Carly Returns to a Life That no Longer Exists

Carly (Maura West) comes home and guess what she discovers? Where does Carly go from here? Watch the As the World Turns promo after the jump.

Thanks to beautreal for the tip!

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    Seriously!! World Turns promos are looking tight! The whole show has been re-polished. Guess they weren’t kidding when they said they were pulling out all the stops for Nov. Sweeps!

  2. Profile photo of rob3215

    Unreal how the show has gone from expected goner to picking up an immediate energy – way to go.
    Now let’s all not turn on them the way ‘we’ turned on Bell and Rauch after they saved Y & R!!!

  3. Profile photo of Mark

    If you start watching right now, you’ve missed some great soap the last 2 weeks.

    I’m glad Carly is back. Really looking forward to the "Never Surrender" tour.

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