Barr, Riegel, Rambin and La Rue Return for AMC 40th Anniversary

Good news for All My Children fans. SOAPnet is reporting Julia Barr, Eden Riegel and Leven Rambin will be returning for its upcoming 40th Anniversary episode. This comes after news of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos returning to their soap alma mater. Eva La Ruewho said she’d return if scheduling allowed–is also set to return. Find out which other former stars are returning for the special episode at SOAPnet.

Wouldn’t it be great if all these names were returning for good? 

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  1. Avatar of ChiTownFan

    Like I posted on the Pine Valley Podcast. Aggie Nixon needs to tell them all like she did to Vickie – I created you. Then she points at Pratt and says but he destroyed you all! Then they all ___ him ____. Insert your own soap ending. I said push him down the elevator shaft.

    Shoot him, send him to a desert island, whatever, just get rid of him.

    There once was a soap writer named Pratt
    Who I want to squish to death like a gnat
    He runied my beloved AMC
    Along with his friend Fronsie
    Get rid of them both like that!

  2. Avatar of boodsm

    [quote=LIASONADDICT]Great news but if I was Julia Barr I would give them two middle fingers up for the way they treated her at the end[/quote]

    I second that…Julia Barr totally got a raw deal!! …AMC will never will be complete without Brooke English….the only gal that could ever put Erica Kane in her place!! :) Brooke was at that funeral, and then she just vanished into thin air…no farewell, no explanation…nothing!!! For an actress that had been with AMC since 1976, that was wrong on so many levels…ABC definitely treats their vets like crap, no matter what soap you’re on, and that is quite a shame, not to mention pathetically sad!!!! :( That was kinda the beginning of the end for me tuning in to watch. I’ll probably watch her return though, and I’ve got to say that she’s one classy woman to come back, as I would have told them to go to hell!

    Below is a quote from Ms. Barr, that kind of sums it all up :(

    “I am so proud to have been a part of a show that was once a television icon”
    ~Julia Barr

  3. Avatar of Jack661

    I was so hoping that Julia would be asked back before the show moves to LA since it will most likely be the last opportunity for Brooke to appear. I hope they get to have some substantial dialogue instead of a two-line guest appearance. Now if they could just have Dick Shoberg back for the anniversary too. And would it be too much to have Palmer, Daisy & Nina reunite for a Palmer Cortlandt farewell?

  4. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    AllMyDaysatGh, it seems YOU’RE the negativity in this thread. Yours was the post that made me roll my eyes, anyway. (It’s all about perspective.)

    I’m very excited to hear Julia Barr is coming back, yet I agree it would be awesome if she could sneak a middle finger into a scene. Surely she could clean a little smush from the corner of one eye…

    Conspicuously absent from this list is the latest vet to be “Brooked”. No sign of Walt Willey. I was never a fan of his, but…poor guy.

  5. Avatar of AllmyDaysatGh

    Wondering how I was negative??

    And Walt Willey recently joined Twitter and said he was shooting some scenes with Susan Lucci on Wednesday (today) so we’ll be seeing him back on the show. He said he hopes for a “Jerica” reunion.

  6. Avatar of Llanview76

    Nina is coming back too from what I read at Soapnet…is Palmer (James Mitchell) officially off the show? How can they reduce his character to the doldrums? He is just as sprig as Phil Carey was before he was asked to go recurring. Palmer Cortlandt, this is a man who trained a doberman to kill his one true love Daisy on the eve of a masquerade party she crashed all so she could catch glimpses of their daughter Nina, whom she was forced to abandon at a very young age. I wish they had scenes from that party on You Tube!

  7. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Obviously, AllmyDaysatGh, the vast majority of people posting these days recognize what a train wreck AMC is, yet everytime we try to get together on a thread and commiserate, there you are trying to tell us how to feel again. Hence, my eye-rolling.

  8. Avatar of keanna

    This is great news!!! But I am with you, Luke, if only some of these favs were returning for good. And also I’m shocked that Pratt knew that this would be AMC’s 40th anniversary.
    Now if only bring in another head writer.

  9. Avatar of AllmyDaysatGh

    Still more negativity…ugh.

    Anyways, I am so excited! This is great news for AMC. I think some of them could possibly stay, maybe a little after. Theres no telling. I think this boosts morale for the show a little bit. But wait, didn’t Eden Riegel just say last week that it wouldn’t work out with her coming back to the show?? Hm. Funny how things change! Anywho, this is great! I hope AMC improves a little more next year!

  10. Avatar of AllmyDaysatGh

    Never once in my comment did I try to “tell” anyone how to feel…please tell me how I did that? And me simply saying “ugh” to the negativity is just what it is. I don’t like seeing all the negativity about that show, am I allowed that? This is not just a place for the “vast majority” of people who think AMC is a bad soap, it’s for everyone who watches AMC, whether they like how its going or not.

