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I’m finally getting back into my normal routine and it feels pretty darn good to say that I’ve watched GH all week! I know it’s not like I split the atom or anything but with GH being pretty good and me back into the swing of things (mostly) it’s HUGE in my world.

Can you believe it… I’m enjoying General Hospital. Prior to my “leave of absence” I had been pretty down on the Port Chuckles crew but lately it’s been great. Yesterday’s episode must have broken the bank with the everyone who got a little face time. What has me back on the GH bandwagon? Dante! I’m a little scared that they’re using him a tad bit too much but the scenes with Lulu have been awesome and Zamprogna himself is quite impressive. GH has one thing down pat, fantastic casting.

Has any character’s demise had as much anticipation as Claudia’s? We all love Sarah Brown and she has really been knocking it out of the park in her final episodes. While I’m sad to see Brown exit, Claudia has never been a favorite of mine and I blame that all on her horrible introduction. Yep, for the last almost two years, I’ve hated the character all due to her introduction.

Will Sonny be holding a smoking gun as Claudia exits? Nope! But his kid will. Will Sonny need Alexis’s assistance? It looks like she comes to his aid by getting Jason out of the slammer. Is Carly going to hold a grudge against her hubby for what he’s known for a very long time? Would you if you were Carly? What about Michael? Will he take out the woman who took him out for a year? Where will that leave Johnny Z? Very OLD RUMORS have said there would be only one Z left on the screen and we know it’s not Claudia. Will Johnny want to be a part of the Corinthos organization after Claudia’s exit? RUMORS say Dominic will have Johnny thinking they are a team to take Sonny out when really he’s just using Johnny to help him take Sonny down. Here’s the thing though… we all know, no one ever takes Sonny down. As I mentioned above, I really like Dominic but better men have tried and they have failed, miserably. Never mind the fact that once Dominic’s true identity is revealed do we really think he’s still going to go after dear old dad? Most likely he’ll be pulled off that case faster than Sonny can say ‘Dante I am your father.’ I’m still holding out hope for a Lucky-Dominic partnership on the PCPD. Sonny and Luke’s son on the right side of the law, together.

Once it is revealed that Dominic is Dante who is Sonny’s son… what would you like to see happen? As the undercover cop trying to gain the Mob Boss’s trust, the relationship between father and son has been good. What happens when Dante learns he’s taking his own dad down? Will Sonny find out that his son is an undercover cop sent to take him down from the inside in? Will Dante’s profession be another secret that takes months to come out?

Jonathan Jackson’s return and my girl Liz… I have been a HUGE fan of Elizabeth’s since the little hellion hit Port Charles. I loved Liz and Lucky’s love story, some of the best acting and writing on GH. Am I liking his return? The million dollar question. I like seeing his face. I like the gentle nods to the history the characters share. I love seeing JJ and Tony Geary in scenes together and even counted the seconds until Luke called Lucky cowboy. I know JJ has his way of playing the character and I’m not complaining, I just hope there is a little more adjustment to how the character of Lucky has changed since he last played him. I think we’ll see more of that with the brother vs. brother storyline. Luke is going to tell Nikolas he saw him in a lip lock with his brother’s fiancé and while I can’t wait to see JJ and Tyler Christopher dueling it out on screen – Remember when they hated each other? Good stuff! – I’m not sure I’m on board for this Elizabeth is a floozy storyline. RUMOR has she’ll be sleeping with both brothers. She may have held Lucky off the other day but it SHOULD be only a matter of time before she beds Nikolas and then when she gets mad at the Prince, she’s RUMORED to bed Lucky. Will she hit it with Nikolas after that? Yep! I know what you’re all thinking… another Who’s the Daddy is headed our way. The GOSSIP mill says no, not happening.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Carly’s missing thanks to the Claw. Will Michael take out Claudia so Carly stays safe? Michael offs his step mom when it looks like baby girl Jax just might be snatched. Claudia is going a little nutso at the end. Who’s watching Jason? Is Michael going stone cold? Are we liking the Kiefer is an abusive ass storyline? Krissy is covering for the jerk. Will Carly toss Jax out? Is Jax hoping that Sonny goes down for a murder he didn’t commit? Lulu remembers Dominic’s secret as she stuck in some cold water. Will she tell who Dominic really is? Johnny and Dominic team up to save Lulu. It’s not Scrubs coming out of a closet at GH. Did Jason do the right thing? What does Maxie happen to spy?

