Natalia Livingston Checks Out Of General Hospital

ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting Natalia Livingston will be saying goodbye to the citizens the fictional town of Port Charles, as she is leaving General Hospital. No word on when the actress will depart her role as Rebecca.

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    I’m glad that Rebecca is leaving the canvas. The character was just stupid from the start. They should’ve never killed Emily and left it open for her too return. Why did they even bring NL back if they were going to scrap the character? But w/e. I should not be surprised and I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if I came back on here later on to see something like Amber Tamblyn is returning to the role of Emily. I am just not shocked when it comes to GH anymore.

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    Is any one really surprise ??

    The all comeback was stupid!
    They should have made her Emily have Diego and Helena made a deal that he will “kill her” and than Helena will taker her and brian wash her ….
    But they went with Rebecca , her twin sister that Page didn’t tell Monica before she died , after the strong bond between them ……………..
    She was annoying , she didn’t click with anyone not even TC ……..
    that was written the day JJ was back and my guess is that NF Ethan will be next, even though I like him more today after the episode but he will go ……

    Please keep Jason cock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’m happy that the character of Rebecca will be no more, but I feel sorry for Natalia. Those idiots could have easily salvaged things by making her Emily. I see Natalia as the new Mac on Y&R or Steffy on B&B…
    Jamey, we need a Wishful Casting, STAT!

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    I’m not sad to see her go and I’m really not that sad that she wasn’t Emily either. Her version of Emily was boring. I just think it’s a shame they had to trash Emily’s birth mom.

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    I have an even better idea…
    I would bring Emily back from the dead in the form of Amber Tablyn. If they could get Johnathan Jackson back, I’m pretty sure Amber wouldn’t be hard.

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    But where one doppleganger exits, Emily Peterson, played by Stacy Haiduk enters…

    Oh and in other news, Sarah Brown is out as Claudia…
    And if you missed it, Jerry Douglas is out as Alistar Wallingford….


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    Blackjack you are right she did bring the Q’s more
    I wonder what will be about the Q’S
    yes The Spencers are good and they are a core family but also the Q’s
    Fans love them also if they want to bring the old fans bring Q;s more ………
    They can do that with Michael and also Jason he is a Q and I want to see him more with Monica and Edward and Tracy ………..
    I remember after the Carnival and Edward was very ill Jason did talk about him and he did visit him I wish they will have Jason talking with edward , I want to see them getting closer ..

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    Amber Tamblyn just had two primetime shows, yes the last one failed, but she won a golden globe for Joan of Arcadia. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was a HUGELY popular movie as was the sequel and she had a hit with Grunge 2 as well, not Sisterhood big, but still bigger I think than Tuck Everlasting. I think she is currently in the latest Michael Douglas film and she has a film coming up with Amy Poehler if I am not mistaken. THe only way she comes back to GH would be super short term – think 3 day JF not six month JJ. JMHO

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    LOL Discodan — what sucks more dopplingers, characters that return from the dead multiple times, or returning characters lurking for months and the camera just showing us the hand or the back of the head or the foot and then suddenly SURPRISE (or in most cases no surprise)

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    I just hope she’s revealed to be Emily before she leaves. At least it’ll leave the door open for her (or anyone) to come back as Emily later on. She can tell off Nik, slap Liz, have a happy reunion with the Qs and then go off and finish medical school or whatever.

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    I wish they had turned her back to Emily. Would have meant more Monica and Edward, and I always loved the way Jason was so fond of her. She was the only family he really associated with, except for Michael.

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    Too bad, I really like NL; she should’ve returned as Emily, this farcical Rebecca mess has been so ill-conceived and poorly executed. Also too bad because the amazing Claire Coffee/Nadine Crowell was axed to facilitate NL’s return.

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    I think it was stupid casting without thinking
    They never meant her to be Emily ……

    If they would haver her has Emily it would have been so good ..
    She was like the only family member form the Q’s that Jason was close to more than Monica , Michael is from Sonny and Carly side more ….
    ANd Jason and Emily had such a wonderful brother sister connection that I miss
    Stupid thinking

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    I’ve never been a fan of hers, so the sooner she leaves the better. She wasn’t a good actress when she played Emily and she obviously didn’t take any acting classes before she came back as Rebecca. Basically, she’s a terrible actress. And the fact that the character of Rebecca was poorly conceived from beginning to end didn’t help.

