Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley are "Wed-Locked"

Ex-Guiding Light stars Karla Mosley and Lawrence Saint-Victor star in Wed-Locked as Denise and Robert Davis who are adjusting to life as newlyweds. The series' premiere episode finds the couple in counseling and talking about their sex life, or lack-thereof. It's hilarious! You really need to watch this series.

Watch the first episode after the jump and check back at Daytime Confidential later today for our podcast interview with the stars. Follow Wed-Locked on You Tube.


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I really, really wanted to like this, but I watched it yesterday and...


I felt like the show was all about how good looking Lawrence St. Victor is, not this newly wed couple. If I wanted to fawn over LSV, I'd just replay that one scene with him and Murray Bartlett on GL.

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I thought it was cute and I can't wait to listen to the podcast with KM and LSV

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11 April 2009
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I liked it! Congrats to the Mosley and Saint-Victor!

Now when is Y&R going to hire the new Nate Hastings Winters?

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14 December 2008
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I thought it was really funny. I'm definitly going to subscribe to it on Youtube!

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I do not care what anybody says (hee hee), I thought they were a GREAT couple on GL...The show was cancelled and their story (married, unmarried, married, unmarried) seemed a little lame and rushed but they had remarkable chemistry and I really enjoyed the actress who portrayed Christina.

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I'm really happy for the two of them. It was kind of sad that they couldn't have been the David/Kat of their Generation but dem's the breaks.

Some people criticized them for their work on GL but since the Writers didn't do a very good Job writing for African American Characters for the past Ten Years what can you do.

However, B & B adding new characters is going to be great and maybe we'll see how Dayzee ended up on Skid Row.