Should Brady and Arianna End Up Together?

Everyone’s favorite hourglass executive producer is out giving interviews again. So you know what that means! Yep – more annoying comments that just make you cringe.

In the latest Soap Opera Digest, Ken Corday says he doesn’t believe that Brady and Arianna will end up together in the end.

I am a big fan of Passions, and I don’t think it is a far leap to believe that  Lindsay Hartley was pretty much brought on to bring in the big Theresa/Ethan following. So to hear Ken say that he doesn’t believe they are the ‘endgame’ really bothers me, maybe  because I am a big E/T fanboy, but if I was tricked into watching this show for an E/T reunion and all they are going to do is wreck it, then I am not a happy camper!

So I have to pose this question.

Do you think Arianna is Brady’s endgame? 

Should Brady and Arianna End Up Together?

  • I don't care (14%, 92 Votes)
  • NO! This is NOT PASSIONS (32%, 214 Votes)
  • Yes! Brady and Arianna are made for each other! (54%, 371 Votes)

Total Voters: 677


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19 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Carol2

    Brady and Ariana are OK but they need to build Ariana up more.

    I just wish they’d give Brady more storyline. EM is so handsome and such a good actor.

  2. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Hell, yeah!!!!
    I still see the chemistry between them. It’s easier for lightning to strike twice with a PASSIONS couple on DAYS because the storytelling is similar. It’s like the pairing of Bill & Katie on B&B. Both actors were hot as Brad & Victoria on Y&R.

  3. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    I honestly haven’t been very interested in them as a couple. As a fan of both Passions and DOOL, I was willing to give it a chance, but so far the pairing has been a total snooze. I kind of wish they would break up Daniel and Chloe, send Daniel off the show somewhere, and have Chloe torn between Brady and Phillip again, with maybe Nicole thrown in the mix. Now that Chloe and Nicole are friends, it would be interesting to see them vying for the same man (i.e. Brady) I’m only mildly interested in the Arianna character, I don’t fault LH for this, I wasn’t super interested in the character when she was portrayed by the previous actress, either. I do think she seems to have more chemistry with Rafe and Sami, than with Brady. I don’t even mind her scenes with Roman. But I’m almost a little annoyed that she’s working undercover, I thought it would’ve been much more interesting if she really was a drug dealer. You don’t really see women dealing drugs on daytime soaps, it would’ve been something different.

  4. Profile photo of dqh257

    I definitely was a Passions fan, but I don’t see how trying to woo lapsed Passions fans is a marketing strategy. Brady is the character with the history, not Ariana. Brady/Chloe haven’t really had much closer on their relationship, Brady/Nicole have heated up as close friends, and Ariana hasn’t really made her own connections in town as yet. Passions was cancelled twice, let’s leave well enough alone with the GG and EM hirings.

  5. Profile photo of

    Theresa and Ethan are my favourite soap couple of all time, but the lame writing makes it impossible to root for them. Arianna needs an evil blonde villainess to try to take Brady from her. Lindsay and Eric’s chemistry is at its hottest when they’re longing for each other but someone else stands in the way.

    Here’s an idea: When Nicole returns after Arianne’s maternity leave, have her go after Brady. Bring on Travis Schuldt as Eric Brady and you’d have a really hot quad on your hands.

  6. Profile photo of RCLGuard

    I love Theresa and Ethan and I hope the can rekindle that relationship on DOOL. But actually, i would like to see Arianna with someone like Philip. I think they would have a great dynamic together. Either way, I just thank the soap Gods everyday that LH is on my television screen again.

  7. Profile photo of Emmie

    No. Not really. I don’t mind them, but I find that Eric Marstoff has way better chemistry with Nadia Bjorlin, and if I had to see the Kyle!Brady end up with Chloe when he had better chemistry with Adrianne, I want Eric!Brady to end with Chloe too!

  8. Profile photo of Karissa

    If people think AMC sucks right now then they should have watched Passions. Passions was far beyond suck. It was one of the worst soaps ever!! The only character I liked was Timmy and when he was gone so was I. I don’t care about Arianna and Brady

  9. Profile photo of dqh257

    Karissa, Passions mined years of storyline out of a romantic triangle between Gwen/Ethan/Theresa for the duration of its run. Had the writers in charge not ruined Gwen’s character in favor of the Theresa/Ethan fanbase, perhaps the show would have lasted longer. I’m glad LH is back on TV, but Ariana is not the best vehicle for her.

    There is no romance, character development, plausible story, or rooting interest in Pine Valley. At least with Passions on its worst days, it was campy fun. AMC is just painful to watch or embrace as a fan of the soap medium.

  10. Profile photo of

    Gwen wasn’t ruined. At the end of the series, she was still the same pathetic, evil bitch she was in the first episode, except a thousand times worse because of the evil things she did throughout the series. Theresa and Ethan were always end game.

    And I agree, Passions was always entertaining even if you hated its stories.

  11. Profile photo of dqh257

    Alistair, I beg to differ, only because Gwen was independent and could stand on her own two feet in the beginning of the series. She had her own career (I believe) and her own money (not reliant on the Crane $$$). As Ethan pulled away from her, and couldn’t be honest with her regarding his feelings for Theresa, she became more and more insecure about the relationship. Her mother fanned those emotions within her daughter. Where Gwen lost me was when she was responsible for Ethan’s parentage being revealed. But, in the beginning, she was the ANTI-Theresa. By the end, they were the same type of pathetic, manipulative shrews. Neither Theresa nor Gwen was a prize.

  12. Profile photo of

    You weren’t watching the same show. Plus, JER intended Therethan to be the endgame supercouple from the very beginning. And Theresa was never a scheming slut like Gwen. NEVER.

  13. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I hope Brady and Arianna end up together. While I didn’t like EM at *all* on Passions, I think he acts well on DAYS and that he and Lindsay have good chemistry.
    That being said, I also agree that Arianna’s character needs to be built up and it would be *great* if she was a real drug dealer, that would be an interesting departure from Theressa.

  14. Profile photo of joy

    i liked passions, so i don’t mind brady and arianna together. that being said i also like brady and nicole together and wouldn’t mind arianna with lucas. if brady and arianna don’t work out.

  15. Profile photo of love_nicole

    yeah brady and nicole …something interesting could come out of it for sure

    i wanted nicole with ej at first for a very long time,,,,but it’s been ruined…I was so mad!!! So very mad when she lost EJ”s baby

  16. Profile photo of love_nicole

    i don’t know what i think of Ariana and EJ…i can’t say …i don’t think it’s gonna work though

    EJ should not be with Sami though, he needs an innocent girl may be) A virgin)))) it would work trust me

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