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If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve tweeted a couple episodes of General Hospital as well as some primetime shows. GH has been fantastic, so most of my tweets were positive although, you all know me by now ,and know that a little sarcasm must come out!

For example, when Michael and Sonny were returning to Greystone, I tweeted: Awwww… father-son convo on how it’ll feel a few days after your first kill. When GH dropped the obvious ball and left Lulu in her wet clothes in the ER I asked: Shouldn’t they take Lulu out of her wet clothes? I mean I’m no M.D., but I would think the first thing would be to get the patient out of her very wet and cold threads. Right? Carly’s truth-telling to Jax was a shock that earned: WOW Carly is telling Jax the truth? That’s a twist. I kinda like it. Carly rarely tells the truth and when she does, it must be noted. Plus, major KUDOS to Laura Wright who turned in another fine performance. I actually felt Carly’s anguish over what telling the truth meant for Michael.

Earlier in the week when Michael delivered Claudia’s final blow I congratulated Mr. Guza for finally achieving his goal. It took him a while but he finally made Michael a killer. Not sure if that deserves the same props his actors deserve for their performances, but hey, it was a goal that he finally achieved!

Goodbye Claudia and Sarah Brown. I’m sadder about Sarah’s departure than Claudia’s, but nonetheless, Ms. Brown, you exited on a very high acting note. Well done!

SCOOP… Just who is taking pictures and keeping a scrapbook of all things Jason Morgan? James Franco, as he’s “Jason’s worst nightmare.” Anyone catch the conversation with Lulu and Dante? He mentioned a fallen officer who fell at the hands of Sonny Corinthos. We all know Sonny rarely gets his hands dirty so COULD Franco be avenging that officer’s death? RUMORS once said he would be the son of one of Jason’s victims. When a picture is sent to Jason, who gets the duty of tracing it back to its sender? Dante! Who else gets a peek at the incriminating pic? Olivia! So now Maxie has seen Sonny in a bloody shirt, Carly told Jax the truth and Dante shows his mama a picture that could put Jason away for life. Another PC secret that too many people know; good thing only half of them know the REAL truth.

Speaking of Lulu and Dante… GREAT pairing! I don’t usually like every new, younger male getting thrown into Lulu’s orbit, but this one works. It works very well. Now that Lulu knows his secret— at least part of it— what issues will be thrown her way? It LOOKS like Luke will be doing some dealing with his old pal Sonny which could land Lulu’s dad in trouble with the law. Will she spill or just attempt to get her dad to end his ties to Sonny?

Secrets… I hate them but the Daytime community at large loves them. I don’t mind a good old mystery or a really well-kept secret but this nonsense, well, it’s just nonsense. Alas, we have another secret, a secret affair that a certain fair-skinned nurse wants kept under wraps. Sigh. Elizabeth begs her future father-in-law to keep what he knows about her trysts with Nikolas to himself. Will he? Luke is hardly the moral compass. Don’t forget, Lucky and Liz hit the sheets, er couch, and of course Nikolas is going a little green over it.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Carly kicks Jax to the curb but what about Jason? He knew that Claudia was mixed up with Jerry, and that Jerry was connected to all this. Will Carly be pissed at her BFF? Michael is a little too Stone Cold. Will drastic measures need to be taken? Getting into mob mode, Michael issues an order to Max and Milo, Kiefer better watch out. An ex-girlfriend of Patrick’s pops up. Lucky and Nikolas both visit Emily’s grave. Will Johnny find out about Dante? Will Liz try to keep Lucky, or make it work with Nikolas? Can Spixie recover from Maxie’s "oops"? Johnny the Hitman? Team Lucky and Jason?

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    Team Lucky and Jason?, oh boy. Seems like Guza is trying to make these two get along. The scene with Jason and Lucky at the PCPD was the first time I’ve seen these two get along since JJ’s Lucky character left.

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan and have a great weekend!

  2. Profile photo of samrocks

    GH Lover…I hope your sources are wrong. The son of a victim back for revenge sounds cool, but a random obsession just sounds silly.

    I must be the only one who draws a distinction between Jax & Olivia lying to Carly and Jason lying to her. With Jason we can be absolutely *certain* that he withheld the information for her safety – especially since Sonny wasn’t hearing it until he had “proof” of her crimes. Jason has tunnel vision when it comes to Michael (and Carly), and we have seen time and time again how far he would go to protect them.

    Jax and Olivia, on the other hand, had self-serving reasons for keeping the secret. Jax has repeatedly gone to great lengths to protect Jerry, even at the expense of his marriage. Interestingly, Jax treats Jerry the same way that Jason treats Carly – fierce loyalty above all others.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Oh I hope we see more of Lucky and Jason. Would be nice to have more scenes with them. Luke keeping quiet about Niz … I don’t hope it, but I think he will.

