Y&R’s Mac Offers to be Cane and Lily’s Surrogate

 Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil) have survived a lot on The Young and the Restless, including: Chloe and Billy’s meddling, the revelation of Cane’s true identity and most recently Lily’s cancer, but can they survive Mac (Clementine Ford) becoming their surrogate? 

If we soap fans have learned anything from watching countless surrogacy storylines play out on daytime, it’s that these scenarious rarely go smoothly. The surrogate almost always comes between the couple, and/or decides she wants the kid in the end. What do you guys think? 

Will Mac become a threat to Cane and Lily’s relationship?

Y&R's Mac Offers to be Cane and Lily's Surrogate

  • Yes! Sweet, little Mac will bond with Cane and cause major problems for Lily! (27%, 281 Votes)
  • No way! Mac is nothing compared to what Cane and Lily have already survived! (73%, 747 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,028


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    Does Lily really need a kid? I mean the girl is about to survive cancer and now they want to give her a kid. This Cane/Lily relationship has been nothing but boring since they got together. Somebody please make it STOP!

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    IMO Cane and Lily are sooooooooooooo borrrrrrrrrrriiiiinnnnnng I just fastfowarding them that idea of Mac with Cane sounds interesting.
    Too bad they haven’t killl Lily insted of Colleen

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    Okay, so Lily almost died today, and what she does? She decides it’s time to have a baby with Cane, a baby she probably wont be able to hold or take care for months, if she lives long enough to see it be born… Is she stupid?! But not nearly as as stupid as Mac, who had a miscarriage, has baby fever, not a child of her own and a strong emotional connection with Lane. Yeah, it sure spells happy times all around. STUPID, but I admit I’ve thinking what could happen.

    Maybe Lily takes a turn for the worse and while bonding over the pregnancy Mac and Cane fall in love but refrain from doing anything because of Lily, but plan to be together and raise the baby once she dies, except she doesn’t, she enter on remission: DRAMA, or it would be if these weren’t the three most boring character on Y&R right now.

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    They keep going from one afterschool special to the next…

    First cancer, now surrogacy…what’s next? Is the baby going to be born with sickle cell?

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    Great idea letting the girl with cancer have a baby!
    Drucilla needs to come back and slap some sense into that girl!
    I agree that Cane and Lily are BORE RING, but I do see some chemistry b/n Mac & Cane. Anything to get Mac away from Billy.
    Billy needs to be with Chloe.
    Then I could mute or FF anytime that Mac, Cane and Lily are on together.

  6. Profile photo of Brittany

    Two Baby S/Ls, the most horrific cancer S/L every to STERILIZE a YOUNG, popular character due to bigotry, rewriting your OWN work to make a liar out of the man to redeem YOUR OWN Favourite characters under the guize of a real Gay S/L, AND only showing this ‘great work’ of yours a few minutes a month because you are hoping Fans will come around to your way of thinking, even though MOST think you Suck!

    Mac should, like Phillip and Nina never have returned–she hasn’t clicked so what are they doing now? Putting her smack in the Middle of LANE! Lily and Cane aren’t boring–its the S/Ls written for them to promote friends and lovers that are. In other words, despite CK and DG’s OUTSTANDING acting abilities, The Writers can’t write for Shit.

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    I almost feel bad saying it…but unless/until they recast Mackenzie, I don’t see potential for that character to do anything but make me roll my eyes. The current actress (I’m not even invested enough to know her name) brings down every scene she’s in, and if I weren’t aware of the history between the characters, the Billy/Mac pairing would make absolutely NO sense. Although Billy Miller is a re-cast, he’s a re-cast who works, while Clementine (that’s it!) hasn’t infused her character with ANY of the fiesty, fiery qualities had by previous Mackenzies….this is the girl who’s supposed to have captured Billy’s heart, to have gone toe-to-toe with Jill Abbott in the past, to have gotten ladies’ man JT to consider settling down, to be KATHERINE FREAKIN CHANCELLOR’S granddaughter?????!!!!! I don’t think so…..

    I’m not normally one to advocate anyone losing their job…but this girl needs to go. Whoever it was in the casting department who spoke up to get rid of that HORRIBLE girl who played Eden before needs to get it together and send My Darling Clementine Packing…or at the very least, make her sit and watch some of the old tapes to see how Mac SHOULD BE DONE!!!!!! Okay, so I don’t really feel all that bad…

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    This storyline will be watching paint dry. My grandmother loves Lily so she is the only person I know that may enjoy this.

    3 boring people in one storyline. I’m still surprised that boring Mac is still on. Clementine Ford’s crazy mama must have great contacts or a huge shotgun.

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    “Although Billy Miller is a re-cast, he’s a re-cast who works,”

    If Billy’s history is ignored, and we accept him as a lifelong failure who has been mistreated by his unfair relatives and never had a chance.

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    I adore Cane and Lily. Nothing will get between those two (not for long) not psycho stalker chicks, not over protective dads and certainly not dull good girl sumaritians. As Lily said today Cane is her future and No one especially not MAc is a match for that. I am not worried. TPTB is obviously very invested in this lovestory. Lane will always be endgame!

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    I agree with you people about the dumb and dumber story line featuring Lily, Cane and the no talent “MAC”, what a shame they hired her as she is just terrible. The story is just absolutely awful and anyone dumb enough to want a child while fighting cancer has got to be as dumb as dirt.
    I can see while the audience has dropped from the days of 7 million viewers to 3 if they have a good day. It is too bad that Y and R does not read our comments.

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    All of you people are right on. I have been an avid viewer for over 25 years and I miss the good old days when ratings on a daily basis sometimes exceeded 8 million and they had good stories. Now they have way too many no talented actors with crappy lines, crappy hairstylists and in fact just too much plain crap.

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    My Mom had me while she was fighting cancer, she and I both survived, so to say that having child while you’re fighting cancer is dumb, is pretty ignorant, considering that many women have done so.

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    Chilly Fan 25

    Even though you could smell this stink from a mile away, it is still stupid. Lily is knocking on death’s door so naturally, let’s have a baby! All she needs is a host. Well good thing there is Mac the android to loan her womb to the task. She can’t possibly wait till she’s in remission which we know she will be eventually. On the plus side this will probably lead to the end of the BACmare which couldn’t come soon enough for me! Hope after Mac’s surrogate dutues are over that they send her lame behind back to Darfur!

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    can see while the audience has dropped from the days of 7 million viewers to 3 if they have a good day. It is too bad that Y and R does not read our comments.
    I don’t think Cane and Lily can be the cause of the ratings dropping when they use to be the one who made the rating go up. I think it is this writing team. I almost puke when I have to watch Chloe/ Victor/ and stupid Adam talk about nothing. I only watch on days when Cane and Lily are on. So everybody has their favs that is the way of the world.

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