Laura Wright: “You Guys Are Stuck With Me”

General Hospital‘s Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos-Jax) recently joined Twitter and she was tweeting all morning! One of her tweets revealed a new deal with the soap.

I just signed another 4 years!!! You guys are stuck with me.

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    I am so happy to know that one of the great things about GH is staying put. Her Carly is the best mix of the first two. Nothing aside from Jennifer Brandsford but Laura Wright is a much better fit then her. I cannot wait to see where Carly goes in the next four years and pray that there is another four or eight to come after that. I mean four years isn’t long enough to have little baby girl Jax aged enough to fight Emma for Jake’s affection. LOL! I can see it now! So excited to see all the future possibilities. Just keep her out of Sonnny’s bed and in Jax’s!

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    I am very happy to hear that ..
    She is amazing Carly , she took Carly and made her grown woman who sometimes has the little old Carly moments ..
    She for me is Carly ….

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    First, this is GH, that Jossalyn/Jake/Emma triangle could happen in the next 4 years, and imagine the children of Carly/Liz/Robin that’s a sorasing I could get behind and I don’t like sorasing. I also don’t like recasts but Laura Wright is the exception that proves the rule, I love SJB and am adding B&B to my DVR just for her but I think LW is Carly for the aughts and beyond.

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    Great news. She and Sarah are my favorite Carly’s by far and the scenes airing now are a wet dream to the fans of the actress (if Tamara was thrown in as AVA! I could die a happy man) and I can’t wait to see what the next four yrs. brings for Laura/Carly. For me hopefully a Emmy nom.

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    I thought when Tamara left that Laura Wright could not fill her shoes but I was wrong she has made Carly her own.I am glad shes signing a new contract and yes I hope she stays away from Sonny.

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    Stuck is definitely not the right word. Laura Wright is amazing as Carly. And as herself, lol.

    I was hesitant when she first came on b/c I was such a Tamara fangirl, but she won me over instantly. She’s a perfect Carly.

    Now I guess I’m kind of a Laura fangirl, haha.

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    That’s definitely not a bad thing…she’s awesome..and definitely a bright spot in the GH cast! I can remember back to when she was on “Loving”…a looooong time ago, but she’s still as good an actress now as she was then, if not better! She’s taken the character of Carly, and made it her own, kinda given it her own spin, if that makes any sense. Anyways, hats off to her! :)

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    Congrats to Laura Wright ! Obviously ABC appreciates her talent by offering her that type of contract (4 yrs). She was great on GL as Cassie….I do not watch GH, but I am sure she’s great.

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    Great News!!!When Laura Wright left Guiding Light,so did I. Super talented actress, who I believe doesn’t receive enough recognition. Seriously, the girl could read the phone book and make it interesting.Pre-nominations for the Emmy’s is alright, but I think it’s time we see a nomination and a WIN!!

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