DC #472: CBS and DAYS Much Ado About Nothing

On today’s CBS and Days of our Lives episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey and Jillian discuss the latest in As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless storylines and news, including:

Flag on the play! Eric Braeden stays with The Young and the Restless. Was the media tour of "exclusives" all just a ploy? What does this mean for Melody Thomas Scott? William Russ joins Y&R.

Jack Snyder shoots his brother Brad on As the World Turns. Katie gives birth to her baby in a warehouse. Jamey wishes that ATWT would keep Judi Evans around for a Damian, Lily, Holden and Maeve quad.

Spencer Publications swallows up Forrester Creations, but Jamey actually liked Bill Spencer this week. What will Forrester being owned by Spencer mean for Jackie M? Bill and Katie get engaged on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Stefano wakes up on Days of our Lives and starts causing problems for Nicole. Nicole goes on the run. Carly returns to Salem and is tackled by Bo.

All this and much more on today’s CBS and DAYS episode of Daytime Confidential.

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7 Responses

  1. Profile photo of snags

    I totally agree with you on Eric Braeden on Y&R. My frustration with watching it is that Victor never pays for anything! This is why I’ve always been an occasional viewer because it’s all about Victor and how he always wins. I love Lauren, Phyllis, Sheila, Kevin, Dru, and Malcolm. I started again to see how Michael Muhney did in the role of Adam, but I’m SO bored with the show right now and on the verge of dropping it from my DVR. I just don’t care about Victor or Nikki and seeing that he’s going to stay on the canvas, I’m bored and ready to move on. I mean Kay is doing nothing right now, come on!

  2. Profile photo of Joan76

    Thank you for the info and being so kind to GL; watched ATWT started watching ATWT week before Kennedy was shot, saw the famous cut in, that will be edged in my generation forever, I have watched GL since the early ’60’s; Why the hell did they cancel this show? Dumb asses cancel ATWT, I will be done with CBS forever. I looked on youtube; will they post it their?

    Finally got to see Bob and Kim, wondering what the hell they did with them, they should bring back Nancy Hughes, Bob’s mother; she is close with Kattie help her through this. I’m glad the way there handling this; I’m looking forward to the original cast members coming back; Mike, Carly, Simon, Molly and Ben, I hope they stay longer than 5 minutes. The ones they had on the other soap, just didn’t work for me, they were fine actors; they tried that once before, think the soap that was canceled Port Charles, they almost took over the show, fans revolted.

  3. Profile photo of josser

    Agree with all of the comments about the character of Victor Newman. It’s ridiculous to see none of his family taking him on. Nick should be enraged.

    Y&R has been a mess.

  4. Profile photo of Smitty

    Great podcast and I love the rants. LOL I feel let down when we don’t get one lol.

    I am happy EB resigned. I just want to put this all behind and get back to drama on screen. Like I have said you all are right about MTS being just as valuable to Y&R with EB. The women are just as important if not more important than the executives are willing to give them credit.

    I am glad you all mentioned that Y&R did lighten up because I know that has been a lot of complains from posters in the threads.

    Josstheguy Y&R has not been a mess. Come on Y&R hasn’t been that bad. I am just tired of people making it seem like it’s just the worst soap on air. Has there been some stuff that I don’t like…Yes but it has not been that bad. Just my opinion.

    Just finished last week’s B&B episodes and I am really liking the show again. I like what is going on at B&B. My only gripe is what about Felicia, Thorne, and Rick during all this Forrestor stuff. I mean if not Rick then I really have no clue why Felicia and Thorne hasn’t been mentioned or shown during this takeover. They would seem to fit in here more than Donna. They really need to fix that but I guess Lesli Kay was off filming As The World Turns during this. I don’t know but they need to fix that. Where the heck is Winsor Harmon? There is no excuse for him not being shown during this.

  5. Profile photo of season1217

    Y&R is frustrating to watch. Phyllis has gone after people for less offenses but yet shows concern for Victor because of her love for Nick. Please. Before she left town with Summer and Jack told her who Mary Jane really was and that Victor was involved she damn near took Jack’s head off. And don’t get me started on her consoling her husband while he’s telling her that the baby Sharon lost was his and how he didn’t get a chance to hold it. You don’t cry to your wife about losing a baby you had with another woman that you cheated on her with.

    Then there’s Nick giving Adam attitude about all that he’s done when his own father is responsible for his child’s illness. Dumb! Noah apologizing to her father for being a jerk because he wanted to be emancipated from parents who have the parenting skills of two horny dogs. Ridiculous!

    Michael (an attempted rapist) and Jana (a murderer and attempted murderer of the man she eventually married) being mad a Kevin because he wants to help his brother out. I understand not trusting Ryder but acting like he’s the scum of the earth because he’s accused of murdering someone when they themselves have done evil is stupid and hypocritical. Every time Jana tells Kevin that Ryder is nothing like him all I want to say is your right. I don’t think Ryder ever gave an underage girl VD.

  6. Profile photo of Scott Novick
    Scott Novick

    You guys were right on the money that the idea of Moneybags Mustache always buying his way out of everything, no matter who he hurts, has to end. Everyone seems to forget the reason the character of Victor clicked back in the early 80s, keeping him on the show past the 6 months Bill Bell intended. The original Victor lost as much as he won. He wasn’t the constant winner who could buy his way out of everything. When he imprisoned a man in a dungeon under the ranch, he paid because his wife Julia lost the child she was carrying – a child that was Victor’s after all! Lori Brooks outsmarted him by stealing Prentiss Industries back from him using tactics Victor himself would use. That gave the ruthless tycoon an interesting edge that made you want to see what he’d do next. Then the Victor/Jack feud brought it to new levels. But even there, Vic would lose (his marriage to Nikki, the baby Ashley aborted, etc). Now he’s a cartoon who always has to win and it sucks.

    IMO, the best thing Y&R could have done with the Patty/Colleen story, whether EB stayed or not, would be to use it to tear Victor down. Break the man down to his core so that when he comes back, you can care about him and not just think “he’s going to come back because he’s Victor.” But it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe when EB comes back from his break, TPTB will consider it.

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