Mitch Laurence is Back on OLTL

It’s a spine chilling week on One Life to Live as Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born) returns. Hearing him say "That would be me" at the end of the promo just gave me the shivers! Watch the promo after the jump.

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    I knew it! Possible Spoiler to follow

    I have been saying for the last six months that Mitch would be Rex’s father! It all makes sense. Everyone kept saying it would be Spencer, but that made no sense, and would serve no storyline purpose. This solidifies the relationship between Rex and Natalie, who thought Mitch was her father, and will create a new relationship for Rex and Jessica as they will now be siblings. Thank God they are finally ending the guessing game!

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    I have read rumors on the net that Allison is his father…that she had a sex change operation and that she was the person in the bed…remember last we heard she was in a coma.

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    Finally Mitch is back!!!! I’ve been waiting for this storyline since Alison brought that corny ass DVD to town forever ago. If Stacy can twist Rexs’ brain around with a few manipulations imagine what Daddy Dearest is gonna be able to do to him. I love OLTL!!!!!

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    Maxsmom, Mitch is my favorite villain too. I also loved Roscoe Born on The City! Anyway, the last time Mitch returned to Llanview, the show won an Emmy for Best Daytime Drama. That was the last time the show was consistently good. Hopefully Ron and company can present an awesome and logical story! I highly doubt it considering the way the show is going now. So, Ron, make me eat my words! Oh, and I’m watching Allison Perkins, I mean Barbara Garrick on a rerun of Law & Order: SVU. Yay!

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    Tonyjets02, I watch for Bo/Nora, Greg/Rachel/Shaun and Destiny/Matthew. Oh and I have fallen in love with Mark Lawson’s Brody, and am following Jess/Nat/Jared because of that love.

    But, the Todd/Tea/Blair/Ross mess is ridiculous, latest ridiculous inclusion, Daniela is 15? Doesn’t that mean that Jack is 16, only a year younger than Starr, Carmen Lo Pietro will turn 13 in January and certainly does not look any older. If they didn’t have so many references to the kidnapping of Starr and Jack perhaps only the most eagle eyed viewers would notice but hello. Also this Daniela had better not be an obstacle for Destiny/Matthew=Mattiny?

    I am hoping that bringing Mitch back will blow up all things Rex, Gigi, Stacy, Natalie, Jess/Jared and perhaps he can energize these 20somethings and I also hope there will be less time for Starr/Cole/Langston/Markko.

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    Roscoe Born is great at being evil. I have enjoyed his work on several soaps over the years, with his last work being on “Days”. I have high hopes for this storyline.

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    Maxsmom I caught the whole age discrepencey too!! And I wasn’t even watching back then but I had read that Todd had Jack kidnapped when he was a baby so that would mean that Jack would have to be older than any sibling Todd and Tea made while they were stranded on the island since they were only on there because that kidnapping blew up in Todd’s face. (sometimes soaps make my head hurt!) I guess it’s all just one of those things we’re going to have to take on blind faith that TPB have some kind of idea where things are going. (But if I do recall there was a point where Ross was creeping around at either Todd’s or La Bouliae and Jack was told that he was the guy who kidnapped him)

    As for Daniella messing things up for Destiny and Matthew, I’m ok with seeing some angst in that set and Eddie Alderson should be great in the middle of a teen triangle!! Not to mention the tie in of having Nora’s son and Todd’s daughter together, great multi-generational stuff!!

    I have never seen Roscoe Born in anything previously except for old clips on you tube (Where he was romancing Natalie, and telling everyone Jessica was his daughter). I am excited to see what he brings to the table. And I’m so happy that Rex gets to be both Natalie and Jessica’s brother!

    I’d also like to mention that today’s Kish scene’s were tear jerkers. I haven’t cried happy tears over a soap couple in forever!!

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    SoCalLiasonite, I am not a youtuber but RB’s first go on OLTL was so great, I can even remember the promos they used at the time, of course he was paired with Andrea Evans at her best as well, so truly one of my top ten favorite sls of all time, and dating myself, I have watched soaps for more than 30 years.

    Of course, I have to admit that the whole Mitch is Jessica’s father, Vicki had twins and Victor Lord is alive is one of my top ten least favorite sls of all time. In fact, I don’t think I will ever like Natalie because I hated the sl that brought her on the canvas.

    Because of the reasons I stated above, I hope this go round with RB brings better returns.

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    That promo was awesome. I really thin this Mitch Laurence return will be good for the show, I c an’t wait to see him for the first time [!} and see what kind of trouble he’ll cause for our beloved characters.

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