DAYS’ James Scott on Ejami Reunion: “They Want You to Wait For It”

Will they or won’t they? That’s the question On Air On Soaps’ Michael Fairman asked James Scott about Days Of Our Lives reuniting "Ejami" once again.

MICHAEL:Would you love to see EJ and Sami (or affectionately known as “EJami”) get back together? Or, is it time for a new woman for EJ?

JAMES:It depends on what they do with Sami, because EJ and Sami worked well when they were both bad. Recently Sami has been more of a ‘goody girl’. It’s harder to pair the ‘goody girl’ with the bad guy, but they have these kids that connect them and these huge connections between the two of them. You have to have more of that for a relationship to work. So either I have to be not so bad or she has to be not so good, or we meet in the middle. There are lot of people who are very supportive of Sami and EJ. I have now been working in soaps for six years, and it seems to me that when the fans really want something, and the networks and the producers know about it, they want to give it to you as much as you want to get it. But they want you to have to wait.

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    “I have now been working in soaps for six years, and it seems to me that when the fans really want something, and the networks and the producers know about it, they want to give it to you as much as you want to get it. But they want you to have to wait.”

    Obviously he wasn’t on ABC long enough and hasn’t watched GH.
    How long have Liason fans been waiting??
    And on Friday when we could have had a Liason scence at the police station, we get NOTHING!

  2. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I could see Sami with EJ again before he started acting like a spoiled brat 10-year old or something. His character is obviously like his father, and therefore he feels that every woman he “loves” is his possession. Sami needs to be with Rafe or Lucas.

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    And certainly wouldn’t hurt if EJ didn’t have a storyline for a while. The baby switch storyline got old a long time ago and although I love Arianne’s acting, Nicole is getting old and I will be glad when she takes maternity leave. :)

  4. Profile photo of dawn9476

    Yeah but Sami was never rewarded for her rape of Austin with his love. He always loved Carrie over Sami. To have EJ be rewarded with Sami’s love is just plain sick.

  5. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I can’t get behind EJ. He is a rapist and slime and Sami has change and grown up, Ej is still a pig and Rafe loves Sami warts and all. Lucas is too much sanctimonious and Kate is still psycho. So EJ and Nicole is great for each other.

  6. Profile photo of gato1

    I REALLY get the rape comments, REALLY, but the chemistry between EJ and Sami is off the charts. I havent been more into a couple since Cruz and Eden! Of course, I mean BEFORE the rape stuff. I wish they could find a way to rewrite it, I guess no one would accept it. We will except new/old faces(Phillip) Back from the dead folks(Hope,John,Chelsea(!),Stefano, Maggie, Abe,..) Need I go on?? lol Most viewers accept that Melanie would have all those hot guys after her! Umm no, just no! Would any of you accept a rewrite? I really am curious…..

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    Bangel Angle

    To answer you question, gato1, No! I want Sami and Lucas back. I want my Scheme Team back. I want the pods that TPTB have transformed them into to disappear and for them to write my funny, crazy, dressing up man or like the salem stalker Duo back.

    Is that too much to ask? Sami and Lucas is a roller-coaster yes, but EJ is the scary house that is fun to visit but no way in hell you would want to live in that place.

    It amazes me that people try to make what Sami did as a screwed teen equal to what EJ did as a grown a$$ man. I stole from a store when I was a kid. I guess that means I should hook up with the guy that just robbed my house. Same diff right?

  8. Profile photo of doolgirl25

    Whether you like them or loathe them, EJ and Sami are an evocative couple that gets everyone talking. That is the making of a great soap couple. They have chemistry for “Days” (hehe) and a rich backstory. Those are the makings of a winning storyline and strong viewership. It’s very counterintuitive to leave the vast EJAMI following waiting for 3 years. If viewers are what they are after, they need to give them what they want eventually and in this case sooner is better. Leaving an audience FFing through scenes in hopes of an EJAMI crumb here and there is surely not what they are going for but that is what they are doing. Give EJAMI a chance. Show the love. Heck the show is only renewed through Sept. 2010. There isn’t much time left at this point.

    Also, the rape talk is beating a dead horse. It was dealt with very well. It was coersion at best and they got over it. Sami said herself, “It wasn’t like that.” If Sami doesn’t care, it’s a non-issue in the storyline.

  9. Profile photo of DenverDean

    “It wasn’t like that.” Right. Go back and look at the original scenes. They are rather disgusting. This was not a seduction. Anyway, let them both move on. (EJ can carry the torch, but let Sami get into a healthy relationship.)