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    the only thing worse than a guza mess is a guza cleanup; killing emily was a mistake, bringing NL back as Rebecca was a disaster-as for the hope that her departure will make sense, i present exhibit a-sjb’s departure-on a positive note was everyone in or near tears for JJ’s convo with Laura today? How great would have been to hear Laura’s side, they could have brought Genie in for one day.

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    So, meh! I agree with all of you about Rebecca and about how she should have been or should be made Emily. But since I’m not excited by NL in any way I don’t really feel like I have a pony in this show.

    BUT, (and please forgive me for not waiting to post this in the appropriate thread), HOW AWESOME WAS JONATHAN JACKSON TODAY?? I had only seen him on youtube clips that many of you kindly pointed me to, but is acting prowess and his freaking HOT chemistry with Liz are undeniable!! I can see what many of you are saying now about JJ and why you were so happy to have him return! I just laughed when Liz had to act like she cared about Nik after watching her with new-old-Lucky. There’s no way that’s believable now.

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    BTW, I don’t think NL was terrible as Emily, in retrospect Emily may have been closer to who she is but she was natural and right as Emily, not great but certainly solid.

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    Maybe she wasn’t well liked online, but Natalia was and is one of the sweetest actors I ever had the privlege to meet, and once again this show did a terrible job trying to salvage something that never needed salvaging in the first place. As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with GH. Wanting Emily back and wanting a happy ending for Nikolas and Emily was the only reason I was hanging on, and since once again my viewership has been screwed, GH can no longer count on my loyalty. I realize it doesn’t make a big difference in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve had enough with this show. Only OLTL has my viewership now.

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    Beth I didnt get a chance to meet her at GHFCW, but that was in part due to the long line. I did get to witness her interactions with the fans and she did seem very gracious.

    I would also agree that they did a terrible job salvaging what didnt need to be salvaged from jump. They should have brought her back as Emily or even as Emily brainwashed to believe she was Rebecca (with the real Rebecca switched in by Helena the night of the Black and White Ball, only to have her plan inadvertently thwarted by Diego.)

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    Thanks, EET, for your kind words. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they still can’t make her into Emily and just salvage it. Why does she need to leave? I feel like I’ve once again had the rug pulled out from under me.

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    NL had chem with GV and they should have at least tried to see what she had with JJ. Now they are going to bring on this mischa person as a revenge girl for Lucky, when it would have been better to have Rebecca find out she is Emily at the same time Lucky found out about Hosabeth and his brother, have them rebound to each other and then had the four of them in a mess of a quad.

    And since BlackJack is gone for a bit, I will say it. Lizard was on TONS in 08 and most of 09 had heavy story and this promises to be more of the same. I can deal with a little Lizard with my JaSam, CarJax and Scrubs, but when it becomes the Lizard hour its unbearable.

    Can I ask, I LOVED TB but even I can admit that she was on all the time. I didnt care, I admit to being TB greedy, because I wanted her on all the time, but I can admit that it was a lot. For those of you that hate Carly how on earth did you stick with the show?? Or what about those of you that hate Sonny. I love Sonny but yeah he is on A LOT. how can you watch a show dominated by a character you loathe?

    I see this Natalia exit as yet another sign that this show is going to be all about Lizard at least for the forseeable future. What should have been a quad with both men pulled toward both women will now be a triangle with both men wanting her and their relatives wanting to give them what they want. Natalia leaving also means that the Qs will have no part of this. How great would it have been to see Edward and Helena working together to push Emily toward Lucky and Lizard toward Nik. Tracy would have gone nuts, and it would have made LL2 and NEM all the more star-crossed, against the odds couples.

    So while Rebecca was a flop, I cant really cheer at this exit. There was so much potential there and def. a road via Emily to bring on more story for the qs. They let MW go (for all intents and purposes she is gone) in favor of putting LLC on our screens far too much instead of having both characters on some. I am developing Olivia fatigue as a result. Now they are letting NL go to carve out even more time for ReH. Why dont tptb understand the concept of balance. And thats just the women. We need balance for the men too. Why do we get so much Sonny and almost ZERO Jason Cook.

