Eden Riegel on Possible L.A. AMC Return: “It Isn’t Going to Work Out”

Bad news All My Children fans. Eden Riegel won’t be rejoining AMC after it moves to L.A. Riegel tweeted the news today.

Hey Guys, not-great news to share. Looks like it isn’t going to work out for me going back to AMC when they move out to LA. I’m very sad…

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    That is sad, but I am not surprised. The way Pratt treated her and her character last time it would not have worked out. Eden is a great actress and I wish her all the best and hope things can work out later on. This is why ABC needs to get off their asses and clean house at AMC ASAP!!!!!!

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    I adore Bianca and Eden, so I’m grateful Pratt doesn’t have another chance to trash the character and the actress. And lets face it, he couldn’t write a half decent like for her to save his life, let alone storyline.

    Every time I have tried to catch a glimpse of AMC I feel like it’s some other, horrible written soap. Nobody is in character and their actions make little sense. He’s such a hack and he’s killing AMC. Agnes Nixon should kick him on his little boy parts.

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    I like to pretend that the Pratt version of Bianca never happened. It’s sad to me because she played such a beloved character, that was not only trashed, but Eden has been exteremely disrespected as well. They won’t even have her back for the 40th anniversary and she was there for 10 years of that show! I’ll alwyas love Eden and follow her wherever she goes! Just another big ole’ Pratt Fall! Speaking of Pratt Falls, I’m sure those ladies will have something to say about this and I’m looking forward to it!

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    Well, I am not sad either. Thanks to Pratt, I now despise Bianca. What really is crappy, is that every other ABC show is getting big stars and guests back, but AMC is not getting anyone but wacktress Rebecca Budig. Sorry, but I am sick of Greenlee and Ryan(Cameron Mathison).They can’t save the sinking ship that is AMC.

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    TV Gord

    I echo many of the comments here. I was happy when I saw the headline. She should not return until Pratt goes splat. I don’t want to see my beloved Bianca further destroyed.

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    Damn Pratt!!! AMC has been unwatchable since Eden left, and now that she’s not coming back, I’m still not going to watch this stupidity. Pratt, Frons and ABC daytime can go to hell!!!! Love ya Eden, and I’ll support anything you do. I am sad that you are not coming back to AMC, then I realize, it’s probably a good thing you are not. You can take the Rebecca Budig’s the Alicia Minshew’s and I’ll take Riegel.

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    Good for Eden! You don’t need that stuff, run, don’t walk to a primetime career.
    I haven’t watched AMC for at least two weeks now and I don’t think I’ll be turning back in.

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    Eden could always be Sarah Webber on GH.
    Hook her up with Tyler Christopher
    He seems a lot less bored with Becky and Eden could help
    continue that
    Or, since new siblings are popping up daily, she could be Robert and Jackie’s baby. I know there’s no chance of Demi Moore returning but Eden could easily play Robin’s sister.
    THen she could be paired with the underused Jason Cook.
    But, I do agree that we need to recast Mac on Y&R first.

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