Who is Your Performer of the Week?

It's been another good week in the wonderful world of soaps, and there have been some really good performances. Who do you think did an outstanding job this week? I think As the World Turns' Terri Colombino and General Hospital's Laura Wright did amazing work this week. Suggest your Performers of the Week,  Honorable and Dishonorable Mentions in the comments. We'll read some of your choices on next week's Performer of the Week podcast!


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Terri Colombino was outstanding this week. So was Micheal Parks, both delivered.
Honorable: Who ever did Terri's make up and hair. She looked like someone who had just had a baby still and was morning the loss of her husbend.

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Laura Wright is good but I can't take that quivering top lip of hers whenever she's crying. It irriates the crap out of me.

My Performer of the week is Tracy. Between her at the MetroCourt during the party to her at the hospital giving Liz her long coffee order, I enjoyed her. She also looks great. Heck I will include all the Spencers even Ethan in my Performers of the week.

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My POW would be Billy Miller because he rocked every scene he was in. IMO he, along with Elizabeth Hendrickson, were the only bright spots in a fairly boring week of Y&R. I hope Billy & Chloe are the end game!

Daniel Goddard in my Honorable Mention. His scene where Cane finally just breaks down really made me feel his pain.

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Sarah Joy Brown and Maurice Bernard. NUFF SAID :Innocent

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Laura wright , Sara Joy Brown , Drew Garrett Maurice Bernard
And even Steve Burton he was rocking as the stone cold Mobster ........

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My POW is Brandon Barash-- his scenes after Claudia's death were amazing.

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I mainly just watch OLTL and B&B, with a bit of GH and ATWT sprinkled in every now and then, so here as some of mine.

For Performer of the week, it has to go to someone probably not a lot of people will mention, Brett Claywell. When he stopped the wedding and told Oliver he loved him, I was almost in tears. It was so great, Brett's eyes and facial expression said so much, more than some actors can say in pages of dialogue.

Dishonorable mentions, first is Farah Fath trying to play drunk...She can't.

My other main one is The Nuke Story. Was the only part of ATWT I watched this week. They been on for a couple years now and seems each story gets worse and worse. With rumors of the show in the edge or being canceled and Nuke not being the only gay couple anymore, they need to step it up writing wise, acting wise, stop being so skittish with the affection, and go all out.

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I second dkp, I only watched OLTL this week so my POW is Brett Claywell. When he professed his love to Fish and his voice cracked, damn he is such a subtle and nuanced actor.

Dishonorable mention of the YEAR: Farah Fath as drunk Gigi. It was horrible, has that girl never seen a person drunk? It was so bad and cringeworthy and she needs to take lessons from Julie Marie Berman on how to act drunk.

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POW: Laura Wright, Sarah Brown, Maurice Benard, Drew Garrett

HM: Daniel Goddard, Nancy Lee Grahn, Kristoff St. John, Christel Khalil, Steve Burton, Brandon Barash, Heather Tom

DM: Haley Erin! and the new girl who plays Daisy on Y&R

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POW- the girl who plays Danielle on OLTL,

HM- Billy Miller, Florenza Lorenzo (Tea, OLTL), Jeanne Cooper,

DM: the girl who plays Daisy on Y&R,, Daniel Goddard,

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Laura Wright, definitely, was my Performer of the Week. I was almost crying when she ripped into Jax.

Honorable mention to Brett Claywell, who is so genuine as OLTL's Kyle. Jess Walton and Jeanne Cooper were both excellent this week on Y&R, too, as they admitted they still love each other.

Dishonorable mention, I have to agree with everybody who said Farah Fath as drunk Gigi! The actress who plays Brody's sister is pretty horrible, too.

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I only watched Y&R so far this week so...

HM - Daniel Goddard(the scenes showing his emotions in regards to the possibility of losing his wife and also trying to put on a brave face for her)

Christel Khalil(her scenes with Dr. Peterson on Friday when she talked about not feeling like a woman anymore because of what the cancer took away from her and later on when she admitted that the cancer will not beat her)

Jeanne Cooper(her heart to heart scene with Jill at Chancellor on Wednesday)

DM - the actress's who play Abby and Daisy

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Sarah Joy Brown barr none

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I will say Terri C, Micahel P, Trent Dawson

DM--Cameron Mathison and about 1/2 the cast at AMC