & Jake.” LOL! Yeah, right! ReH does look a bit older than JJ now, but I’m okay with that. I don’t know. It was just average.

    When GV was on, I was worried that when Lucky finds out the truth about LikNiz, that he was just going to yell at her for about a week and then it would be over with. Now with JJ, I’m even more worried. I will bet anything that Lucky won’t even get that mad. JJ will just get all teary eyed and say “How could you do this to me?” and ReH will do her whiny voiced thing and that’ll be the end of it. We’re not going to see any rage. He’ll just look like a kid that’s had his toy taken away from him and they’ll have him lick his wounds offscreen and that’ll be the end of it. GRRRRR!

    EET: Sorry you have to deal with such nonsense!!

  34. Profile photo of sallyv

    I didn’t watch when JJ was first on so I didn’t have a pre-determination about him, so as someone seeing him for the first time as Lucky, gotta say I didn’t like him. He looks way to young, has a weak voice and I didn’t see any chemistry with Elizabeth. Big mistake as far as I’m concerned. And the fact he’s only signed on for 6 months doesn’t bode well for the character in the long run.

  35. Profile photo of BigDede

    JJ and BH’s chemistry is still there. Wow. That last scene with Lucky’s voiceover, while Luke caught Nik/Liz on the docks, was so soapy and good

    Wasn’t that like the best scene! Guza didn’t write that. He couldn’t have wrote that. It was so soapy. That scene is what a soap is about. Hearing Lucky say that he knows Liz better than she knows herself and that she’s still feeling guilty over Jason/Jake then seeing Liz/Nik kiss, you know Lucky is going to snap when he finds out about them. That will also be a good soapy scene.

  36. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Sorry but if JJ had stayed in the role of Lucky and never left NO ONE would even care that he looked young, shoot half of the viewers recently were complaining about how old Dante looked to be Olivia’s son well looked how that panned out.

    We learned to love and adore Dante, and its been a while since anyone has even mentioned the age thing.

    When JJ’s Lucky finds out all about Niz, I am sure it will be powerful stuff from JJ, and I am looking forward to the aftermath.

  37. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    I’m glad JJ is back and I loved Lucky/Liz 10 1/2 years ago, but GH has so changed the character that it is hard for me to warm-up to these two getting back together. Also, one of my favorite times on GH is when Liason began. I no there is no hope for them at this point, but I will always hold out hope for my favorite couple!

  38. Profile photo of Miry

    EET: I’m in b.)… though I have seriously hated gh the past year & pretty much stopped watching, short of Dominate & anything that you guys (& DC) says that might be interesting to me.
    Sorry, but gotta disagree Daisyclover… JJ can do both rage AND teary-eyed thing. Did you watch him rage at his parents after the rape reveal, at Nik for years! (hell, he even pushed him down the stairs, albeit accidentally), & whomever else crossed the Spencers??! That boy was FIYA!

    The truth of the matter is this: with JJ in the role of Lucky we are actually going to get a Lucky worth watching.

    No diss to GV, but TPTB obviously HATED him & what he brought to the role. Lucky was written as one of the worst losers/bumbling idiots to grace our screens since Barney Fife. We were NEVER going to get anything better with GV in the role. Lucky was always going to lose (to Jason, Nik, Ethan, Oscar the Grouch, whomever he was paired to go up against). At least with JJ in the role, the writers seem to CARE about Lucky again, and seem to invest in him as a person again (the phone call to Laura), instead of just Luke’s punching bag, Lulu’s talk-to, or the dumb cop who always gets his ass beat– then subsequently is saved by Jason, & never solves a case. I am sorry, but let’s keep it real… do you (anyone, not just talking to Daisy here) really believe we would have gotten that conversation between Lucky & Laura, that fleshed him out more as a character & as a man who is in love?… I think not.
    Before JJ’s return, I couldn’t care less about Niz (other than it was skeevy b/c I always felt that JJ’s Lucky & Liz would never do these things to each other b/c they really loved each other– I don’t know, I felt like the real Lucky was still locked up somewhere & Liz was able to do Lucky dirty like this b/c somehow, deep down she knew). However, now I am actually excited about how this story will unfold, I am invested in what Lucky feels b/c this time around I feel that TPTB! will actually be interested in what Lucky feels. It won’t just be those two people will be together & Lucky will be on the outside (like it was with Liason & NEM)… this time it might actually be a TRIANGLE like soaps used to have, where you are rooting for everyone b/c you can see all sides. (Though now with MY Lucky returned, I have got to admit, I want Liz & Nik to go down!– but remember, before, I didn’t even care).
    Oooh, & one final thing: at least now maybe we can get some FLASHBACKS!!!! :bigsmile:

  39. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Miry, no I don’t think we would have gotten that conversation with Laura, which sucks. But I also don’t think it ‘fleshed him out more as a character and a man who is in love.’ I already knew he was in love, that was never the problem with the story. The phone call was a nice nod to fans, but it wasn’t great storytelling, imo. If anything, the phone call just highlighted the fact that Lucky is still a sweet sucker.