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    Welcome back Regan!! Glad to hear you’re starting to enjoy GH again. Me too. I think it’s getting a lot better, but still has a long way to go.

    I know the rumor is that Michael will kill Claudia, but I seriously doubt it. They got such negative feedback from Michael “killing” AJ (they had to undo it), and Michael shooting Kate…do you think they’d go there yet again? Do they really think it’s going to be three times lucky? lol. IMO, I’m thinking *maybe* Michael might think he killed her, but it’ll turn out he didn’t. I’m still holding out for Claudia’s death to be faked. If not that, then I bet they’ll do something lame like have Pappa Z kill her. Could be a great murder mystery, but let’s see if they can pull it off.

    Personally, I’m not believing any of the baby rumors – I don’t think they’ll give Liz another WTD story again (not yet anyway) and I don’t think Sam’s miracle baby is going to come anytime soon (it’ll happen eventually though, imo.)

    With the Lucky/Liz/Nik story – I don’t like the story, but I am wondering who she’s going to end up with. Do you think TPTB have even decided yet, or do you think they want to gage JJ’s chem with other people before they make a final decision? Or maybe they’re going to wait to see what fan reaction is?

    Any word on JaSam’s MOC? I just can’t really see that happening, but who knows? Anything on Franco’s story and who it will involve (besides Jason)?

    I know…so many questions! I’m very greedy for spoilers today, lol

  2. Profile photo of Miry

    Welcome back! I missed you telling me when to start caring about gh again… ;)

    LOVE JJ back as my Cowboy!
    LOVE Dominante! (He was the reason I started watching again… & he and JJ will be the reasons I continue).
    I don’t like Liz slutting-it-up.

  3. Profile photo of LuvGHinTX

    So glad you’re back. I really enjoy your column.

    My personal GH wishlist: First, would love to see more Alexis/Sonny interaction as parents to Kristina. I absolutely hate that Kiefer kid and can’t wait until Sonny finds out that the little twerp abused & manipulated his girl into losing her virginity to him. What will Alexis do when she finds out what all Kristina has been struggling with? Which parent will feel more guilty about their parenting of Kristina? The poor girl is a mess and sadly neither parent is helping.

    Can’t really explain why, but I am surprised at how much more I already like Jonathan Jackson as Lucky vs. Greg Vaughn and I never watched GH when JJ played Lucky. But, I still do not want Liz sleeping with both brothers. I also hate what they’re doing with Liz. IMO, I’d rather see her with someone different & new than either brother. I would be intrigued with a Liz/Johnny match-up(not a fan of Johnny/Olivia at all) but of course he’s just another mobster so that’ll never happen eventhough Liz is obviously very drawn to darker characters. How about Liz/Matt, Liz/Dante, Liz/Milo (just kidding) or anyone other than these 2 brothers. Of course, I’m a die-hard Liason fan sad to say :-(

    Glad Claudia is soon to be gone eventhough I really like Sarah Brown. I do miss Kate and would really enjoy a Kate/Coleman hook-up. A little comical romance is much needed since Di & Max have been MIA. And, will Kate FINALLY spill the beans about Dominic’s paternity so that Olivia can go back to Bensonhurst already? Way too much Olivia on for me. I just don’t get the fascination with this character. What will Sonny do when he finds out not only that Dominic is his cop son set on taking down #1 mob boss Sonny, but that Ol’ Liv also kept the “Claudia shot Michael” secret too?

    I’m finally intrigued with GH to start trying to catch-up on over 20 recorded episodes. The writer’s have certainly presented themselves with alot of good storylines if they’ll just write them.

  4. Profile photo of season1217

    Remember when they hated each other?

    Yes. Back then I used to hate Lucky and the way he would treat Nikolas. I felt sorry for Nikolas because all he wanted was his Laura’s love and Luke and Lucky would always try to get in the way of that.

