Mr. Kitty’s True Story: The Final Chapter

Watch the final episode of The Young and the Restless’ cat’s meow, Mr. Kitty.

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    I loved this! Not only because it gave me the true story behind the abrupt departure of Mr. Kitty, who could never be replaced by that poor excuse for a Kitten that was found in the church somewhere. Where is that cat now, anyway? Still at the Abbott Cabin?

    I also loved it because it gave Kristoff St. John some screentime!!!!! Damn shame, though, that he spent more time on camera in this spoof than he has on the show in months. I was happy for Neil when he became CEO of Chancellor, but so sad because seing KSJ in the midst of Newman drama gave him so much of what little screentime he had…..BRING BACK DRUCILLA NOW!!!!!!!

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