    Will the writing be better for JJ than it was for GV? I think *probably* it will, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do backflips right now. IMO this triangle sucked before and it still sucks. Lucky is still poor sweet dumb Lucky and Liz and Nik are still scumbags. That’s not changing no matter who plays Lucky.

    I get that people are excited by JJ’s return. And I think he’ll be fine & it should help the show. But like you Miry, I’m keeping it real…I’m not going to get all excited unless I think there’s something to be excited about. Maybe in a couple of days or weeks, I’ll think the writing is great & the triangle suddenly works and JJ will become my absolute favorite on the show. If so, I’ll say it. But this was a first impression thing – and for me, it was just okay.

  40. Profile photo of curacaoman

    GHYouBetcha, having GV still in the credit is so increcibly tacky, but so is having actors who are now on other shows. At least SJB won’t have to worry, they never bothered putting her in the credits!

  41. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    DaisyClover thanks for the support.

    JJ – Miry and Daisy I agree with points that both of you made. I really think the writers are more invested in JJ (and quite frankly so are ReH and TG) and that is starting to filter in. I see that and I think thats a plus. I also agree that the flashbacks are an advantage. That said, I also agree that todays scenes for me werent WOW and like Daisy I am not ready to do backflips…yet. I am trying really hard not to let my love for GV get in the way and as I have said repeatedly I am open to JJ’s interpretation as I use to be a fan. I think the biggest issue is for me is, as Daisy stated, “Lucky is still poor sweet dumb Lucky and Liz and Nik are still scumbags. That’s not changing no matter who plays Lucky.”

    I think JJ can do rage – my question is will the writers write it that way. The ONLY way I could potentially get behind LL2 right now is if Lucky really goes off and there is some sort of reprecussion. I dont want to see a teary how could you seen, and then both of them shrug it off.

  42. Profile photo of soapfan_incognito

    I have been overjoyed since yesterdays episode (I actually watched the JJ scenes twice, which I never do!). I am sorry to disagree with some of my esteemed fellow posters but, I think that the lines they gave JJ to deliver were the very same ones (minus the Laura call) that would have been given to GV with a very different outcome. I feel bad for the treatment of GV but until actually seeing JJ back on screen in this role I never realized just how differently I viewed the character. Throughout the episode I kept thinking *what is Lucky going to think when he sees Rebecca?* and *I wonder how Lucky will react when he discovers he has another half sibling?* and then I remembered Lucky has been on-screen throughout all these revelations, DUH! GV’s Lucky always made me feel sorry for him, and I have heard the same from many of his strong supporters, JJ takes the same material and NEVER makes me pity him, he is so good at delivering the lines in a scathing manner that makes me wonder just how mean he will be to LIz when this all comes out, NOT will Lucky fall apart and and turn back to drugs? Which I always thought with GV in the role.

    I am sorry if I offended anyone, but I have been waiting 10 years for this and I never thought I would see JJ back again! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Profile photo of Miry

    I can dig it, Daisyclover… we all have our own opinions on the matter & that’s why I love coming here. ;)

    Also, I just wanted you to realize that the last part of my msg wasn’t for you specifically, I was just making a general statement about how I feel & why I think JJ’s Lucky might be a more viable character now. I understand that this is a 1st impression thing, but I was responding more to how the writers seem to care more about Lucky as a person now than before (i.e. my 1st impression of the writing for JJ). But please keep in mind that I said that I “think” he will be written for better (& in other threads, that I “hope” this will be the case). I am not delusional when it comes to these crappy writers, hehe, I know how quickly they can turn a promising return into pure suck. The part that I meant for you really was just in response to you pretty much saying that you didn’t think JJ could rage. And I DO agree with you about Lucky still being a sucker… a sweet, sexy sucker (no matter who is in the role), but at least this time I think that he will actually be able to extract some revenge or hurt them back, instead of just being cast-aside a week or two after the reveal.
    And yeah, I guess I always knew that Lucky loved Liz, but perhaps it is that before the Laura phone call either: (a.) I didn’t really care, (b.) His “returned out of no-where” love for her just seemed to fall flat for me… I mean they were divorced, loving co-parents to their kids & then out of no-where they had this relationship again that I guess occurred off-screen(?), or (c.) because of (b.), (a.) occurred.
    Either way, that’s why for me the phone call “fleshed him out more as a character and as man who is in love”. [I don’t like it when the writers just tell me something is the way it is, I like to actually observe it for myself].