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    I have to say I am disappointed they should have never killed of Emily in the first place, darn you Guza!!!!
    And when they brought NL back as a twin, it was even worse. They should have made Rebecca Emily a long time ago. They at least should have seen what kind of chemistry NL and JJ would have, but noooooooo!!!!!!! I think that Natalia is a great actress and wish her nothing but the best.

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    sweet news! I bet she’s a lovely person but I can’t stand her acting! URG when she first came back on as Rebecca all the blinky and hand movements drove me crazy. Less fast forwarding now. I like the idea of the character of Emily and I love the Quatermaines so I wouldn’t mind an Emily recast down the road with a stronger actress.

    NO please do not put Natalia on YR don’t put that in the Universe. You can have her at B&B but not YR.

    And to reply about the TB comment. When the Fab Four was on I ate them up! I know a lot of people got so sick of them being on EVERYDAY in the main storyline, but I just adored Tamara so much to even think twice. In 03-04 when they would cut to commercial I was ff so hard hoping Carly would be on the screen agian when it was back. I was a die hard soap fan than. Carson was my life and I would be yelling at the tv and cryinig along side Tams. If there was a powerouttage or the VCR (oh those were the days of VHS) screwed up I was devastated. Friday afternoons were painful just waiting for Monday to roll around. Now it’s do I want to watch soaps? Okay sure why not. Sometimes I can watch 2 soaps in 15minutes. It’s a different time and characters that frustrate me I don’t waste my time watching their stories I just fast forward now. I used to be far more patient now I just don’t have the time to try.

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    Bye Bye Bye!

    I was just watching her character today. She is horrible. SHe acts just like Emily.

    Also when she’s mad, sad, happy or glad, she’s always smiling! STOP IT. Today she’s telling Nik and Ethan to stop fighting and stuff and the whole time she’s smiling.

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    TerrificTam thats how I was too, but I know a few posters here didnt like the fab four, so how to watch if you dont like the bulk of it.

    I just hope the Franco story will be strong enough that they will be using that side of the canvas too. I hope that Scrubs doesnt get lost in the shuffle. If they only have jj for six months we are probably going to get a heavy dose of Luke, Nik and Lizard – 3 characters I am not wild about. If Laura comes back that will make some of it worth it, but without Emily/Rebecca I am worried the Qs and esp. Tracy will get shafted.

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    I just hope before she leaves she finds out about Nik and Liz and then it is revealed that she is really Emily. She’ll leave Nik and he’ll end ur regretting it.

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    I just hope she leaves and takes Ethan with her, then give us viewers a collective mind wipe and say it was all a dream — that Holly never had Luke’s baby.

    But then again, Ethan singing that INXS song at the non-reception at Jake’s was all kinds of hot…

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    I think the poster meant Jason COOK not Jason COCK…took me a bit to figure it out too LOL.

    I am hoping JJ makes Ethan more likeable. One of the things in the plus column for JJ over JY or GV is that physically he is more like Luke and Ethan, thin, head cocked to the side, unusual walk. I hope that the similarities will bring out something interesting in Ethan.

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    Beth, I went to the GHFCW event too and Natalia got a VERY positive response from fans. Her line was really long and when they brought her out at the beginning of the event, I noticed that there was big time applause for her (more than a lot of others actually). It goes to show you that online posters don’t speak for everyone.

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    Thank you, DaisyClover. I really appreciate it! I realize she’s not the best actress in the world, but she stacks up with most everyone else on GH, and has had some incredibly touching and moving moments on this show. She has a lot of fans, though you wouldn’t know it to read some of the comments here and in other places. And once again GH wasted her time and her fans’ time because they aren’t capable of writing anything decent other than the occasional shopping list, and they aren’t capable of running a show with the efficiency shown on a local cable access channel.

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    With all the returns and casting big name people could it be too much to hope for that Amber Tamblyn could return to complete the four musketeers. It’s not like she’s doing anything since The Unusuals was cancelled. She and Jonathan Jackson along with steve burton and rebecca herbst are what made me a gh fan in the first place.

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    I would rather see the phoenix rise til the cows come home, than watch Nikolas romance his ex-wife’s sister. Speaking of which, would someone punch JR Chandler in the ovary for marrying the walking dead…

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