The Promo Sami Fans Have Been Waiting For!

Now this is a November sweeps promo! It’s got everying, the return of an enemy, lovers getting busy, jealousy and Sami (Alison Sweeney) finding out that Nicole (Arianne Zucker) has her daughter! 

I wouldn’t say the slap is as good as when Carrie (Christie Clark) slapped Sami, but it’s oh so enjoyable none-the-less. Watch it after the jump.


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    Days is definitely the soap to watch now.
    I am a stanch Y&R fan, but jeez, the last two months on Y&R was only about the Newmans and their rubbish. It was as if Y&R was only about the Newmans and thank goodness they went that direction because it gave me more time to watch and pay attention to Days.

    Days has become a can’t miss soap.

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    THIS IS THE SHIT I LIVE FOR. lol I have always been a sucker for promos, and this just has it all! SOOOO Good. And I screamed, out loud, when they showed Eric and Lindsay in the bed together!!!!!!!!!!

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    Alison Sweeney may be the sweetest woman on the earth, but I HATE Sami Brady. I want to barf when she comes on the screen.

    EJ, grow up! Your entire family is and always has been based on lies and deception, now you are mad at everyone because you think you deserve the truth about everything. What a baby!

    Hope, please tap down the self-righteous bitch act. It’s not attractive not does it garner respect from anyone but Justin who is looking for some action.

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    Ok, I loved four soaps in my life time. Another World, Guiding Light, As The World Turns and Days of our Lives. AW and GL have always been top for me, but Days is back baby!!! I have been enjoying this soap for awhile, but I finally feel connected with this soap again!!!!!!!

    Damn I hate to say this, but maybe the death of my beloved Guiding Light gave these other execs on the show a wake up call. Well all got it except Y&R and AMC.

    But out of all of the shows this November doing their damn thing I think I am most looking forward to Days!!!!!! This promo is as good as Days “Lady in a cage” now that shit was hott and this is hotttt too! Welcome back Days. This is Soap Opera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh One Life to Live will have a good November too, BUT Days OMG!!!! I actually think I may record the Soap!

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    oh i’m so excited. i see that hate in sami’s eyes and i know its gonna be good. sami is gonna tear nicole up and maybe now mia can show some emotion. oh i’m so excited!

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    Oh that promo was all kinds of awesome… Gonna half to warm up the oven and get some pizza and have a party. Watched that promo twice just to see Sami slap Nicole. Vivian is back! EJ choking Stefano… Oh this is truly soap heaven. 8-)

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    I think is the first time in a long time I saw a soap take November Sweeps seriously. I gave up on the sweep periods years ago, but this looks like someone was paying attention. I certainly hope it lives up to expectations!

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    The new girl is Gabby, Rafe and Arianna’s little sister. I hope they continue to build the family. Heck, I could do without them, but since they are bringing in siblings of Rafe’s, they might as well cast his mom and dad eventually, maybe on a recurring basis. I’d like to see A Martinez as his dad. Not sure about who his mom could be, besides maybe the woman who played Pilar on Passions.

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