    Lovely chatting with you… I haven’t seen you posting on here as much, unless of course you are posting about Sam &/or RH’s voice. :bigsmile:

  44. Profile photo of Meg

    I loved it. He and Becky still have it. Although I’m having a hard time seeing him as the Lucky who became a cop, and got involved with Maxie. Greg played it more older too. But JJ is a strong actor and I can’t wait to see what’s coming…

    btw has anyone noticed the strong coverage his return is getting from the mainstream like posted preview clips and have been keeping up on his return and it’s one of the most commented blog postings. Plus they are treating it like any other primetime show or casting. GH is getting a lot of good coverage these days which I’m estatic about

  45. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Miry, if they actually let Lucky get some revenge or hurt them back instead of just coming out the loser yet again, I will be thrilled, lol! I’m not that excited now, but who knows, that could change. And I love chatting with you too :) Yeah, I’ve been busy lately, so my comments have been stripped down to the essentials: Sam/Liz. LOL

  46. Profile photo of Miry

    EET: I totally agree with you… I want Lucky to tear BOTH Liz & Nik apart, and then turn on Nik (the CASSADINE!) & treat him like “the bastard” like he used to when Nik first showed up!!! They had the absolute BEST fights! […I think that I just showed ya’ll that I am a bad person inside… whatev’s, those fights were legendary!]. ;)

    soapfan_incognito: You TOTALLY hit the nail on the head with your entire statement. I had felt soo much pity for GV’s Lucky over the past 5 years that I had just started to not care about the character anymore b/c it was just too sad, and he was just too weak, and I would watch JJ’s Lucky on youtube and just be saddened at what the character had become.
    The O.G. Lucky was raised while his family was on the run from the mob; he made it all the way to PC on his on when he was 11; he was always a good judge of character and such a mature, old soul for his age; he was always SO smart & into computers & fixing all types of things and machines– hell, when Faison had him during the “Lucky’s dead” stuff, he used a freakin’ computer to program the door to open! He faked getting overthrown/hurt to steal his phone… I mean THIS Lucky, the one that I grew up with, was (pardon my French) the shit!!
    …The Lucky that we had with GV was pathetic.
    [& AGAIN, I cannot say this enough, I am not disrespecting GV (I think he did the best with what he could). It wasn’t his fault that the writers felt that the only way to prop up Jason, and the other males on this show, was to destroy the character of Lucky. But at the same time, I can’t take anything away from JJ either. JJ just brings something magical to the character (for me), and in my opinion is a better actor then GV].

    GOSH! I haven’t posted soo much in like EVER… I must really LOVE JJ’s return as Lucky!!
    I am just soo excited b/c I NEVER thought that it would happen. It’s reminds me of a better soap-viewing time.

  47. Profile photo of fourtimesmum

    Ok i just have to say some things:] i started watching GH with my mom about 20 years ago- when i was a teenager thats when they ran the LL2 storyline Lizs rape them falling in love ect.. then JJ left at the peek of their romance i was crushed….in comes Jacob Young that didnt work for me period nough said about that i didnt buy him as Lucky at all! i suppose neither did TPTB because i walked Greg Vaughn well i my opinion that was worse- the writers turned my sweet Lucky into a junkie with no respect for Liz LL2 was over for me! i didnt care what they did with the characters at all by that point they had ruined them!! flash forward to yesterday my heart skipped a beat when Liz opened that door my Lucky the real Lucky had come home- the acting was awesome the chemastry was still there it was wow! then it became clear once again what GH had done to my beautiful couple Lucky is still clueless while his wife is Sleeping with his brother- this storyline is a slap in the face to LL2 fans on so many levels and to have JJ back is amazing but i am still tryng to figure out how TPTB will fix this mess they made with the other “Luckys” and write for JJ & the LL2 fans the was we deserve i had waited so long to see JJ&BH back on screen together and was upset when she ran out on him to make out with NIK- i felt cheated- now i just have to sit back and wait for them to reunite LL2 to full glory & hope that they can:] it is my opinion no matter how much i liked GV as an actor {not as Lucky though] that GH should have let us think for 10 years that Lucky was dead until this when he returned the whole last 10 years they destroyed these characters and left a train wreck for JJ to walk back into- that being said i am not looking forward to the scenes that will come when Lucky learns Liz is a cheater and his brother is an ass- while JJ will play them at his best and we will see a 3 time emmy winner in action am not to sure i want those scenes at the expense of JJ’s Lucky yelling at Liz i dont think when he was on with her many yrs ago he even raised his voice to her i am worried my LL2 will be destroyed and we wont get the proper reuion we truly deserve

