ATWT’s Forbes March: “Nuke is About as Gay as Bill Cosby!”

Forbes March has given a hilarious, revealing exit interview to TV Guide Canadas Nelson Branco, where he talked about not only his time as Mason, the boring Nuke interloper, on As The World Turns, but also his turns on One Life to Live as the most awesomest character ever, Nash Brennan (A curse on you Ron Carlivati for killing my and Tessica’s Nash. May your Dynasty Season Two disc melt in your DVD player!), and as Scott on All My Free Time Since I Stopped Watching Chuck Pratt’s Televised Nightmare. He also dishes his gig in the upcoming Degrassi TV movie. Check out what he says about the difficulties of telling a gay story on ATWT. Someone must be angling for some free Jello Pudding Pops!

TVG: Telenext/P&G is infamous for pussyfooting around their gay storyline — was that frustrating as an actor?

FM: Yeah, it was odd. Their gay characters aren’t very gay! [Laughs]. If someone turned on the soap for the first time, I think it would take them a while to figure out Mason was gay. Let’s face it — Luke and Noah are two J. Crew guys, two of the nicest and most wholesome gay boys you’ll ever meet. World Turns needs someone like American Idol’s Adam Lambert. Because I was completely taken with Adam, I went into my World Turns’ audition with black leather pants, rock-star jewelry and snakeskin boots! I pulled all of that out for the audition to give them ideas. The looks on their faces? A resounding, “Nooo!” Mason is supposed to be a gay indie moviemaker but they ended up dressing him like freakin’ Indiana Jones! Nuke is about as gay as Bill Cosby! [Laughs] Throw a wrench in there, people. World Turns needs an extroverted, effeminate gay man on that show. Give Mason eyeshadow! But they didn’t like that. The only input they accepted from me was Mason’s endless scarf collection.

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    I really loved this interview. Very insightful into how ATWT and OLTL operate and how they differ. He’d make a good Eric Brady recast.

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    It’s disappointng but not surprising to hear that P&G are still letting the American Family Association affect their decisions. No wonder Luke and Noah have been so chaste lately.

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    Great interview Nelson!

    I loved reading about the differences between OLTL and ATWT as well. I think Forbes might be turning me into an ABC girl.

    Anyone catch FM totally confirming the Austin Peck debacle?

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    TV Gord

    Forbes is very refreshing. That was funny!

    I can’t believe OLTL let him go in the first place, but this current storyline where they have him supposedly phoning Jessica is utterly ridiculous. Why didn’t they at least find someone who sounded like March’s distinctive voice. It takes me right out of the storyline to hear some generic voice on the other end of the line who isn’t saying things like, “Awww, Jessica, yuh know I love yuh!” LOL!

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    Anthony D. Langford

    I think it’s sad that some folks are so busy bashing Nelson and Forbes that they are missing the real problem and that Luke and Noah will NEVER get the kind of storytelling that any soap couple should and they will always be chaste, sexless and boring. Luke and Noah have been pointless and irrelevant for a very long time. That’s the real issue. But some of us appreciate the unvarnished truth being spoken.

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    Would Nelson or Jamey care to comment on the fact that all of the P&G references that were posted in the original interview have now been deleted/removed…

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    Jamey Giddens

    Aft, this interview is from TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco, not Jamey Giddens, so no, I don’t have any comment about Nelson’s interview, nor do I have any knowledge of anything being removed. I merely linked to an article, which is what we do all the time at DC. Any questions regarding the article should be directed to Nelson Branco or TV Guide Canada. Nelson is a peer, but we are separate entities, I would no more know why something was removed from his articles than I would Michael Logan’s Roger Newcomb’s or Carolyn Hinsey’s.

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    Forbes called me and wanted the P&G boycott stuff out because he was speaking generally about TV despite the fact that we were speaking in context about World Turns. He was walking a fine line. Anyway, the interview still stands and he was very candid which proves his honesty, candor and intent. However, I don’t want to jeopardize an actor’s future employment simply because of miscommunication. It happens. There’s a reason A-list talent always come to me, but sometimes signals are crossed. It happens even to the NY Times.

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    TV Gord

    I can verify that! Until I saw them both on the Daytime Emmys this year, I always thought Jamey was white and Nelson was black! It taught me a pretty amusing lesson about perceptions! ;-)

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    Thanks. It’s cool that you were looking out for Forbes’ career. It’s a brutal job market for everyone.

    But this should also confirm once again, that it was P&G that put the kabosh on Otalia becoming physically intimate and not Ellen Wheeler.

    ABC sounds like a great place for an actor who wants to be creative. It’s shame that March couldn’t get a gig back at OLTL.

    I wish that CBS had bought GL and ATWT. If the network had an ownership stake, maybe GL would be on the air and ATWT would be in a stronger position.

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    This was a great interview and it makes me miss Forbes being on OLTL all the more. I didn’t watch his tenure on ATWT but it sucks that he got such a plain storyline. He’s such a talented actor and it’s a shame when he’s not utilized or given a good story. I totally expected AMC to ask him to return as Scott so it’s nice to read his thoughts on that as well.

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    Very interesting interview Nelson–great read! I love FB’s take on the industry–very honest. Fascinating about the differences betweeen OLTL and ATWT as well as the stuff about Nuke. Maybe not everything is Goutman’s fault–LOL

    I didn’t watch OLTL when he was on there–and barely saw him on ATWT. So, I didn’t really get a chance to see what he’s about–other than noticing he is really cute. Anyway, I wish him much luck.

    beingdrew–“World Turns already has an “extroverted effeminate man” on the show…his name is Henry Coleman. LOL….much love to Trent Dawson Smile” Funny! Here are a couple of you tube scenes with extroverted Henry–LOL

    Notice what he says to Simon when they start talking-You can hear Paul L crack up

    Doesn’t everyone? LOL

    Mr February!

    I love Trent Dawson–he is so awesome! I think he is one of the best ever on any soap!

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