Could Y&R’s Deacon and Phyllis be Hot Like Fire?

Is it just me or did The Young and the Restless’ Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) set our TV screens on fire with their smokin’ hot chemistry today? I can’t remember the last time Phyllis and Nick (Joshua Morrow) showed that kind of chemistry. Y&R needs put Nick and Sharon (Sharon Case) back together, and let Deacon and Phyllis get their freak on! What do you think?

Were Deacon and Phyllis hot or not?

Could Y&R's Deacon and Phyllis be Hot Like Fire?

  • I'm not seeing it. Nick belongs with Phyllis! (17%, 149 Votes)
  • Someone call 911, these two need a fire truck to cool them off! (83%, 705 Votes)

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  1. Profile photo of rmar225

    I know it would be a total regression on her part but I would love for Y&R to have a bad girl/bad boy pairing. Amber and Deacon just didn’t cut it to me. Have two people who truly revel in their own mischief making ways. :crown:

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    There was a reason that fans wanted them together the moment Sean Kanan arrived in Geona City. Their chemistry is AMAZING!!!! Haven’t seen such great chemistry in soaps in a very long time.
    I would LOVE a bad girl/bad boy pairing between these two. OMG …. Y&R could even have found a new powercouple with them! Go for it!!!!

  3. Profile photo of goyankees

    The SECOND he showed up, I thought “BINGO!!! Phyllis!!”

    She TOTALLY needs to get back at Nick and get horizontal with Deacon…(Sorry, Phick Phans –and NOOO, I don’t endorse cheating – just on my soap!)

    Make this happen, M.A.B!!

    And while I haven’t caught today’s epi yet, I’m so glad to see that Michelle Safford did NOT chop her hair! The other day, (the day she had a mama bear grip on Patty’s neck) while her look was awesome, I thought she chopped it and got The Sads.

    (Memo to Sharon – please cut yours!! Please!! A cute ‘bob’!)

    Sorry. Just Tress Venting.

  4. Profile photo of josser

    Too bad Kanan recently explained that his current stint on Y&R ended.

    Sadly, we’re stuck in the endless Phyllis!Nick!Sharon! loop. Gag!

    I like all three actors but their characters need out of this loop.

  5. Profile photo of rmar225

    Damn. He’s gone already. Unless art theft is your idea of a wet dream, I think it’s safe to say his stint was a dud. His Amber interactions didn’t even have the fire that they were supposed to. Sad. I still like Phyllis and Sharon but I now hate the Nick character. Just because your in a soap opera doesn’t mean you have to be a man-hoe! :crown:

  6. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i liked nick with phyllis, but she deserves better than a waffling, philandering weak wanker. just my opinion.

    deacon is hot and if i my second child would have been a boy, i believe that would have been his name. i have always loved this character.

  7. Profile photo of goyankees

    After watching this on my DVR last night, I couldn’t stop giggling and this pic showed why. I had the “Close Talker” Seinfeld Epi running through my head during Deacon & Phyl’s exchange. There was a 2″ gap between them!! LOL! Who DOES THAT!??

    LOOOOOOOVED the Amber/Phylls scenes about the wedding by the way…..hilarious!

  8. Profile photo of Teleia21

    Can’t STAND the character of Deacon. He is wasted, useless space on this show and I am glad he is gone.

    Maybe if the show actually wrote Nick and Phyllis together you could see they still have it.

    Phick all the way.

  9. Profile photo of Jayanne

    Sean Kanan gave Michelle Stafford the hottest look of the year. They were scorching without even meaning to. Imagine if they were thrust into a relationship of some kind and started feelin’ each other?

    They need to do something with Phyllis/Deacon, but, probably won’t for fear of MS scoring another hot new pairing. Can’t take her away from propping the lame Shick duo or give Josh a run for his money. Homeboy has gotten way too lazy and blah. He needs to step it up – big time. It’s been a long time since Phick made me go “wow” the way that Phyllis/Deacon scene did. Then again, MAB is writing jack squat for them……

  10. Profile photo of ldylkng

    [quote=josstheguy]Too bad Kanan recently explained that his current stint on Y&R ended.

    Sadly, we’re stuck in the endless Phyllis!Nick!Sharon! loop. Gag!

    I like all three actors but their characters need out of this loop.[/quote]

    Joss, Where did you hear this, last I heard he was denying this strongly.

  11. Profile photo of

    No, Sean Kanan said they’re ending his current story, then he’ll be off-screen for a bit before returning with a new one.

  12. Profile photo of YRFan

    If the writers were smart they would go with a Deacon/Phyllis/Nick tri and have Deacon giving Nick a run for his money on trying to get Phyllis from him. Both pairings would be hot and definitely more exciting then anything they’ve done with Phyllis/Nick/Sharon. This tri is beyond old.

    I don’t want to see Nick back with Sharon. 10 years was enough with that tired couple.

  13. Profile photo of Phyllisfan36

    I thought they have chemistry but so does Nick and Phyllis if MAB would start writing for them again. When MAB gave Phick that shower scene they were on fire!!!

    Phyllis needs to stay with Nick but I could definitely handle Nick being the one insecure for once about another guy chasing Phyllis. Nick needs to be reminded that Phyllis is HAWT and he’s lucky to have her!

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