Will Oprah Ask Sarah Palin “Everything”?

Oprah has released a clip teasing her highly-anticipated interview with former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. CBS has also released two clips of Oprah questioning Palin about Levi Johnston, and the now infamous Katie Couric interview. If that isn’t enough, apparently she “talked about everything” with the former Alaska governor. The Oprah sit down airs Monday November 16, 2009. Watch the preview clips after the jump. 

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  1. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    but good god never heard such attacks on a person before with that idiot son in-law and asshole Letterman.
    Her son-in-law is a douche. I am NO Sarah fan, but he is a tacky SOB to be saying she calls her baby retarded. I don’t believe that. I believe he is trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame. I actually find Sarah fascinating, I certainly didn’t want her one step from running the free world, but I would love a sitcom inspired by her family.

  2. Profile photo of californiaguy888

    RE: Her son-in-law is a douche. I am NO Sarah fan, but he is a tacky SOB to be saying she calls her baby retarded. I don’t believe that. I believe he is trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame. I actually find Sarah fascinating, I certainly didn’t want her one step from running the free world, but I would love a sitcom inspired by her family.
    I am NOT a regular Oprah viewer but I have included this show on my DVR schedule… I too find Sarah fascinating but probably not so much for her political viewpoints as much as her ability to make me smile……….

    As for a sitcom inspired by her family…well……..Her family does remind me of an Updated version of “All in The Family”….complete with a meathead !!! Those Were The Days……….

  3. Profile photo of craigcp

    If this is going to be a got you interview I’m done with Oprah. That poor woman is attacked daily by the leftwing loons, I know that she brings some of on herself, but good god never heard such attacks on a person before with that idiot son in-law and asshole Letterman. I hope she goes on Jay just to piss him off. I’m sick of this biases crap on both sides. This country is in a world of shit and all they want to do is attack each other, that is why I’m an undecider.

  4. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Fascinating is not a compliment. LOL Amusing would be a better word. I can so see Delta Burke playing her in a sitcom. Okay, they already kinda did that with Woman of the House, but it would still be funny.

  5. Profile photo of PST

    I hope a body language expert analyzes this interview because Oprah’s playing gotcha and Sarah looks like she wants to haul across that chair and smack her.

    Oprah needs this for ratings obviously or she wouldn’t be having her at all. It kills Oprah to “need” anybody, especially her and that’s why I think Oprah’s going to be so hard on her.

  6. Profile photo of glowery

    First let me say I am so done with Oprah Winfrey!! Not because of this interview, I have not been an Oprah fan in several years, so this interview has nothing to do with that.

    I happen to like Sarah Palin, was she ready to be Vice President, probably not, but then again I didn’t think Obama was ready to be President either and still don’t, but I digress.

    Sarah Palin was attacked by the media because she more or less told them she would not be kissing their hiney’s if she was elected as VP, this didn’t sit well with many, especially Ms Couric, who I detest anyway, so they have never been fair to her since she came on the scene. I am really looking forward to reading Sarah’s book.

    As far as Levi is concerned… well I don’t even want to got there.

  7. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    its nice to see some positive comments mixed in on this thread, I anticipated nothing but scorn for Palin. The reality is that an elected official has to be supported by staff – to be briefed and ready on so many different issues. Palin was given the shaft by McCain and his staff and then immediately after the election, they threw her to the wolves to try and distract the inside the beltway crowd from really looking at how badly they mismanaged the race.

    And I agree with Joan- the is such nonsense that the media refuses to call what happened at Fort Hood an act of terrorism.

  8. Profile photo of Joan76

    I too don’t care for both sides, I’m an independent; If it had to be a dem. maybe Hillary wouldn’t have been so bad, who do you want to take the call at 3:00am. Like the attack on Fort Hood. That nut is a terrorist, the dem. don’t want to call another terrorist attack on their watch. And while are troops are dying, how many damm summits does he have to have to send morre troops. Women are attacked more look what the did to Hillary. If the annotated one passes this Obama care, if you think health care is bad now, look at the other countries that have it. The Brits are saying the US doesn’t know what there are in for. We will be in a world of shit.

  9. Profile photo of rob3215

    OMG…HAD TO COMMENT. Palin was called to all her comments by the media just like any other candidate. She presented the bible loving soccer Mom, with an aversion for gay rights, pro choice rights, and was taken to task for it. She represents the sheltered, wealthy, rural, gun loving white Republican, and the soccer Mom act fell through right away as a bunch of crap.
    She was very helpful to show Obama’s understanding of the world, his committment to equality for all, and that he was the one to be handed the Bush financial, hellish mess and wars by the beloved out of touch Repulicans.
    How dare this President try to extend health care to all Americans, despite monetary, social, racial standing.
    Go Obama! The rest of the world is thrilled you are in power, and the Republican wars, depression and narrow minded ‘survival of the fittest’ is but a relic!

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