Greg Vaughan Clues Fans In On 90210 Role

Greg Vaughan recently revealed a bit of information regarding his stint on 90210. Fans of the original show will not see Vaughan returning as fireman Cliff. Vaughan tweeted,

Second, 90210!! Great seeing old faces! Jennie Garth laughed too, but I will not be bringing you Cliff Yeagar/fireman! Good for a few laughs. Until I get settled in & more familiar with the cast, I can’t say too much, but I really like were this story is going!

If still miffed at General Hospital don’t be, because he’s not. Says Vaughan,

….filming on the beach with a sunrise, made me realize how much I enjoyed being out of the basement!!

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    I’m sooooo thrilled for GV! I’m hoping this is just the beginning for him!! As for being miffed with GH – well, I hold grudges, so their crappy treatment of GV (as well as so many other actors) will not be forgotten, lol

  2. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I’m over the issue of how they treated GV, what I am not over is how they treat their talent in general. Not only did they treat GV like his contributions to the show had been irrelevant, they did the same to SJB, RiH, GF and VM to name a few. He is simply part of a much larger issue.

  3. Profile photo of samrocks

    I’m just psyched because 90210 = beach setting, and beach setting = Greg shirtless. Basically, it means I can watch the entire show on mute and still get my fix!


  4. Profile photo of marilyn35

    I’m thrilled for Greg and thrilled that I get to see him in all his glorious hotness in a show that will USE him.

    I stopped watching GH when they dropped Rick Hearst from contract status because he wasn’t one of their faves. Greg Vaughan, Natalia Livingston, Sebastian Roche, ALL the Quartermaine actors, and so many more I cannot list them have been unceremoniously dumped to feature the boring mob. The faves of a dying show. It doesn’t matter who they bring back, the audience has lost respect for the those who make these bonehead decisions.

    Done with GH forever, but I still can watch Rick, Greg and hopefully Natalia elsewhere.

    90210….I put you on my DVD, along with B&B and dropped GH.

  5. Profile photo of diallo41

    :bigsmile: I have to agree. the sloppy story telling and mistreatment of really good actors makes GH tough to watch. But 25 years later what can I do. Even when I try to walk away, I come back.

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