  10. Profile photo of Angel781985

    I have been waiting for Ejami to be given a chance to be a ‘couple’ since mid 2007! Two children, a marriage and every possible obstacle later and I’m still waiting! Its been a very difficult year for Ejami fans but still we wait because we see the potential.

    EJ and Sami are unique characters who have a rich history, longevity and a classic love story with a twist. They are potrayed by two actors who have incredible range and talent and chemistry with eachother. They are facinating to watch and create interest whether you like them or dilike them. What more could a show ask for?

    I love the idea that these two meet half way. EJ and Sami are not all bad nor are they all good. They work best in the middle. They are somewhat ‘bad’ but they have good hearts and love their family. Thats what makes them interesting to watch. They aren’t perfect, they are flawed but they are right for and understand eachother.

    As far as I’m concerned Days has separated these two for long enough and its time to write them as a couple. We have been at the ‘will they or won’t they get together’ stage for too many years. Its time for them to be invovled in storylines together and to write them as the unique characters they are.

  11. Profile photo of melmist

    I’m really kinda tired of rehashing the 12/29 fiasco. It really was an indecent proposal-although I wish those scenes had never been written.
    Lucas and Sami are much better the way tptb are writing them now. Rafe doesn’t “love Sami, warts and all” because Rafe doesn’t know Sami. Sami and Austin was a joke. Brandon and Sami had potential until Brandon tried to change her. He wasn’t innocent either. The Franco mess was just that… a mess.
    EJ and Sami have an undeniable chemistry, pull, whatever you want to call it. No one that has been paired with Sami can compare to what happened the moment Sami met EJ at his door. Sami’s character has been whitewashed and EJ’s character has lost too many brain cells-that’s not who they are.
    I want the real EJ and Samantha back and I want to watch all hell break lose for what has been taken from them.

  12. Profile photo of AlwaysADaysFan

    I never want to see EJ and Sami together romantically. I do not enjoy their scenes, it is uncomfortable to watch. The Sami I have watched for 16 years wouldn’t even be civil with the man who raped her, stalked her, attempted to murder various members of her family, including her husband, and forced her to divorce her soulmate and marry him. Nope, no matter how much this show tries to force this pairing down my throat I will never accept it. Sami belongs with Lucas, but if she must be with someone else, it should never be her rapist.

  13. Profile photo of Steph

    I have been waiting for Ejami patiently for three years. I think they are that good and have the potential to be a great lasting soap couple. I really liked this interview. I have not been a fan of “goody” Sami or brainless EJ the past year. It would be nice and more complex to have the characters meet somewhere in the middle. Let’s hope that is where the writers are going with this one.

    Thanks for sharing that interview.

  14. Profile photo of joy

    i agree steph…the new version of sami well she’s blah..while a clueless ej is unbelievable imo..sami and ej have so much more potential then the people that they are with now.

  15. Profile photo of Silky PJs
    Silky PJs

    Ok.  I have watched Days on and off for 23 years.  Sometimes these writers drive me away with the bizzaro story lines, but every so often they hit it just right and I get sucked back in. 

    Love Bo and Hope…ENOUGH SEPARATION!   Get these two back together for crying out loud!  Geeeez. 

    Sami was so evil to Austin and Carrie.  She raped Austin.  I can’t feel sorry for someone who put her sister and the man she said she "loved" through so much Hell.  Sami got what was coming to her and I’m glad it was EJ.  She has met her match with EJ.
    She is not this fragile, innocent creature who will never recover. In fact, she’s moved on from that.   They both get what they want and stop at nothing.  This is a Power Couple!  There is not one guy on that show that has loved Sami like this.  The way he looks at her, holds her, he longs to be a good man for her. 

    Granted, Lucas and Sami have the "first love" thing which is hard to replace, but Lucas was a "boyfriend."   EJ is her man!  Sami needs to quit running, grow up, and start building a family with him. 

    These two are one in the same.  They are equals.  Let’s get them on the same team.  EJ+Sami+=HOT EJami scenes and an EJAMI Family is all I want for Christmas this year.  Oh, and to find out that Ali is really EJ’s daughter.  Enter 2010…Woo-Hoo!       

  16. Profile photo of lcava

    I am a huge supporter of Ej and Sami. I only watch for the those two. Or I wouldn’t even watch at all. They have this forbidden love since the first time they met. It reminds me a little of Romeo and Juliet. Divdided by two families that hate each other like we see with the long history of Bradys and DiMeras. I would like to see them as a couple finally, They are a hot couple on screen together.

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