  5. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i hate that i’m having trouble getting over the lucky switch because the show sounds like it’s really good right now.

    regan any word on how long jj will be there? it may have been addressed somewhere else and i missed it sorry.

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Good to have you back Regan I really missed you

    I love GH so much…………
    I heard about the rumors that Michael kills Claudia I really hate that , I hate making kids as killers even if it was right , I don’t want them to make Michael the mini Mobster…..
    I hope they will find a way when both SaSon will help him not to
    I also heard about JaSam MOC I can’t wait to see what James Franco will do to my Jason , I heard he will change something in JaSam

  7. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

     Hmmm Daisy…. when you list em all out like that maybe they aren’t going to go with Michael as the actual shooter. Michael MAY think he shot her and really there is another shooter. Johnny and Jason’s conversation implied that. 

  8. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Wasnt there a rumor/spoiler that someone put blanks in Claudia’s gun?? I havent watched todays show, but if Claudia takes Carly at gunpoint and Michael shoots her, wouldnt it be with Claudia’s gun? If the blanks rumor is true, then that would explain how he could shoot her, but not shoot her. I want her “death” to be fake, but I assume it will be real, so my money is on Bimbo Limbo.

    I cant wait for the James Franco storyline to start…OH BOY!!! Any more details??

    Rumor has it that Carly’s relationship with Sam is going to change…and chance they are going to become bffs?? I would LOVE that.

    Do you know if ultimately lulu will keep dominante’s cop secret??

    Bring on the WTD bwahahahahahahah

    Will CarJax continue or are we going to get Carson redeux??

  9. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Please no more WTD Story I get sick of that
    But maybe if it will be with Liz It will be good………….

    What do we know about James Franco Character ?? any new information

  10. Profile photo of BigDede

    I want to see Lucky and Dante as friends. Luke and Sonny’s friendship part 2 this time with their sons. They can reopen Luke’s.

    Although I hate that Liz is slutting it up, I’m enjoying this storyline now that JJ is back as Lucky. Because all the original actors are on now, it makes it more believable because of the history. Liz always self-destructs. Everytime she has something good, it’s like she unconsciencely (is that a word?) always messes it up.

    Any rumors of when Olivia will be leaving.

  11. Profile photo of samrocks

    EET…every time you raise the possibility of Claudia faking her death, I am tempted to send Jason Morgan after YOU, lol. Stop looking for ways to let that damned character return! You may be looking at it as an opportunity for SJB to return, but, as long as Claudia doesn’t actually DIE, the CHARACTER can always return…and this means that a recast is a serious possibility in light of the way SJB was treated during her return.

    Now, do you really want to punish the GH viewers by forcing us to sit through not just Claudia, but a NON-SJB Claudia? I didn’t think so, hehe.

  12. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    BigDede, yeah it’s definitely a word, lol. When someone is self-destructive they usually do things subconsciously/unconsciously that will ruin their happiness. Though, big surprise here, I don’t agree that she’s self-destructive…

    EDIT: samrocks, I thought you could use the word “unconsciously” the way BigDede used it as well. But I could definitely be wrong about that…

  13. Profile photo of janeb4795

    OK…You have convinced me it is time to tune in to GH again. It has been months since I have watched. Must say you have my attention. I hope they do not destroy the character of Liz.

  14. Profile photo of samrocks

    Daisy…you can use either word, but “unconscious” tends to be confusing for the reader because it can also mean that the person was passed out.

    (Yes, I am well aware of the fact that I am a big fat nerd.)

  15. Profile photo of samrocks

    I hope they do not destroy the character of Liz.

    (I tried to resist this one, but I just COULDN’T.)

    Not to worry, she’s behaving exactly like the Liz we’ve come to know and loathe.

  16. Profile photo of shirleedee

    I’m with those folks who don’t want Claudia to die. Not only is this show waaaay too bloodthirsty, I really don’t want months and months of who actually killed Claudia, only to end up with some lame story.

    As for Sonny, he was pure evil today. I’ve been having a problem with Sonny’s ‘mean streak’ for a while, but today was ‘over the top’. Kristina is having an abusive boy friend problem and seeing her dad go off like that is only going to reinforce her opinion that that’s the way men act. IMHO much of today’s show should have been rated PG. With Oprah, she always warns parents that the show isn’t appropriate for kids.

