Motherhood’s The Name Of The Game On B&B and Y&R

Welcome to The Bold and the Beautiful Sarah Brown! Watch the Y&R and B&B promo after the jumpl.

Thanks to beautreal for the tip and tvobsessive2008 for the clip as always!

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    Well, on Y&R we will now have resident good-girl Mac
    doing the surrogate thing for Lily and Cane. What a fun story to look forward to, right? So predictable!

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    othell if you’re right about them throwing in Mac then I’m happy! Toss her in with Cane and Lily so I can fastforward the 3 of them! The more Chloe and Billy the better :). I like the character of Cane and the actor..just not with Lily.

  3. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I’ve tried B&B before and just couldn’t quite get hooked, I watched ABC soaps since childhood and have found it difficult stay with the other network soaps, but I am going to try for SJB. I stayed with ATWT during her tenure but quit when she left.

  4. Profile photo of goyankees

    WOW! Sarah Brown looks awesome!!!! I know it’s ‘just hair’, but THAT is the best look for her….

    Y&R ~ Mac as Lily’s surrogate?? hmmm…makes sense. NO MORE MAC AND BILLY!!! I’ve loved Chloe from Day 1 – Ditto Billy…watching Mac “show her disappointment” and berate My Boy for his Newman Articles was like watching Jon and Kate back in the day!!! LOL!

  5. Profile photo of syworld82

    I love Sarah Brown and i am so glad she is back to a more likeable look. Shes always looked better as a blonde. In her closing with GH, I thought it was so fitting that Sarah Browns Claudia helps Laura Wrights Carly give birth. It was like the old helping the new bring in the newborn baby girl.

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    Mac as surrogate bonding with Cane? Causing problems for LILY? So trite and pedestran. Think that is why people are abandoning soaps. Nothing new always the same old same old.
    Come up with something new for a change writer. That PC# thing blew up in your face .Give Cane and LILy a break, for the sake of soapdom.

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    I thought SJB was blonde for this role?
    Her hair is a little bit lighter. Your hair becomes damaged if you go from dark to blond, too fast. It has to be lightened gradually.

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