Monday’s One Life to Live: Soap Done Good

There are very few times anymore in which one episode of a soap opera makes me realize why I truly still love this genre. Monday’s episode of One Life to Live did just that.

Let’s start off with the one-sided love triangle of Rachel (Daphne Duplaix), Shaun (Sean Ringgold), and Greg (Terrell Tilford). Shaun finally got back on his feet after taking a bullet for Starr and Hope, only to have his heart crushed by the woman he loves, who doesn’t love him back.

Shaun didn’t find out Rachel doesn’t have feelings for him in a soapy way. He didn’t find her in bed with his brother Greg or in a kiss with the doc, he was told straight up what was going on. Rachel was point blank, "I like you but I just don’t have feelings for you." When was the last time a woman on soaps actually told a man how she was truly feeling about their relationship? I loved it.  Rachel never revealed to Shaun it is Greg who she truly has feelings for. What will happen when little brother Shaun finds out big brother Greg stole the woman he loves? The plot thickens.
Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith) have been dancing around their feelings for months. On Monday’s episode they finally hashed things out. Face to face, almost touching foreheads,  Bo and Nora finally attempted to sort out their complicated feelings in a display of poignant intimacy. They weren’t yelling or being hostile with one another,  just talking things out like old lovers would. Of course, in true soap fashion, Nora admitted her love for Bo and embarked on a passionate kiss just when David Vickers walked through the door!

Speaking of David (Tuc Watkins), I am truly enjoying the stories involving this character. One Life to Live is doing a great job utilizing Watkins’ comedic genius by mixing him up with Destiny (Shenell Edmonds). The two characters play well off each. As I said on our Performer of the Week podcast, I love how Watkins can switch from being silly with Destiny, Bo, and Nora, to being completely serious when it comes to Dorian (Robin Strasser), the woman he loves, whom he had no choice but to watch marry another woman!

Last but certainly not least, the Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans) saga came to a head on this episode. After months of waiting for both halves of Kish to admit their feelings at the same time, it finally happened on Monday. When Nick told Kyle he loved him, it was the slap in the face Kyle needed to realize he still loved Fish. Sucks to be Nick!

My heart darn near stopped beating when Kyle stopped the mass wedding to proclaim his love for Fish. With a storyline of this magnitude, it was only fitting the first "I love you’s" happened in a big way at a big event. Kish sharing a passionate kiss after Rev. Carpenter’s speech about love (Which was done in such an innovative fashion, complete with a The Godfather-esque montage. Hey, I’m a film major you know I would notice that!) was the icing on this delicious, soapy cake.

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    OLTL is such a great show! It boggles my mind as to why it’s not up there or even tied with Y&R in 1st place! OLTL has the best cast, the best writers, the best EP! GH and AMC can’t hold a candle to OLTL’s ability to show every real human emotion in one soap! And the promo for the whole month of November for OLTL is outstanding, breath-taking and mind-blowing! As a long time OLTL fan I will defend this show as long as it’s on! OLTL, you are the best show on daytime!

  2. Profile photo of Jammylove

    I have never been passionate about a gay soap couple but KISH does it for me that was a gay storyline DONE RIGHT!!! I love them I fastforward for them They werent the storyline to save the show or the storyline just to add a gay one in there. Done like a usual love story LOVED IT!!

  3. Profile photo of Beth

    Wow Melodie, THANK YOU! You read my mind! It’s rare that any soap can make me smile or feel much of anything besides anger these days, but OLTL put a smile on my face that didn’t leave until after the show was over. I especially loved the ending montage and the monologue from the preacher about the fundamental element to any good soap opera – love, in all of its entities. Love being the cornerstone of a soap opera – who’dve thunk? THAT’S how you do good soap.

    A special shout-out to Brett Claywell and Scott Evans for their touching performances.

    Please everyone, watch OLTL! I know you won’t be sorry!

  4. Profile photo of Smitty

    I enjoyed yesterday’s OLTL.

    I have been watching for a couple months now and I happen to like David more when he is serious and not the comedic stuff. I actually finally liked the character these last couple of days seeing the more serious side of him. He and Dorian have AMAZING chemistry.

    I know I am in the minority but I liked Kyle and Nick. Sigh…not really a big fan of the Fish character. I know that KISH is the end game so I will deal with it but I felt bad for Nick. One thing I liked about the wedding was the protestors. It added a touch of realism to the event. Nice touch.