  17. Profile photo of justloveskate

    I really hope that they do no have Michael involved in another shooting whether shooter or victim. Enough with that already!!! And WTH? Now Joey Limbo is supposed to be after Claw? I thought ZaCrazy sent him to take out Sonny and Jason.

  18. Profile photo of samrocks

    …much of today’s show should have been rated PG. With Oprah, she always warns parents that the show isn’t appropriate for kids.

    What are soaps normally rated? I stopped paying attention to things like that once I became an adult (and I don’t have kids), but I thought that once characters began to say “b**ch” instead of “witch” on daytime shows the standard had officially been lowered…

  19. Profile photo of samrocks

    BigDede…It’s no big deal. These days, even most English professors will tell you that as long as the writer’s meaning can be gleaned from the context, then adhering to formal rules is not an absolute necessity.

    It’s funny that you mention being berated on other sites, since there used to be a poster here that drove me BATTY. His posts were generally devoid of any useful punctuation, and so full of misspelled words that it really was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to follow what he was saying without reading through it multiple times.

    Sometimes I go too fast and use the wrong word, or respond to the wrong poster, LOL, but his posts sometimes made me want to throw my computer across the room out of frustration ONLY because I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. |(

  20. Profile photo of bcmom

    Its been a long time since I felt like I should re-watch an episode of GH. The past couple of episodes had that “can’t miss” quality that been missing for so long. Hope next week keeps us all as entertained:)

  21. Profile photo of keanna

    WELCOME BACK REGAN!!!!!! Glad everything is okay.
    I agree you starting back on your routine watching GH just in time. Thanks for the spoilers!! November sweeps should be very interesting.
    Do you know what character James Franco will be playing? I hear that he is playing a childhood friend of Dante and he wants revenge on Jason.

  22. Profile photo of shirleedee

    Ok, sorry, my bad. The show is rated PGLS for language and sexual situations. Comcast has there clock one minute slow so when I checked by DVR the rating had already dropped off. I went back to a show from last week that I hadn’t deleted and it showed up in the upper left corner.

  23. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Okay I will be bad….maybe she has been doing things unconciously with all that drinking at Jakes…..just saying ….:0)

    Samrocks – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send Jason after me – but in a shirt-off kind of way…okay now I am being really bad LOL Seriously though, I really wanted to see Claudia fake her death and leave to some tropical island with Sonny’s kid and RIC LANSING. I just love SJB and I want her to return, but only if they write the character the way they should have written the character this time around. I would NOT want any other actress in the role.

    I cant remember who mentioned AZ and Claudia, but I believe there was a scene when Limbo said to AZ that he assumed that the same protection he was suppose to give Johnny was also to be given to Claudia and AZ said no, she chose her side and that she should die along side Sonny, Jason and their organization.

  24. Profile photo of season1217

    NO! Miry, don’t do that. I learned the error of my ways eventually. See, I don’t remember Nik taunting Lucky. I guess I just have issues with parents abandoning their children which made me automatically take Nik’s side. There was definitely a lot of jealousy between the two over their mother but I think most of their animosity came from the Spencer/Cassadine feud and Stefan and Luke basically raising Nik and Lucky to hate anything with the last name Spencer or Cassadine, respectively.

    Also, Nik telling Lucky about the rape was harsh but it wasn’t unprovoked. Lucky started going after Nik first by accusing Nik’s father of raping Laura. I understand when someone keeps pushing and pushing you say something back equally as painful to the other person out of anger.

  25. Profile photo of samrocks

    Question: (Now that I’ve already done it in Perkie’s thread) Are we still allowed to call Lucky “Schmucky” with JJ in the role? :)

    I personally use the nickname because Maxie, Liz, Sam, Nik, and any criminal he has ever investigated have all managed to get one over on him, but I don’t want to get hated on by ALL the JJ fans at once. Also, I’m hoping that the writing for this Spencer (as well as anyone CONNECTED with the PCPD) will reflect an increase in effectiveness.

    I’m willing to go with the majority opinion here… :quest:

  26. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    EET– you are right about the scene with AZ and Limbo. I think he said something about Claudia lying down with dogs amd waking up with fleas. So ZaCrazy is definantly not protecting her.