    Yeah, and James Franco’s character, Franco, will be obsessed with Jason’s lifestyle and becomes a little bit obsessed with him. It’s more like a stalker storyline than anything about revenge. That’s at least what the TV Guide article told.

    Michael not a killer? Like he acted … oh yeah he is. He didn’t just murder her in self-defense … he brutally killed her. And this kid should be taken to therapy, not getting some sweet talk from Sonny.

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan. :)

  4. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Soapjunkie we have been debating that quite furiously in the obs thread if you want to read the comments.

    Samrocks ICAM with your distinction between Jason and Jax. I would only add that I believe Jason only know about Jerry’s possible involvement not Claudias? At least I thought that was the case. With Jax, he knew every time he sent Michael to SOnny’s house that he was sending him and his brother to be with the woman who arranged for the gunman that shot him. Plus Jax could have told Carly before the pregnancy.

    Regan do you have ideas about how Sam fits into the Franco storyline??

    And what do you make of this stuff about Lucky shooting Embecca as she is about to shoot Nik. Will she leave in a body bag?? (and would that make him as much of a “killer” as Michael)

    Do you have any idea of what will happen to CarJax once she finds out Jax is trying to frame Sonny.

    There was a rumor about a change in dynamic between Carly and Sam. GH lover and I are hoping for a CarSam friendship?? will we be seeing more of them together??

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    EET and Samrock I am with you on all Jax VS Jason
    Jason is so much different form Jax ..
    Jax knew the truth since March a month before Carly got pregnant ….
    Jason found out only about Jerry involvement after Carly got pregnant !!!!!!
    He didn’t knew that Claudia was involved !
    Jax mission was also only to protect his baby Jason was to protect Carly and all the kids!!
    Jason suspect that Claudia was involve but didn’t have prof !!!!!
    He searched but didn’t find it he didn’t want Michael and morgan near her , he tried to push her away from them but couldn’t because Sonny was her husband and the father of the kids!
    Jax knew all along of her , he knew that , he let her be with Carly Jason and Sonny while they wait for Michael to come out of the surgery , he stood there while Claudia said what they should do with Michael ! he listen to her telling Jason he has no say about Michael while she has!
    he knew she is getting close to Michael and didn’t say a word he let her stay near!
    and than he let her call Jerry to go after the kids HE PUT MICHAEL AND KRIS IN DANGER!
    He did it cos he wanted Carly to have her baby, his baby without thinking of the boys!!
    Jason always thought of the boys and Carly safety , he will give his life for them , he did when he took the BIz so they will get out of Sonny HE IS LOYAL TO CARLY
    More than any one

  6. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Claudia didnt go after Michael until she thought he caused the accident and I think in retrospect losing the child she never intended to care about put her over the edge. She shouldn’t have called Jerry but Jerry going after the kids was about Jason, remember the reason Ian was the hitman was because Jerry didn’t want to shoot Sonny and when Jerry found out Michael was in the warehouse he tried to intervene.

    Also Claudia seemed focused on the baby, and really the emotion of helping to bring a baby into the world 3 months after you watched your babies heart stop beating and a few hours after the father of that child tells you he is happy your baby died might push you even farther over the edge, so I don’t think she was focused Carly when she headed to the door and wasnt she shoeless and without transportation how far could she have gotten with the baby. Wasnt it convenient that Michael couldnt get clear service to Sam but Jason could have been standing next to Sonny during their call?

    I agree this was Guza’s endgame all along, he shot Michael not to show the consequences of mob life but just to age Michael and make him a killer.

    The fallout from Liz/Nik with JJ as Lucky and the potential of JF’s storyline are keeping me around but so far every tentative step forward for this show ends with it back at the starting line.

  7. Profile photo of BigDede

    It’s time for TIIC to get that little serial killer a romance. They have to do something to make Mykill seem like a teen instead of Dexter.

    I am so on Team Lucky and Jason. Lucky and Jason were very close back in the day. Lucky use to work for Jason. So when the other actors came on as Lucky and they made Lucky jealous of Jason, it was horrible. Now we are getting back to how it’s suppose to be. But they still have to have some lingering feelings of resentment due to both of their love for Liz.

    WHY THE FREAK OLIVIA IS IN THE James Franco storyline!? WHY |(:angry Get rid of that camera and storyline hog. You can play Where’s Waldo just with Olivia since she’s all over the place.

  8. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I’ve been on vacation so forgive me if someone’s mentioned it before but I noticed they’ve cut Greg Vaughan from the opening credits. They didn’t let grass grow under their feet with that one did they? I’m glad JJ is back but poor GV…they definitely threw him under the bus BIG time.