    Bo/Nora I am still out on this couple. I do like the good soapy drama it has created since she is married to his brother. I still need to read up on the back story to Bo/Nora because from their conversation that they had yesterday it seems like they hated each other.

    Good episode of OLTL.

  5. Profile photo of josser

    It’s a great soap! Why is ABC so bad at publicizing this show? Why doesn’t it send out its stars to be interviewed?

    Oliver and Kyle are nice but Nick is the man! He’s a keeper! Too bad he couldn’t be a Vega cousin. I’d like to see him on canvas permanently

    Can we please show some love to the comic genius displayed by Tuc Watkins and Shennell Edmonds!

    OMG! They are hilarious!

    I’m going to be so sad when David Vickers Buchanan leaves. :-(

  6. Profile photo of Llanview76

    I so agree with the original post and subsequent responses…I am being touched by OLTL big time this year. A lot of the stories are pretty traditional, but ONE LIFE writers are taking a lot of familiar subjects and doing so many complete different, very contemporary takes on them. A lot of them have been redolant of past storytelling…like the baby switch and the humane way that was dealt with, outcoming differently for so many parties involved with it – was very much like the Jenny Wolek/Katrina Karr baby switch of it’s day. Rachel Gannon and Dr. Greg Evans, are sort of like the reverse of legacy characters Lt. Ed Hall and Carla Gray…where one is trying to get the other one to get over their social hang ups and come out of their shell. Though I feel bad, Rachel doesn’t love Shaun, he’s such a teddy bear. And Destiny remind me of the lovable candor the character of Sadie Gray use to throw out to woe begotten citizens of Llanview. I miss Marcie McBain too…cause she was Llanview’s contemporary Wanda Wolek – kind of everyone’s friend and never willing to take crap even if it’s coming from a man like Todd Manning – who is kind of a modern day Victor Lord preventing the love between Larry and Meredith, er Cole and Starr, I mean. And the diversity on this show is amazing…rich, poor, black, white, hispanic, straight, gay, employed, unemployed…it’s touching on a lot, characters are intertwined socially and romantically, and we’re not getting John McBain five days a week. We are however getting Stacy overload, and I think Mitch Laurence being back, he needs to kill her. Nothing against the actress, the character is too far beyond redemption. Also, I am not too big a fan for tweaking the past to fit present storyline purposes, there have been a few…the main one that comes to mind is Danielle – she’s too old. Also, I think they need to employ a hunky Asian male or beautiful Asian female on the show to add to the mix…I have only seen Asians playing fringe characters as of late.

  7. Profile photo of dkp

    I loved yesterday’s show and love OLTL. It was funny, it was romantic, it was entertaining, enjoyed nearly everything, especially KISH. Brett and Scott have both been giving great performances.

  8. Profile photo of BigDede

    Loved David telling Destiny to hide in the bushes and jump out, lol

    Glad someone like the Rachel/Shaun/Greg thing. Greg and Rachel has no heat at all.

    I actually like the finally scene with Kish and Fish. The whole gay storyline sucks with them faking Dorian being gay to push for gay marriage but at least one good thing came from that.

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    I loved so much about this show:

    The weddings: Kish getting together, Nick being upset, Roxy kissing the protester, Andrew Carpenter performing the ceremony, Dorian and Amelia’s kiss…all fantastic!

    London: I love Destiny and David…they’re my new favourite non-romantic couple!
    And Bo and Nora..this was Bo and Nora done right, when they’re confessing their true feelings for one another. I’ve been waiting a long time for this. I hope she leaves Clint now.
    Neville was a nice touch, as well. ;-)

    I even enjoyed the Rachel/Shaun break up, and the Tea/Eli scenes. Oh, and I especially liked Viki/Todd.

  10. Profile photo of troymcclure

    “I have never been passionate about a gay soap couple but KISH does it for me that was a gay storyline DONE RIGHT”

    I agree with Jammylove, I liked Otalia well enough but Kish makes me all giddy inside, they are probably my favorite couple on OLTL and soaps right now.

    I think I might be in love with Brett Claywell, what a great actor he is and that voice.

    I loved the Bo and Nora stuff and the London stuff in general. Not to big on the Tea stuff so I’m glad Mel left that out.

