Is Sean Kanan IN or OUT at The Young and the Restless?

Message board chatter has been growing for weeks that one of my fav-or-ite soap studs, Sean Kanan may be on his way out as Deacon on The Young and the Restless. This weeks’ issue of Soap Opera Weekly claims the actor has been fired, which Kanan has denied to TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco in this week’s Suds Report, stating that Y&R’s co-show runner Paul Rauch has his back.
Kanan also blasts online rumor mongers on the Sony and CBS boards who have reportedly been claiming the brilliant actor has fallen off the wagon.
“I’m livid,” he announces. “My family, friends and eight-year-old daughter reads these message boards. These accusations are libelous — and not true. I’ve worked my Goliath ass off to be sober, so I resent these anonymous posters trying to ruin my career. I’m proud that I’m sober, so for them to state otherwise is just astounding and cruel. I’m just a father trying to make a living here, people.”

Shake them haters off Sean. We know how hard you worked to rebuild your life and career. We stand behind you three-thousand percent!

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    I don’t watch Y&R, but I remember him from his GH days. Wow, that is disgusting, and as he mentioned, very cruel. |(

    It’s great that you are publicly supporting him, Jamey, and hopefully the haters will just STFU.

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    I love Deacon. I never watched the Bold and the Beautiful except during some of the original Sheila/Lauren crossovers, but I sort of knew about Deacon and he fits in well on the Y&R. I’d love to see him mix it up with more characters outside of the Amber/Daniel story. Could you imagine the hotness of a fling with Chloe? That would show Chance!

    BTW, when Deacon first came on to the Y&R, they showed a classic flashback of him and Amber from the B&B. Is this the first time a soap has featured a flashback/scene from another soap?

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    The Sony/CBS message boards are disgusting. They seem to be full of children who have nothing better to do but attacking actors in a very personal way. Happened to Kanan now the same way it has happened before to Michelle Stafford, Sharon Case, Clementine Ford and others before.

    I love Deacon and Sean Kanan is a brilliant actor. I just wish that he now that got to the press about this, he can relax again and we can enjoy him and Deacon on Y&R for a long time to come.

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    Trash-talking is unnecessary & I feel bad for him for sure & I am glad that he is sober again & that he is back in daytime b/c he is a great actor… but um, I’m going to need his 8 yr old daughter to NOT be allowed to read message boards!!

  5. Profile photo of samrocks

    … but um, I’m going to need his 8 yr old daughter to NOT be allowed to read message boards!!

    Damn straight, Miry! In fact, I’m not going to let my kids learn HOW to read until they’re old enough to drive.

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    I don’t think that you can control in a time like this if your eight-year-old daughter is reading something in the internet. At least not 24/7. And besides that there is school and when something like this is out there, I do believe that even kids that young hear about it and get confronted with it.

    I hope he gets a contract too. :)

  7. Profile photo of Miry

    Haha, samrocks! …if anyone can hold a kid back, you can! I believe in you!!

    Yeah, I get that kids see stuff & its a new age, blah, blah, but I am sorry… 8 is still too young to be on message boards where people are vile & talking about your daddy’s work. I! don’t even want to read whats on those message boards and I am not close to 8!

    Also, I just noticed that it is my DC birthday, yay! (I’ve been registered to post for 1 yr, though I’ve been lurking for a little longer), & I don’t know how to do that quote thing you did there samrocks… can u plz learn me?

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    Scott Novick

    I’m really sorry to hear about this trash talk of Sean. While I was really unhappy about a lot of the story he was given on Y&R – the art aspects were a turn off because Y&R art stories tend to fizzle, and the emotional rape of Amber didn’t sit well, either – none of it was Sean’s doing, and he gave his all to play out the story the writers created for him. And to hear that people are making up slanderous lies about him really gets me angry.

    I’m glad that Rauch (and presumably MAB) realize that it was the story and not the actor and are going to bring Deacon back when the time is ripe, hopefully, as others have noted, on contract.

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    Scott Novick

    AlistairCrane asked:

    BTW, when Deacon first came on to the Y&R, they showed a classic flashback of him and Amber from the B&B. Is this the first time a soap has featured a flashback/scene from another soap?

    No. B&B has used flashbacks from Y&R in their stories that had characters cross over. When Sheila first came to B&B, they often used flashbacks to her time on Y&R to help B&B viewers who didn’t watch Y&R understand her backstory. Also, when Ashley moved to B&B in 2007 after Y&R let her go, they had several flashbacks of her and Victor, including the scenes where she told him she had aborted his child.

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    I think it is foul to mention his personal demons and diss that onboard. I hated how the writers did with the character and the terrible s/l, its not the actor’s fault. If Sean is going to stick around, I hope that hook Deacon up with Phyllis. They have hot chemistry when Phyllis smack Deacon and I think that Deacon like it. :bigsmile:

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    Craziness. I dont know what gets into people. I dont watch YR but like Samrocks I remember him from GH. No one deserves this kind of smear campaign. I wonder where its coming from – a particular fan base, just random a$$holes or what??

    Just yesterday someone was talking about how personally hurt Julie Marie Berman was over the mudslinging she endured last year.

    Last month I was out of sorts over attacks made against Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco on their personal twitter and facebook pages.

    A few months ago at GHFCW we got to see it first hand when someone sent Sarah Brown, who suffers from celiac, a pizza to be delivered at her event. She even told us about frightening/threatening calls made to her HOME PHONE from some fans.

    Now this. And based on reading some of the posts I guess a lot of YR actors have gone through this as well. I think people need to check themselves, and I think the networks and even some of the actors themselves need to remind fans and fanbases to behave appropriately.

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    Wow what a horrible thing that could happen to such a nice person. I’m glad he is making it public though, recognizing the rumors and immediately putting them to a hault. I have a lot of respect for him so I find it terrible. DC and DaytimeFan0001 got your back.

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    Sean is a damn fine actor considering the material he’s given to work with. This too shall pass, those haters have nothing better to do and eventually they’ll move onto someone else.

    btw….Happy Samhain and Happy Halloween everyone !!! >)

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    I like how they’ve started having Deacon interact with more characters outside of the Daniel/Amber/Jana/Kevin quad, like Billy, JT, Phyllis, and so on. It’s never good to keep characters entirely enclosed in their own little world—that’s why I found these Halloween episodes with Kevin, Daniel, and Amber interacting with Billy, Chloe, and Mac to be rather uncomfortable.

  15. Profile photo of glowery

    I like the Deacon character but I thought the whole storyline with Daniel, the pencil sketch artist, being able to paint an exact copy of a famous art piece, to be totally ludicrous. Deacon needs to be in a meatier role than with the 4 musketeers.

    It is a shame that such lies were spread about him on the internet, but small people have small ways. As far as an 8 yr old reading such garbage, why is she on a msg board in the first place? Not good in my book.

  16. Profile photo of Miry

    I just sent you a PM containing what is probably the most convoluted explanation of how to do it.

    Yes, I saw it (my FIRST msg, btw!) & it was a fabulous explanation… Thank you very much!

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    Miss Betty

    Speculating on story line is one thing, saying things that can hurt someone’s career is another. I think Sean is a good addition to the show. Breath a lil life into Victoria.

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