    Speaking of the opening…that thing is embarrasing…when are they going to change it? The ONLY thing I like about it is Stuart Damon is still in the picture…but that’s not exactly accurate is it? Wouldn’t it be funny if they did an opening with all the people who have fallen victim to Guza’s poison pen courtesy of Dr. Frons Kervorkian over the last several years? I SEE DEAD PEOPLE.

    But we all know that wouldn’t work…it would take up the first 15 minutes of the show. :~

  9. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I cant remember the man’s name but I read that JF is playing the son of the man Dante told Lulu was his cop mentor the man Sonny killed but I guess than an obsession with Sonny would be more appropriate, well we have two weeks of waiting

  10. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    doodleynoodle, I forgot to mention that, I noticed that they cut GV out of the opening credits the other day. Yeah, they didn’t let grass grow under their feet did they. The awful part is they kept everyone else in (dead people) but cut him out WTF Guza you are such an idiot!!

    PS: On a totally different note, anyone a OLTL lover, I loved today’s eppy. When I saw Marcie I could not believe it. Can’t wait to see Mitch!

  11. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    crazy4gh & samrocks…I normally don’t look at the opening that closely but Regan said something on Twitter today and I didn’t know if she was talking about the Opening or the 1st segment so I paid more attention to it than I normally do and noticed GV was kaput.

    That opening is in desperate need of an overhaul. They should put out a YouTube contest and have someone (anyone) come up with something better. I wasn’t that thrilled with it in the first place but now it’s been sliced & diced so many times half the cast is missing and the other half is dead…did you notice how many of the men at the end are GONE? Pitiful.

    crazy4gh…I love Roscoe Born. Do you think Nash is coming back? Eeek. I haven’t been watching OLTL because I don’t have time but I try to keep up with what’s going on. If Nash came back…I might have to MAKE time. :)

  12. Profile photo of maxsmom

    The current opening highlights Guza’s lack of creativity in the sense that few people leave the canvas in an interesting way, they die or like Bobbie they live so far off canvas that they don’t show up at the hospital (where she still works?) when her daughter gives birth after having been kidnapped.

  13. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    EricasEvilTwin I think I read somewhere that there are supposed to be new opening credits around the third week of November. Keep your fingers crossed!

    It’s very late right now and I’m very tired so the only thing I really have to say about today’s show is LW great acting and I love Jocelynn, thought Carly telling off Jax, Olivia and even Jason was great, Jax & Sonny – both pompous asses, I love Jason and Lucky scenes and I’m worried about Michael.

    Good night and sweet dreams everyone!

  14. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    doodleynoodle, Pretty sure Nash isn’t coming back, I think he’s on ATWT now, but looks like Jessica is going to see a nasty skeleton of him on Monday, just can’t wait!!

  15. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I’m so glad they are writing Jason and Lucky to be friends again some rays of the old GH magic trying to shine through its wonderful to read spoilers with Jason in “a storyline about him” maybe his fans can catch a scene or two with him solo for fans of Steve’s that are only Jason fans. I’ve read a lot of them are waiting for him by himself in some meaningful scenes. As an Elizabeth they are writing her so bad this time around I just can only hope when the storyline will be over…that’s it. Very bad writing for my girl guess its very apparent she’s not the “it” girl.

  16. Profile photo of diallo41

    bits and pieces…

    Thanks Reagan for the info as usual.

    I am not sure I get the difference between why Jason’s Lie to Karly is understandable but Jax’s lie to Karly is not. (and I don’t like Jax).

    Michael did commit murder so in my book he is a murderer no matter his reason.

    Can’t wait to see James Franco… :love:

    I am confused, why would Luke agree to keep Liz’s secret? Why is Liz sleeping with Lucky? :~

    I hate that Olivia no matter her chemistry with Johnny is everywhere and in everything J)

    Not feelin a Robin Lucky anything other than friends…

    I liked Claudia’s exit too bad the moment they made her interesting it was over.

  17. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I could see him seeking her out for input or her offering it up given her friendship with all involved. I cant wait to see Lucky’s reaction to IckyNiz. Rumors are that they get it on in a gh closet this week. That cracks me up because I remember all too well the digs that Sam must not have a bed and yet we have now see Lizard on the floor with nik and with Jason and now a supply closet. My how the worm turns LOL.

    Also rumor is Franco’s character kidnaps Sam — Sami’s is saying that Nik and Lucky both go dark and Lizard calls Jason to whine. She tells him its important so he goes racing and while he is dealing with her non-existant crisis, Sam goes missing. The jist is that he isnt too happy with her because obviously his def. of important does not include her love life woes.

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