Cameron Mathison “Cheers” up in P&G’s Brighten Bay

All My Children’s Cameron Mathison is starring in Procter & Gamble’s new web soap Brighten Bay, according to Reuters. The Cheer soap campaign touts brightening "laundry routines at an affordable price."

The campaign features storylines and webisodes set in Brighten Bay, a colorful community with on-going drama between its neighbors, including: Nurse Nancy, Sandy, David and the hero of Brighten Bay, Dr. Dan, played by soap opera star Cameron Mathison. Viewers will tune in to watch the drama unfold as Dr. Dan goes head-to-head with David in battles involving love, lies and heartbreak. The campaign will be supported by a robust interactive Web site,, where viewers can join the community and follow along closely as the plot thickens surrounding Dr. Dan, the bright spot in a dirty world. Visitors to the site will also have access to sweepstakes, soap opera trivia, and other games and activities featured on the Brighten Bay Facebook® fan page and the Brighten Bay YouTube® channel.

 Watch the premiere episode after the jump. What do you think of the episode?

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    Really Proctor and Gable? I mean you are really going to use CamMat instead of one of your actors from ATWT? I mean really? It doesn’t matter that you have a talented cast to chose from—you would rather use someone with 1/2 the acting chops? Really??

    Is this your subtle way of letting the fans and ATWT cast & crew know that you are canceling the show? I mean really? How nice P&G–you suck–and I mean really!

    If only Seth Meyers would do something like this on SNL. Well, maybe–they did talk about the end of Guiding L:ight this season.

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    I think it shows that P&G can poke fun at the daytime drama genre they created over 70 years ago. Relax posters, it’s just a fun online site that sends up the ridiculous nature of soap operas. Has anyone watched some of the videos, they’re funny. Sandy is in a coma and they throw her a surprise birthday party. It’s hilarious actually.

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