    Great show, I’m glad I started watching OLTL

  11. Profile photo of SoCalLiasonite

    Kish, Kish, Kish….. I mentioned yesterday on another post that they made me cry tears of happiness! I don’t recall the last time any soap couple did that. They may have just said their I love you’s but I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this exceptional couple. Brett Claywell and Scott Evans are just wonderful! Kudos to the talented OLTL writers for bringing love back to daytime! Yesterday’s commitment ceremony ending was just beautiful. And as happy as I was to see Kish I was sad for poor Nick, he did really well too!

    And of course the rest of the show was wonderful too. I love David and Destiny playing off each other! OLTL is great at keeping me interested in the whole show and that’s why I’ll keep tuned in and you should too!!

  12. Profile photo of sunnydays25

    I absolutely LOVED this episode today…from the long-awaited Kish get-together to the interplay between Viki and Todd. He somehow looks less of a dink when paired with his sister. David and Destiny are priceless together and the intro of Neville and his call with Nigel brought the families “across the pond” together.

    Guess I am in the minority as far as Nick is concerned…just do not like the character at all, as I feel he was sneaky and pushy with his and Amelia’s gay wedding plans. Plus, he was in the way of my two fav character’s happy beginning (can’t call it and ending when they are just starting their relationship). Kudos to the fantastic job done by both Scott and Brett :)

    Now I am anticipating the return of Roscoe Born and the despicable Mitch Lawrence…hope TPTB do it up right!

  13. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I don’t like Nick either. When he stormed off with that sad puppy look on his face, I cheered.

    Nick and Amelia HAS been too darn pushy and they have been my least favorite part about the storyline.

  14. Profile photo of HarleyFanForever23

    YES, Monday was freakin’ great soap!

    I could have done without Greg’s scenes, but everything else was good. Todd & Viki scenes are always a treat. I loved the Kish scenes! Thank you for not having Kyle going through with marrying Nick! That made me very happy, and I would have cried too, but Bo & Nora already had me going. I really enjoyed the huge gay wedding stint, and I wasn’t expecting to. Poor Dorian, though. And poor Shaun too. I understand Rachel breaking up with him, but it wasn’t easy seeing Shaun hurt.

    What trumped everything was Bo & Nora. The wedding was the biggest storyline/plot of the day, but Bo & Nora stole the show. I have always loved this couple. They are my earliest memory of this show, and I always knew there was something still between them. I’ve been wanting them back together, and FINALLY it is happening! Hearing Bo call Nora “Red” again and him forgiving her – wonderful! I bawled when Nora said, “I do love you. I love you too.” Their scenes were so perfectly real and un-soapy. In fact, in my own blog today ( I will write a long entry about the Bo & Nora scenes from the past 3 days.

    I’m in OLTL heaven right now! Thank you, Ron Carlivati!

  15. Profile photo of ltk

    I came back to OLTL because of the Kish storyline which I am thoroughly enjoying. But I’ve been impressed with the overall quality of the show. And I’m bowled over by the humor in show which was unexpected.

  16. Profile photo of Llanview76

    Lol…thank you! For the life of me I could not remember what kind of character Daphnee played on PASSIONS…if it was Simone the lesbian…are whomever…all I know is of all the Rachels on OLTL Daphnee is my favorite.

  17. Profile photo of

    No, she played Valerie Davis, who was actually Vincent Clarkson, the hermaphrodite child of Julian Crane and Eve Johnson Russell. As Valerie, she got pregnant with her father Julian’s child, and as Vincent, she gave birth to the child.

  18. Profile photo of WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    LOVED Monday’s OLTL! I mean, barely one second after the show ended, I was crying and rewinding the DVR to rewatch that glorious montage. Set to Rev. Carpenter’s voice, he talked about love, pulling in the major and minor Llanview couples, all of whom are trying to get it right. And the only one’s who did? Kyle and Fish. Two men, surrounded by straight and GLBT couples all kissing each other. That last shot of them from up above, kissing as the town cheered on and surrounded them in a huge group hug was amazing. Even Cris, the most amazing BFF ever, grabbed Kyle’s hand because he’s making his buddy Fish happy!

    I had to rewatch the thing twice… three times… and by 9:00, I’m certain that 3/4s of the Youtube views of the Kish scenes came from me.

    Kyle and Oliver make me so damn happy! After Monday’s OLTL ep, I felt like running out into the streets to a big Broadway song and dance number. Complete with animated bluebirds!!

    Bravo, OLTL!!