    I really hope Claudia fakes her death. I would love to see her come back with a better storyline. I liked the character of Claudia but IMO they ruined her when they paired her with Sonny.

    I read that Maxie sees something… you know what she spies Regan?

    I really hope they don’t do another WTD storyline with Liz. We know it’ll probably end up not being Lucky’s again.

  27. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I just came on to ask the Maxie question too – great minds thing alike LOL

    I just read on Daytime Dish that Rebecca is about to shoot Nik when Lucky shoots her point blank. Regan have you heard if thats true and does Rebecca leave in a body bag.

    And Jax frames Sonny for Claudia’s death. I know some folks have defended Jax for his actions, basically taking the position that you do the crime, you do the time – Sonny is getting what he deserves – so I am curious if the Jax supporters still think that if he takes it to the next level.

    I also read Jax demands that Sonny leave Carly’s hospital room but Carly refuses.

    Also read this at DD…re: JJ They really dont have any money for either (talking Genie and VM) and if November Sweeps isn’t won, some big cats may be leaving GH/ABC. They expect a big payoff for this actor shuffle.

    So which “big cats” could be on the chopping block

    Also is SR version of SLW slated for Alexis. Do you know who her date is for Karoke night.

  28. Profile photo of season1217

    No, I understand exactly why Lucky did what he did. I would have done the same thing too. But, also, seeing it from Nik’s standpoint I would have blabbed about what Luke did as well.

  29. Profile photo of Miry

    Oh man, James, James, James… not only are you super hot, but you are also very, very funny, & that makes you even hotter.
    What’s a girl to do?? Add him to the FSC list!

  30. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I love James Franco’s willingness to challenge himself and Hollywood’s expectations of him but I don’t think he’s “hot”. I think he would have fit perfectly with the leading men from the 70s who weren’t classically handsome because the parts didn’t require handsome. Now some of these men and I would include JF are attractive but not Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman handsome.

  31. Profile photo of Miry

    What Season?? I revoke your membership!

    I was actually pissed at Nik for how he would taunt Lucky… I mean Lucky was like REALLY a kid compared to Nik when Nik showed up and Nik was all like in his face about him being Laura’s kid & Lulu’s brother too. I remember that scene when Lucky found him in her hospital room & Nik was all “are you slow, I’m Lulu’s bro & I saved her b/c you couldn’t” bs. I was like geesh, I understand that Nik hates Lucky b/c he had Laura & her love, but that wasn’t Lucky’s fault & he didn’t have to come at him like that. I get what your saying, but I think that perhaps Lucky would have acted differently towards Nik if Nik had not treated him with such disdain & instead presented himself as the hurt victim that he was (instead of the aggressor). But I know that Nik was a teenager as well (17-19?) & b/c Laura left him & had another family of her own, Lucky’s mere existence pissed him off (but you know what, it pissed off Lucky too!).
    Also, it pissed ME off that Nik was the one to tell Lucky about Luke raping Laura, & he did it soo harshly crushing my lil’ Lucky’s world.

    I do definitely agree with your Luke hate though… I HATED that he gave Laura that ultimatum (after Lucky pushed Nik down the stairs) & that she actually accepted it & told Nik that she could never see him again. That was a hoe-move, Laura!

  32. Profile photo of Miry

    Okay, fine… I guess since you eventually saw the Lucky-loving light, I’ll just put you on probation. :bigsmile:
    Yeah, I understood Nik’s hurt & anger… so I DID cut him a lot of slack, and when he wasn’t going up against Lucky I was definitely on his side in all situations (against Laura, Luke, Stefan).
    Yes, I recall (& just recently re-watched) that scene… you are right in that Lucky did push him & he was trying to walk away (I don’t think he had to hit him though, heh), but yeah, I didn’t think Lucky was in the wrong… he was upset about Liz (they were standing right at that spot), & as far as he knew it & the story that Laura told, she was basically a prisoner & was raped by Starvos (she said she had to sleep with him in order to get some private time to bathe or walk around the island), so at that moment the mere sight of Nik just pissed Lucky off.

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