  48. Profile photo of diallo41

    In general, am ok with anything that brings Liz a better story. I know there are folks who feel more Liz bad but I say more liz good.

    On JJ, while it is too soon to shake my Liason love I can use a distraction from the other bits I FF’d through heaven help me but that button is getting quite the workout this week. Also, it instantly made me care more about the lucky character in the Nick/Liz story which while I loved GV, I just never sympathized with his character in this triangle.

  49. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I just want to say even though I am a huge GV fan, I think the mainstream press coverage of JJ’s return is a huge boost for the show.

    As a KeMo fan, I have been saying for years that one reason the show should keep her front and center is that she is one of the few daytime people that gets covered by the mainstream press. Some folks slam that – oh Frons let her be on DWTS blah blah blah – but really in the end thats irrelevant. The bottom line is that magazines, websites and shows like EW have an interest in KeMo and that in turn means press coverage for the show.

    I think its great that KeMo is in that league and I think its great that JJ is as well. I am all about whatever attention brings eyeballs to GH because thats what keeps the show on the air.

    And in the end thats how I will judge the JJ return. If long term this brings new or lapsed viewers back to the show, then it was a good switch. I think GV was an excellent actor, I think JJ is an excellent actor. I dont buy into all this GV is better or JJ is better stuff. They are very different, and have very different strengths and weaknesses, but both are clearly talented, so for me the switch makes sense ONLY if it results in better ratings. And I would say if I was making the decision that it would make sense to give it a try because it could potentially drive ratings, but with the caveat that I first would have given GV a better opportunity to shine. For example, if they had really given LuSam a shot or let him be heroic by developing the cop/investigative side of the Karpov drug case.

  50. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I saw today show
    Again that wasn’t the magic , his scenes could have been done by Greg and it would have been the same ………………..
    There wasn’t something new or a different vibe from Lucky he was still the Sucker who can’t see that Liz is lying in his face , he still liker her lap dog ….
    there wasn’t something new that was so great from Greg scenes ………
    In a lot of ways I felt strange seeing JJ as the guy who talks about the love of those kids it was wired for me ……………
    Maybe when Lucky will find out the truth they will change something but now it is the same thing the same feeling just a different face ..

  51. Profile photo of ahanshew

    First of all, I want to say that I think JJ is a good actor. However, I have a hard time picturing him as older than Lulu, he looks younger than Liz and I’m not sure he can pull of the cop thing. I will laugh the 1st time he arrests Jason. He’s like 1/2 the size of SB! I do like the chemistry that he has with RH. I did enjoy their scenes yesterday and am looking forward to GH turing this whole Liz/Nik/Lucky storyline around. Right now it’s horrible!

  52. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Diallo I’ve missed you

    I just can’t stop laughing did we really expect JJ’s Lucky to walk into the role and be like “Oh Liz you’re lying”, let me kick you to the curb. Stop drinking the kool-aid. When the proverbial $hit hits the fan, I for one will be thrilled to watch JJ knock it out of the ballpark.

    Seeing Nik and Lucky today brought back more wonderful memories, another week of this and I won’t even care that I find Jason a total tool

  53. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Just my opinion not shoot me LOL
    I did say that I have to see who he will act when he finds out the truth and than maybe we will make me say he is so good but at this moment nothing new ……….

  54. Profile photo of diallo41

    :bigsmile: Ravannite613 it is tough being a Liz fan these days. She’s taking a beating on screen and on daytimeconfidential!! :bigsmile: lol!

    By the by, it would take them bringing back on a long-term ever present on my screen basis: Robert, Holly, Alan, Ric, Lucy Co, Faison, Starvos,the WSB, and Brenda for me to stop caring Jason is a A$#@!% but I hear you… 8)

  55. Profile photo of Miry

    Yeah, I respect everyone’s opinion here, I just have to respectfully disagree a bit on some things (& I’d hope in turn, ya’ll would respect that as well).