    Also, you said “yet everytime we try to get together on a thread and commiserate, there you are trying to tell us how to feel again”

    I’m sorry, but who is “we”? Is “we” everyone who thinks AMC is a horrible soap? Are “they” the only ones who get to commiserate and talk about AMC in comments? I must have missed that when I signed up.

  11. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    You have a point. However, I continue to eye-roll at that comment about people’s negativity, which adds nothing to the conversation other than to point out the obvious, which is plenty of people think AMC sucks right now. Pointing it out everytime we do it is just obvious and repetitive. We can all see that many of us think what was once a great show is now horrible.

    What are you trying to accomplish by pointing it out yet again?

  12. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Don’t go away mad. If you are going to express an opinion, you have to expect to get reaction. You seem to have a problem with people who disagree with you.

  13. Avatar of AllmyDaysatGh

    Nah I don’t have a problem at all with people who disagree with me. And I don’t have a problem with you either. You got me, and I saw no other way to own up to it but to promise not to get mad at peoples opinions and move on. And I’ll do just that! No worries

  14. Avatar of GiJoe8

    Surprise surprise TV Gord is battling with posters again while pretending to not completely loath AMC. I’m just glad its not me this time who is being shoved around. BTW AllMyDays – you’ll never win an argument with Gord.

  15. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Good grief. I thought people were allowed to disagree on a message board. I guess I stumbled into the happiest place on earth, where everyone agrees all the time.

  16. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    GIJoe8, I had to go back and refresh my memory about you. My problem with you is that you ripped me for being negative when your own history of posting shows that you were often very negative in your comments yourself.

    Also, when have I tried to pretend that I don’t completely loathe AMC…as it is now? I think my feelings are pretty clear. I’ve enjoyed it for 30 years. I’ve hated it since Pratt ruined it. I haven’t tried to “pretend” about anything.

    You are correct about one thing. You can’t win an argument with me…when you’re wrong.

  17. Avatar of elbugten

    This is GREAT news for AMC, providing Pratt doesn’t muck it up. I’m thrilled to see Julia back as Brooke, even if it is only for one episode. She did get a raw deal when she left, so this is AMC’s chance to make it up to her and her fans. We’ll see how they do.

    On a slightly different note, does anyone know how Alicia Minshew’s early delivery will affect Kendall’s s/l? As I understand it, she wasn’t done taping scenes yet when she delivered her baby, so I’m sure Kendall’s s/l hasn’t been wrapped up, even if AMC is a few weeks ahead in their tape schedule. I’m betting there’s a mad scramble now w/ Pratt and the other writers trying to figure out how to write Kendall off the canvas (and get Alicia in to tape scenes) before the show moves to LA. Just curious if the DC gang has heard anything.

  18. Avatar of curacaoman

    Does anyone know what event will bring all these characters back to town? I just hope it is not a funeral! They wouldn’t do that on the 40th anniversary, now would they? Then again, it is Pratt that is writing the show………

  19. Avatar of goyankees

    Soap-Not reports soap news? wow. That’s new for them…..

    I’m sure the Julia Barr return (what is she THINKING after what they did to her!!!????) will be horrific.

    Death by Corn Flakes?
    Death by Pop Tarts??
    Death by French Toast???

    Julia Barr’s return could tempt me to tune back in. But then she’ll be gone, and the Ryan’s and Real Greenlee’s of the world will still be standing (blach!) and it’ll be off my dial, as it’s been for the past 2 1/2 years……

  20. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    curacaoman, I believe the occasion will be Joe and Ruth’s retirement party from PVH. That’s what I’ve heard, but I can’t recall whether that was official or “just something I read”.

  21. Avatar of AllmyDaysatGh

    Over on the Soap Opera Network site, they said this:

    “While storyline specifics aren’t yet out in any detail, TV Guide Magazine reports that the aforementioned characters return will coincide with Hayley’s (Kelly Ripa) television talk show. The magazine also hints that their may be even more surprises in store.”

  22. Avatar of boodsm

    [quote=Jack661]I was so hoping that Julia would be asked back before the show moves to LA since it will most likely be the last opportunity for Brooke to appear. I hope they get to have some substantial dialogue instead of a two-line guest appearance. Now if they could just have Dick Shoberg back for the anniversary too. And would it be too much to have Palmer, Daisy & Nina reunite for a Palmer Cortlandt farewell?[/quote]

    Are you reading my mind? They most definitely need to bring Tom Cudahy back, ditto for the Cortlandt’s…waaay overdue! :)

  23. Avatar of Dariclone

    Wow, I can’t believe all this is really happening! Is the show getting a new head writer too? I’ll definitly have to tune back in for the anniversary special. It’s this month, isn’t it?

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