  19. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Smitty, I have watched this show so long that Dorian and Vicki are the only characters who were there when I started watching and Bo/Nora was one of the genre’s great love stories, I am among the many who have waited for this reunion since the breakup and it was really just Bo who was hurt and angry, Nora may have been frustrated by Bo’s refusal to forgive her but for my money Bo is the only man she has truly loved since she arrived on the show.

    I have to say regarding Kish, I don’t like Kyle, perhaps BC played smarmy too well but I haven’t gotten past his introduction on this show and Fish is sooo sweet I think he deserves better. I also don’t like Nick, was he going to tell Kyle about the legalization of their marriage if Dorian hadn’t made the announcement?

    I think Tuc Watkins has actually made me like Destiny more than I did before, Shenell Edmunds is becoming a better actor in each scene she shares with him. That said, how is it possible that David and Destiny have flown to London which is 5 or 6 hours later (not to mention the flight time)than the time in PA and still have been able to watch the wedding live.

    Finally, although it is one sided, I love the G/R/S triangle because while Rachel’s romantic feelings aren’t evenly divided, her fear of giving herself to Greg combined with a genuine desire to spare Shaun’s feelings make it a good story. Also, Terrell Tilford hasn’t done a great job expressing his emotions regarding Shaun but his scenes with Daphne Duplaix work for me.

  20. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Forgot: I prefer OLTL’s way of presenting certain sls a couple of days a week, Monday featured the sls and/or characters I am enjoying right now but today might bring more Rex and Todd and the women who love them, which I am not enjoying but I love the balance, that’s right Guza, I’m talking about you.

  21. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Well, the episode was alright I guess. I just can’t get into Kish because I don’t care about them. Bo and Nora on the other hand were good. Except I find it hard to believe that they were in London watching the wedding on tv. Seriously? Are people in London really intrestead in whats going on in Lanview USA, the most gay friendly city in america? David realizing he was to late to stop Dorian was good to. I don’t understand Tea, I don’t want to understand her. Why is she keeping her daughter away from the only father she knows just because Todd is her bio dad? Keep it to yourself pyscho.

  22. Profile photo of josser


    Ditto what you said. Blair is really being pathetic. Just months ago, she was desperately trying to keep her children away from Todd. Now, all Blair wants is Todd. Didn’t Todd push his daughter Starr down a flight of stairs? Oops! Forgot about that, huh?

  23. Profile photo of josser

    Just watched the last 10 minutes of Monday’s episode and thought it was delightful.

    It does make sad to think that OLTL might be canceled. This show plays so well on all of the right levels.

  24. Profile photo of


    Let’s be honest: Neither one of those women should be fighting over the Romantic Rapist. I’m a gay man, and I’m sort of offended by the borderline misogynist writing that both Tea and Blair get.

    Also, Blair’s plan is very misguided. When Todd finds out she knew about Daniella and kept it from him, he’ll be just as mad at her as he will be with Tea.

    I’m much more intrigued by the possibility of a Blair/Patrick/Marty love triangle. And Todd and Ross fighting over Tea could be hot.

  25. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    AlistairCrane, to each there own. Blair has always been off. As for Tea, when has she ever acted this crazy before? She was always level headed. Now she’s hitting Ross over the head with vases to keep him away from their daughter because now that Tea knows the truth he can’t be near her. That’s not fair to Ross, he’ll always love that kid, bio dad or not. Tea’s chaseing people around with fire pokers and throwing punches left and right. She’s running around like she’s got a screw lose. All for Todd, please. Blair has always done crazy ass shit, Tea was more grounded. She’s crazy now, all for Todd. I don’t buy it.

  26. Profile photo of monica186

    Poor David is going to need a lawyer. Hopefully, Tea is available. He took Destiny, a minor, out of the country! I thought for sure Nora was going to call him on it when she said something about him bringing Destiny to London, but then conversation moved on. Once she frees Matthew from the boarding school, Destiny will have to free David from jail.

  27. Profile photo of

    Patrick’s a great character, and with Thorsten Kaye leaving AMC, it is very likely he will return to Llanview and reunite with his soulmate Marty.

    I don’t think they’re going to have David get into legal trouble.

  28. Profile photo of BigDede

    I can’t STAND Tea right now for what she did to Ross. I know in a couple of weeks OLTL will try to spin it that Ross was the evil guy and she had to keep Daniella away from him. She tried to say he was a bad guy when she got a divorce from him and he signed away but that sounded like a last minute rewrite.