    I think JJ is 100 times a better actor than GV. There, I said it, heh.
    GV was decent in the role, and he did a good job with the drug storyline (really good actually), but in the day-to-day he just didn’t do it for me. He was nice to look at, but he didn’t really keep me interested (I could, & have, blame the writing, but some actors do really amazing things with shitty writing).
    With JJ as Lucky that was a totally different story. I was mesmerized with him pretty much every time he was on the screen. It was just something about him, I left like he was ACTUALLY Lucky, not just playing a role, ya know? It’s like he put on the character’s skin or something… very rarely do I see actors do that, especially child actors, but maybe that’s why he was able to do so, because he had been playing Lucky since he was a young boy (its the same thing for KM as Robin). Whatever it is, JJ is just really good at not just the drama & rage, but also at the subtle, & the mundane, day-to-day “I am just in this scene with only 2 lines” thing as well.
    This is me speaking of him in regards to the past… JJ’s Lucky wasn’t always given the drama-filled stuff & he was still good & his presence was still known. That’s it, heh, that’s the word I was looking for: presence. He has that (& to me) GV did not. Even since his return, I automatically felt a shift in the character & that was all JJ… & in the 2 days that I have seen him he is just bringing it the way that I remembered him doing. Oh, his scenes with TG (Luke) & TC (Nik) & RH (Liz) & the phone (Laura)! The chemistry, the passion, I felt it with all 4 of them & him… it was like the GH of old (& no, I am not remembering old-gh and transferring those feelings onto the now-gh… this is legitimate, semi-fangurl feelings! :bigsmile:
    [Oh man, when he wiped that tear away when he was done talking to Liz, I melted]!

  56. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Miry: That’s funny because the other day I was comparing my feelings about Lucky vs. Robin. I loved JJ’s Lucky back in the day, but I don’t feel the same attachment to him as I do with Robin. I think it’s for a few reasons. One, KMc is closer to my age, so I feel like I almost grew up with her. And I think most importantly, we saw her as a child, then a teen, then a young woman and when she came back she was an adult. Plus no one else ever played Robin. So my affection for Robin is much stronger than for JJ. And while I really liked a lot of JJ’s stories, nothing hit me as hard as Robin/Stone’s AIDS story. I mean, that was devastating. So for me, even if they were to ever recast Robin, KMc would always be the “real” Robin to me.

    btw, this isn’t an argument or anything. I just thought it was funny that you brought up Robin, when I was just thinking about her in terms of JJ returning.

  57. Profile photo of kmk137

    ok so I know I’m a little behind but I just finally got a chance to watch all of the shows for this week so far. I like GV but I am sooo glad JJ is back. He and Liz together remind me of when I was a teenager because when they were last together I loved this show and was going through the same stuff lol But looking at them together today was funy neither look old enough!!!!! they still both look like they need to go to school tomorrow!!! but I am excited to see what happens next ……. BTW not liking the liz/nik stuff yuck they could have done so many better stories!

  58. Profile photo of Miry

    Daisyclover: No worries… I didn’t think that you were arguing with me, I just thought you were giving your opinion; it’s all good. I love how we are soo nice (& making sure that we come across the way that we intend), I have no idea what’s up with the negativity that seems to come from soap discussions… I mean, its just the most ridiculous thing. I am glad for DC b/c it is a nice community– I don’t really visit other boards/discussion groups b/c those ppl are crazy. ;)

    I totally agree with you & KM’s Stone/HIV-reveal and the like… I felt like I grew up with her as well which is why I mentioned her & why I couldn’t see anyone else in HER role either (& it’s also why it’ll be Robin & Jason 4eva! Liason & Jasam who?? :bigsmile: )… her teen/young adult years were full of VERY powerful storylines for me as well; just like the Lucky & Liz rape storyline & Lucky’s whole world crashing-down around him when he found out that his best friend/idol/dad was the same kind of monster that he was trying to help Liz work past.
    I guess what it all boils down to is that I didn’t/couldn’t really accept any other actor in the role (which is apparently why I made up another, alternate gh in my head where these Luckys weren’t the real Lucky at all, heh– he was still a prisoner with Faison- they just didn’t know it, but on a deeper, subconscious level everyone DID know it, that’s why they were treating him like shit (Luke apparently hating his son, Liz cheating on & lying to him, etc) & why he was doing all these out of character things (becoming an addict & cheating on Liz, not being able to solve a case/not being able to find his hand in front of his face, always losing/getting beaten in every thing by every one, etc).
    I am just excited for new (read: better) things for gh. Dominate got me liking SOMETHING (ANYTHING!!) on gh again, and now that MY Lucky is back I have 2 things to look forward to on gh!! I haven’t said that since um, uhhh, err
    ::long uncomfortable pause::
    TB learned how to act & made Sonny & Carly likable again. Haha, no I think it was when I heard that Robin was coming back & I was hoping for some forgiveness on both their parts & them at long-last getting back together. I am still waiting.
    (But that Joker’s got to get out of the mob first).

