Kish Kiss Spoiler Pic From One Life to Live!!!

Get ready to swoon Kish lovers! Next week is the one you’ve been waiting for, as Kyle (Bretty Claywell) and Fish’s (Scott Evans) tumultuous boy-boy romance comes to a head at mayoral candidate Dorian Lord’s (Robin Strasser) Big Gay Wedding on One Life to Live. We’re hearing the Friday, Nov. 6 episode is Must See Soap Opera! Check out this spoiler pic, courtesty of ABC. WATCH ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

Photo Credit: Lou Rocco /ABC

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    The love story of Kish is a good story, I’ll admit it. I wish that it involved characters that I actually cared for and liked. I just can’t get into these characters that have been on all of 2 minutes, I just can’t. Maybe if it had been characters on this show that have been around longer, that realized they were gay, coming out and acepting it, in a love triangle, it would of gotten to me more.

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    I started watching OLTL when Marty came back, I have stayed for the Kyle/Oliver storyline. I am so looking forward to Kish’s realtionship heating up!

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