Oprah Takes Bebe Winans off Show

Oprah has taken Bebe Winans off her show until domestic violence charges against the gospel singer are resolved, according to USA Today.
The gospel singer had taped appearances on Winfrey’s "karaoke challenge" and was on last Friday. Following the show, some bloggers questioned whether Winfrey was guilty of a double standard by including Winans when she took a strong stand against domestic violence following Chris Brown’s assault of then-girl friend Rihanna.

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    She’s already been guilty of using double standards. She had convicted rapist Mike Tyson on her show last month. Tyson was older than Chris Brown when he raped a woman and slapped around Robin Givens but got his chance to share his sides of those stories. Maybe she’ll give Brown a chance in 10 or 15 years from now. Still love Oprah but I may reconsider watching her show now. And strangely enough I probably could have handled it better had she chosen to just keep Bebe Winans on the show.

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    TV Gord

    The difference with Tyson is he served his time. It’s not like she was condoning his behavior. She was trying to get inside his mind and find out if there’s any humanity in there.

    She’s had plenty of criminals and rapists on her show over the years. It’s all about context. I think we’re too quick to look for reasons to be ticked off these days. Personally, I think Oprah didn’t even know about the charges against Bebe Winans. I certainly hadn’t read about them anywhere, but then again, he’s not that well-known in the mainstream.

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    I didn’t hear of the charges, but I also didn’t know Bebe Winans was a man. I knew the name, but I had no idea the gender. I do wonder about Winfrey’s research team, and why she doesn’t seem to know a lot about what goes on on her show, in her schools, with her guests, etc.

    I am still surprised that she didn’t get criticism for the Whitney Houston interview where WH explained in detail how to roll and smoke her drug of choice.

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    TV Gord

    In my opinion, Whitney was high during that interview. I think maybe that’s why we haven’t seen much of her since that interview. Usually, she’d be out pushing her new album wherever she could. The silence since Oprah has been deafening!

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