    Blair is so pathetic that it’s actually hard to watch. But what makes this storyline really hard to watch is that guy playing Todd so smug. Todd acts like he is so better than everyone. It’s horrid to watch.

  29. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I agree as a veteran of the Liason vs. Jasam Wars, Tea vs. Blair shouldn’t be on the table because neither of them deserves to be saddled with Todd. Tea thinks she would be a
    better parent than Ross although she spent months defending Todd for RAPING Marty, as a lawyer Tea knows that amnesia means that Marty could not consent to sex with Todd, therefore even absent the morality, it was rape and she recently referred to the situation and said allegedly or supposedly and I thought what have they done to this character. Between Ray and Todd, when did she have time to visit Daniela who also wasn’t allowed contact with her father.

    Ross threatened to kidnap Daniela so Tea did kidnap her and it’s okay because Ross is not her bio dad, so does that mean that Blair is right to keep her kids from Tea since children should only be with their bio parents.

    I want this show to stay on as much as anyone but this storyline has been ridiculous since Tea’s return. And it’s all in service of keeping Todd as the male lead on this show.

  30. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I know this is a Monday show thread but today I wanted to slap Natalie and Rex. First, Natalie, her only concern is Jared, not her safety, not Jess’s just I know Jared the con man is innocent. Then, Rex, what are the odds that he and Brody have simultaneous emergencies home in Michigan during a time when the Twin Lords need them most. While I have never liked Natalie and no longer like Rex, I have always appreciated the maintenance of their relationship, a lot of shows would have let their sibling hood fall by the wayside, in fact they have pretty much maintained the family connectios including Roxy, that said, this sl continues the dumbing down of Rex, in that he would first leave Gigi and now leave Natalie for whom he left Gigi again love this show but the plotholes are reminding me of Guza, I thought RC was being left alone but I smell Frons.

  31. Profile photo of californiaguy888

    I DO NOT watch OLTL but Melodie your blog has got me thinking…You are a very talented writer and you honestly make me think when I read your blogs….Who knows, maybe I will watch OLTL…….thanks for the wonderful blogs

  32. Profile photo of lilyredd

    I certainly wasn’t happy when I read Dorian pretends to be gay and stages a mass wedding, while I still have issues with the story, I was impressed with Monday’s show. From Kyle walking away to find his true love, to Andrew’s words and finally to Dorian’s unspoken heartbreak –it was a beautiful episode.

  33. Profile photo of cher62

    Robin Strasser is my heroine for pulling off the impossible! How did she do it? I was all set not to even watch this preposterous turn of events but Strasser suckered me in. Bravo Robin! Love is universal to us all. It was so good to Robert Krimmer (Andrew) again. Agree that it was a beautiful episode. Now where do they go from here with the gay marriages since Dorian intends to fight for equality? Dorian does win as mayor doesn’t she?

  34. Profile photo of Carol2

    “As for Tea, when has she ever acted this crazy before?”

    She’s always been crazy. She is obsessed with a man who beat her. She ran away from her heritage yet she goes around using fake Spanish names for people. She shrieks and wails and cries at the drop of a hat. Everything about her is nuts. Yet we’re still supposed to believe she’s a great person, according to this show.

  35. Profile photo of Llanview76

    I love Matt and Destiny too…actually BIG kudos to OLTL for employing people of all shapes and sizes. Destiny, Shaun, Marcie…OLTL is one of the only shows that employs the big and beautiful people. You would never see that on the Y&R – why is Y&R watched so much? I would think after all these very public contract disputes from each of the show’s leads people would be turned off.

  36. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Great blog, Melodie! I loved Monday’s episode espically the end. Yes, getting footage of the wedding in England was a bit much, but I *loved* David crushing his cellphone when Dorian kissed Amelia. That was absolutly heartbreaking. I also really liked Viki and Todd sharing the Halloween candy.

  37. Profile photo of ABCfan910

    yes i totally agree with you OLTL is known for their writing and this November on the show is going to blow people away, i am a fan ever since the 90’s while watching it with my mom and it needs to be #1 because its that good hopefully it will get an emmy nomination for either writing or drama series or both fingers crossed

  38. Profile photo of David9463

    I agree completely with your reaction/perception of the show. I watch it over and over on Youtube (thank goodness for youtube!). I’m looking forward to more vlogs of Kish with background music (like Nuke’s and Chrolli’s). Dave

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