“I Have Risen Again ” OLTL Promo

Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born) is back and already causing major trouble. Will Jessica (Bree Williamson), Natalie (Melissa Archer), and Jared (John Brotherton) survive Mitch’s wrath?

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    I watched OL yesterday and Jessica finding Nash’s body… OMG… Jessica finding Natalie in the closet.. OMG… Rex finding out Mitch Lawerence is his father…OMG(like we didn’t see that one coming months ago)… the final great bit.. Mitch saying at the end “That would be me” to Jessica stating who would do all this… Oh I got chills and it was all kinds of good. Monday’s OL was so good(except for the Gigi drunk part…. how bad was that… yikes). Looks like Jared is gonna bit the big one. Can’t say as I’ll miss him.

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    Yet another mesmerizing, eerie, jaw dropping promo from OLTL! Roscoe Born is a brilliant actor and the character of Mitch Lawrence is by far the most scariest & evil character ever on daytime! OLTL and Ron Carlivati has done it again!! Let hope this storyline turns out to be Emmy worthy material, because by viewing the promos, I see Emmy nominations on all different layers!

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    OMG! Is right! Damn! Yesterday’s episode would have been perfect for Halloween! Nash’s corpse, decayed and dessicated, just sitting in that chair. That was the scariest thing I’ve seen produced for TV in ages!


    Why the heck is ABC so lazy and not promoting this soap???

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    This is one of the greatest soaps on TV right now and the best on ABC!!!!! I will be sad to see Jared go because now they’re going to try and put Nat & John back together. Mitch is the Craziest evil guy on daytime!!!!! I wonder what he’s gonna do to Roxy????

    Gigi was a really bad drunk not good at all! Scott Dillon love him no matter what scene he’s in. He’s so damn hot it doesn’t matter LOL!!

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    OMG Nash’s body!!! That was crazy and scary all in one. Monday’s epi was great and even though we’ve known that Mitch was going to be Rex’s father it was still a great build up and reveal!! I LOVE the writers, directors and creative forces of this show!!!

    P.s. Badass, Scott Clifton is the name of the actor that plays Schuyler. He played Dillion Quartermaine on GH so that’s probably where the confusion comes from. :)

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    I worked from home yesterday and decided to tune in OMFG that show was amazing. My love for all things Roscoe has not wavered. This truly is the best soap on ABC, and for the first time in forever I watched Soaps from 1-4pm without so much as a look see on another channel.

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    I for one didn’t mind Farah Fath’s drunk portrayal, and thought the dialogue itself was EXTREMELY well written. I enjoyed the whole episode. Better than most the stuff out there now!

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    The problem with a great villain like Mitch Lawrence is that because he’s committed such heinous crimes, he can only stay on the show for a limited time.

    Roscoe B. deserves a contract position somewhere.

    I’ll miss Jared and his portrayer. I hope he lands a steady gig soon!

    So, if Natalie is free, does that man that she’ll be heading back to John?

    Oh, no! Does that mean that Marty will be free for the return of Patrick Thornhart??? Please no Patrick the Windbag! Eh, well, if he bring additional viewers, that won’t be too bad.


    I love Christian & Layla!

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    Thanks crazy4gh….I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it..because while I was watching yesterday’s episode I thought about it when I saw Viki.

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    While I’m glad to finally come to the point of this whole Natalie/Jared/Jessica/et al storyline, I’m not crazy about the return of yet another “dead” character(even if Roscoe Born is GENIUS as nutjob Mitch Lawrence). Still, hopefully this will see the end of the really-bad-actress-who-plays-Nadine and the only slightly-less-bad-actress-who-plays-Corrinne a.k.a the “worst recast in daytime history”(according to Nelson Branco–he’s pretty close there–once upon a time Mindy Lewis for about five minutes for those not in the know). And speaking of bad acting, I have to agree with those pointing out the truly painful scenes where Gigi is drunk–I know Farrah Fath has her fans, and she can roll off the smart ass one liners with the best of ‘em, but that’s about all she’s got in her very limited bag of tricks. Personally, I would’ve loved to have seen Schuyler paired with Amanda Setton–now that girl, she’s got the goods. I suspect she could teach the lesser “actresses” on the show(Hi Crystal Hunt!) a thing or three about how it’s done.

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    I love this show so much! I can’t wait to see more Mitch, he’s definitly taking the show by storm. The show got a hundred times better when he showed up, and it was excellent already!
    I also liked FF’s drunk potrayal. I actually thought she did a great job and sh would’ve one of my Runner Up’s for POW/

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