Who Should Sami Be With on DAYS? Rafe or EJ?

With Rafe (Galen Gering) back in Salem, and EJ’s (James Scott) feelings for Sami (Alison Sweeney) bubbling to the surface once again, Days of our Lives is setting up what could potentially prove a blockbuster triangle. The problem for this Sami lover is, no matter who they put the vixen with, I end up loving the pairing. I was a Lumi fan, an Ejami fan, and yes, now I am a Safe fan. Talk about a dilemma! What about the rest of you? 

Who do you want Sami with?

Who Should Sami Be With on DAYS? Rafe or EJ?

  • Forget those two, Sami still belongs with Lucas! (20%, 331 Votes)
  • Rafe (28%, 457 Votes)
  • EJ (52%, 855 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,643


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  1. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    Should Sami be with her rapist or the guy who tried to kill her or the new guy that was protecting her?
    I voted for Rafe, but if Brandon Walker was a choice, I would pick him.
    Nicole needs her brother to help her out of this mess. Brady isn’t enough.

  2. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    Sami definitely needs to be with..EJ! They have the best chemistry, and they just are the best couple ever ;). NO scene between the two of them is boring, whether they are having a tense and argumentative moment, or its just a simple conversation. I LOVE them together!

    Rafe and Sami? CAPITAL B for BOOOORING!!! I fall asleep on there scenes!

    Lucas…ok they were great but that is so old. They are history. I just dont see them finding there way back to eachother. They are better off as just good friends, with kids!

    Ejami all the way-ay =).

  3. Profile photo of miss_c

    My thing is, Sami kills with every person she’s ever been paired with. That’s a sign of a good actress: she can make it work with anyone. However, I’m voting for EJ because I heart him so. But, like mrsnoahdrake said, if Brandon Walker was a choice, I’d pick him (just because out of the four of them, he’s the prettiest to look at.)

  4. Profile photo of dmfj

    Lucas is the only one for Sami. Or what about Alan? He could be surgically fixed up and all. I’m sure Sami would forget that he raped her and they could have a child together. Oh wait, that was EJ.

  5. Profile photo of terrifictam

    I said Lucas. Will always be a Lumi fan. My friend’s Grandma, Mom and her were all Lumi fans. If it wasn’t for Lumi, Bope and then Payla I wouldn’t have given Days…the time of day.
    I think Ali has chemistry with EVERYONE so there’s really no problem there. I just would like Lumi to be the endgame.

  6. Profile photo of Purple Crayon
    Purple Crayon

    :love: Sami and EJ. I tried to fight it, didn’t want to see him used as another interloper for Lumi, but I gave up.

    Sami has had many boyfriends but with EJ Allison Sweeney finally found an actor who brings that special something that the writers can’t, chemistry.

    While Sami with Lucas or Rafe are attractive, they don’t have anything special. They’re the writers creation. EJami are organic, the viewers want them no matter how hard the writers try and destroy them. The writers can’t destroy their chemistry no matter how hard they try. :love:

  7. Profile photo of Purple Crayon
    Purple Crayon

    I forgot to add, one of the greatest things About EJ and Sami is that Sami can be who she is and not what Lucas, Brandon, Austin or Rafe wanted her to be.

    He loves the good and the bad and everything in between, she doesn’t have to pretend to be someone she isn’t.

    With Rafe she’s lost her spunk, she’s lost what made her stand out from the mundane. She used to be Samantha Gene Brady, stand back and hear her roar.

    Now she’s just meek, mild and boring and that’s the most painful thing of all.

  8. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I voted for Rafe. I’m new to watching Days, but I think EJ’s feelings for Sami are just back because he’s greiving for Sydney. I’m loving Safe. Their loving making scene was totally hot!

  9. Profile photo of Steph

    EJ and Sami get my vote too. Sami and Rafe are super boring and I don’t like the goody two shoes simpering idiot Sami turns into when she is with Rafe. The LUMI ship has sailed.

  10. Profile photo of juliehoover144

    I voted for EJ. They look so right for each other.  She can be herself. They have such awesome scenes together whether they are mad at each other or totally in love.  It really works for them.  I hope they are the next supercouple. Again.  They are the only reason I still watch DOOL and if either or both of them leave  i probably won’t watch the show. 

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