Roark Critchlow Says DAYS Must “Let The Show Grow”

Former Days of our Lives star Roark Critchlow (ex-Mike) chatted with TV Guide Magazine about his appearance on ABC’s new smash hit V, and the subject of his old alma mater came up. The actor gave his thoughts on the ousting of DAYS fan favorites Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall .His answer may surprise you!

But were you shocked that Days dumped Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Drake Hogestyn (John)?

I try to look at things from a production standpoint, and if they have created a core of younger cast members with a loyal following who does not care about John and Marlena that it sort of makes sense. Do they want to continue serving the older audience? People are passing away so you’ve got to let the show grow.

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    I’m 23 and I hate the young characters. I will not watch Days again until Marlena and John return to their rightful place on the show.

    Also, if Mike Horton ever returns, I hope he’s played by Michael T. Weiss.

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    I’m 45 and I love the young characters. I will not watch Days if Marlena ever shows that fakey smile of hers again.

    And please don’t bring back Jack & Jennifer.

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    season1217: I like Jack & Jennifer just fine actually, but I think they were given such bad stories to play out, especially in the 2000’s (when Jack was believed to be dead TWICE!), that I would just rather not have them back at all.

    BUT if the writing keeps on improving, which lately has been the case, maybe they could come back. However, if they had no more impact than the return of Patch & Kayla had, then I say again — keep J & J in London.

    On topic, I think Roark Critchlow is absolutely right…

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    Condoning age discrimination is not the way to go. Especially when you aren’t the hot, young thing either. I like Roark, but the people he is writing off are the ones who loved and supported him on the show.

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    Makes me think…Austin Peck is out of a job right now, and to my knowledge Christie Clark hasn’t been working since her last appearance on days…wonder what it would take to persuade the powers that be to bring back Austin, Carrie, & Mike………throw Sammi in there and you’ve got one helluva story…It’s been awhile since the whole Austin/Carrie/Sammi love triangle days, and I for one think it would be awesome to throw them into the mix…would make for some great fireworks & catfights…..I can dream :)

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    Oh, and a note to Ken Corday..if you EVER bring Jack and Jennifer back, give them a decent story!! I’ve lost count of how many times Jack has died!!! lol

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    saw his name and my heart almost stopped….LOVED him as Mike and with Carrie. the last time carrie came on and had her with austin…made me so mad!

    i would love it if mike and carrie came back…they should be the dr horton and alice of this generation.

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    I’m so sorry but I never got Jack & Jenn, maybe for their first go round, but after that they were DULL, not the actors fault, but still. It seemed to me that the writers had no clue what to do with them.

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    Reuniting Carrie and Austin was the best thing Hogan Sheffer did during his stint at Days. I hate Mike Horton and I hope he stays far, far away.

    Deidre Hall IS Days of Our Lives. Marlena is the Queen of Days, the Face of Days. She must come back. Tomlin and Corday are heartless fools for firing her.

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    i doubt Deidre hall will ever return to days after she was fired. if she does i hope Wayne returns as the REAL roman and they get back for Carrie and Austin i say bring them back too…Jack and Jen? mmmm if the story is good bring them back. but no story dont bring them back its too painful to watch them not have a good story. I always thought a recast of Peter Blake Dimera/Jenn/Jack story would be good again.

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    I’m sorry but John and Marlena needed to go. They’re acting over the past 10-15 years became mediocre at best and they were always given dumb story lines.

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    No, Marlena was the heart and soul of Days. She needs to be on this show more than any other character because she IS Days. With Alice out of the picture, Marlena was the show’s central heroine and matriarch.

    Marlena and John’s acting has always been fantastic. It’s Sheffer’s and Higley’s lame writing that nearly destroyed two wonderful, classic characters.

    As far as I’m concerned, Days of Our Lives ended the day Marlena and John left the show.

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    “As far as I’m concerned, Days of Our Lives ended the day Marlena and John left the show.”

    I actually think the show was re-born the day they got rid of that two-headed albatross — like a weight was finally lifted.

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    I adore Drake and John was my favorite character on the show.  I no longer watch DAYS since Drake is no longer on the canvas.  I don’t like Marlena at all.  If Drake ever did return to DAYS, I hope it is without Deidre.  Sorry, that’s how I feel.  John is a stronger character without her.

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