Doug Davidson on Paul’s Missing Son

The Young and the Restless star Doug Davidson visited with Our Prattvile’s Melissa Parker about his career, family the role of Paul Williams on Y&R and when questioned about his character’s missing son responded:

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): Do you find it odd that Paul never mentions his son? I think we’ll see him soon as a rebellious teenager!

Doug Davidson: Well, I can only hope! But, yeah, I don’t understand, but it’s not easy to write an hour of television a day. They’ve got so many storylines going now that it’s hard to bring something like that up without delving deeper. I always make the assumption that I am communicating with him off screen.

Would you like to see Paul’s son return to Genoa City?

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    Yes, Yes I would.
    I’d actually really like to see Jack’s son with Diane (Kyle) & Paul’s son with Isabella (Ricky) be best friends or gay lovers… or both? I dunno, something along those lines.

    OOh, quick thought: wouldn’t it be awesome if Kyle also turned out to be a whore like his dad Jack & his uncle Billy, but like with dudes??
    He’s been gone awhile living his life, what if he is perhaps one of the ONLY soap characters to START OUT not being ashamed of who he is and just going balls-out (err, pun not intended) with his homosexuality. Say Diane sends him to Jack b/c he’s been getting into trouble at school & being a whore, and Jack tells her he’ll straighten him out, and one of the first shots we see of Kyle is him kissing a guy as Jack open’s the front door! Loves it!!
    Oh wait, this was about Paul’s kid, heh, okay, so lets say that the 2 become friends since they have a lot in common (both being raised away from their fathers who claim to love them & having batshit crazies for mothers)… and Ricky is the more quite, subtle type, and Kyle is the more in-your-face, ‘A’ personality type, so they compliment each other well & are great friends… but Ricky starts to develop feelings for Kyle that he’d rather not have (not just b/c he doesn’t want to be gay or ruin the only true friendship he’s ever had, but b/c Kyle is a hit-it & quit-it type of guy), so yeah, Ricky starts to date Abby to suppress those feelings… but when that doesn’t work and Kyle & Ricky eventually get together– oh, the fall out! This would bring in Jack & Ashley being at odds, Victor & Jack having yet another reason to protect their families & hate each other (though Jack would be upset about Abby being hurt as well as wanting to protect his son), Paul & Victor, etc., etc. And if Abby decided that she wanted to show the world how crazy-like-her-parents she could be by trying to trap Ricky ala pregnancy or a fake one, the fall out would be even better! ;)
    …& did I mention that I’d like Kyle Abbott to be played by one Zack Conroy??!!

    Oh wow, sorry for that… heh, I don’t know where that came from or why, I just started typing & that’s what came out. But um, yeah, I would like them to bring back Paul’s son. :bigsmile:

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    Yeah, it would be great but Y&R doesn’t seem that interested in telling stories with the brown, black, or gay characters it already has on canvas.

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    In my opinion it makes absolutely no sense that Paul would abandon his kids. It didn’t ring true to me with Heather (even though I know Paul was young and irresponsible when April got pregnant)and it is even more baffling with Ricky.

    Paul is this great guy who wants to crusade and help everyone. I would think he would move heaven and earth to have and maintain a relationship with his children.

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