  59. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    ITA it was just “good to see Jonathan” as Lucky and it would have been so much better for us who are also Greg fans if they hadn’t lied to say Greg left of his own accord…then to learn he got fired sort of took the bloom off the rose…

    then I remember reading Stuart Damon got fired by fax on Xmas eve…after putting in his 30 and realize this is how this regime does business…

  60. Profile photo of rainbow9

    ITA with you on that season1217. Personally, JJ is able to portray a mature Lucky because he was wiser beyond his years. In addition, JJ got married when he was 20 and became a father when he was 21. So, for others to criticize him for his boyish looks, not being able to portray Lucky as a married man, raise children, have a career, and overcome adversity? Please, JJ has been there and done that before the character Lucky even did that. Non-JJ fans, don’t underestimate JJ’s portrayal of the mature Lucky.

  61. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I agree with you, discodan. And, I predict that by the beginning of next year (if not sooner), the boards are going to be clamoring with those who don’t like Jonathan Jackson as lucky anymore – they will want Greg back.

    I have seen this time and again. Just be careful what you wish for (Sarah Brown, Natalia Livingston – to name a few).

  62. Profile photo of rainbow9

    I think you missed the boat on this one Christie-Delancey. JJ is the true original Lucky, whether you like it or not. The only time they will ask Greg back, if he even wants to come back, is when they kill the Lucky character. Trust me, by next year, you and discodan will be hooked on JJ like bread on butter. LOL

  63. Profile photo of rainbow9

    Sorry to burst your bubble GH Lover but GV wouldn’t even come near the acting chops of JJ. The reason why JJ is such an exceptional actor is because he learned to hone his craft and talent when he was young, with the help of Genie Francis and Anthony Geary. They didn’t treat him as a kid but as an actor and taught him a lot. Because of this, he was able to grow as an actor. So, you can keep making those remarks but they won’t hold any substance, just like GV’s portrayal of Lucky. Sorry, just keeping it “real”.

  64. Profile photo of toy1975

    Dear Cyber.BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO…I swear I thought this tailgater was going to get you preggie the way she latched herself on you! a sure sign that a couple is NOT cutting it is when their fansbase get nasty uhmmm What can I say!Frons was a JaSam fan…he always has been…and isn’t it sick that we know the President of ABCD’s pairing preferences!!!

  65. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    #27 Submitted by Miry on October 29, 2009 – 1:09pm.

    I Totally and Wholeheartedly Agree to the umpteenth power…

    Greg Vaughn doesn’t even come close to Jonathan Jackson he’s not even in the same ball park LoL
    I luv me some Greg but I can’t sanction or champion him as a better actor than Jonathan Jackson no friggin’ way. The man can act.

    I also agree with #14 Submitted by diallo41 on October 28, 2009 – 4:13pm.

    I never ever sympathized with Lucky either.

    After the white wash redemption setting up for the paternity reveal. It was clear to me what was being done and why (if my memory holds up) prior to that Lucky never was lauded (as much) in dialog or story as “the bestest Daddy in the world”

    He rarely had scenes with Cam prior to his whitewash, didn’t mention him much in dialog, and didn’t bother to adopt him (which they still never fixed) and what got me is when he didn’t bother to get clean for Elizabeth/Cam only when he found out she was pregnant with Jake whom of course he thought was it came off kind of self-serving (for me).

    I want to see ‘how’ they “write” this Lucky with JJ reprising the role will it still be the same scribing him under the bus? or will the pen be more kinder…or is this another destruction of GH history …GuZa brings on veteran characters/actors back for destruction as well so?

    I never liked “how” GV was “written” as Lucky Spencer but because I liked him and knew what they were doing I made allowances. The writing just never worked for me as a huge fan of the character.

    The credits showing GV as Lucky isn’t unusal if memory serves I think they think they covered it with the announcement of the role of Lucky Spencer is now being played by

    …….I think its TACKY but this is ABC so? After the “real Greenlee” fiasco and firing Stuart Damon by fax on Xmas eve after his 30 anything can happen with these cookie cutter execs…

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