Corrie Street Duo Dukes It Out

Gray O'Brien, whose not-so-nice character Tony Gordon, finds himself in the Weatherfield canal after a nocturnal rumble with Roy Cropper, (David Neilson), according to O'Brien talked about the difficulties in filming the outdoor scenes on the The Paul O'Grady Show,

I'm not a great swimmer. You were standing in silt and you couldn't move. They were saying, 'Just pretend to swim'. I couldn't actually move my legs. I was glued! But we did the underwater stuff up at Fleetwood in a four-metre tank, and four metres is double the depth of an ordinary pool. Your ears go when you touch the bottom and stuff. I found it very difficult. I have to say that David Neilson was absolutely brilliant. [But] I found it really difficult to hold my breath underwater.

The premise of the confrontation is that cafe owner Roy has known for about a month that Tony was involved with Liam Connor's (Rob James-Collier) murder. Neilson recently spoke with and assured them the stunt work was "very controlled."



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Wow, I can't picture Roy in any fight. I thought he might talk somebody to death but an actual fisticuff?

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Yay, I'm so excited! Tony's *finally* going down!