Erika Slezak Discusses OLTL Cancellation Rumors

Erika Slezak discusses the persistent rumors of One Life to Live’s possible cancellation, Viki’s race for mayor against Dorian, Kish and working with Trevor St. John, in an interview with Michael Fairman at

What is your feeling on the rumors that One Life could be canceled and that you are set to move into All My Children’s old studios in the new year?

My feeling is, if they were going to cancel us, they would not spend the money to move us, and even though it’s down the street, it’s still expensive. They are giving us a much bigger studio and it will be much more cost effective. I had a conversation about a different subject with Brian Frons (president, ABC Daytime) and he said, “No. I have great faith in One Life and I have great faith in Frank Valentini.” As long as the status quo is maintained and our ratings stay up, I think they have an investment in the show to keep it on the air as long as they can. At least I hope so.

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    Viki and her brother Todd, played by Trevor St. John, have interesting dynamics. How is playing with Trevor?
    “It’s a very good relationship. I am not taking anything away from Trevor, but it was created by Roger Howarth (Ex-Todd), that relationship and everything that Viki and Todd are for each other. He set the tone for that. Trevor has obviously continued it. It was a slightly warmer relationship in the old days; it is now played completely differently. Basically, Todd wants to listen to his sister, but he doesn’t want to listen to her because she always tells him what the right thing to do is and he never wants to do this. Trevor’s Todd has matured, and I know he is enormously popular!”

    LMAO….She is one classy lady….LOL

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    Love OLTL more now than I have in years. The early part of this decade was rough watching it. I love that they have gotten back to their legacy characters. What is that legacy characters, yes a show can survive on that of why it is around. LOL! I cannot wait for the return of Kelly Cramer (the original not version 2.0 and 3.0 yuck!) it will be awesome. Here is hoping that they can recast Joey. Please not have him be a priest though. That was the stupidest storyline I can recall in years. It should be interesting to see what happens in January. Is Kevin coming to Llanview or was his return that two second conversation he had with Bo and Nora. BTW yay for Bo and Nora! Now give us Clint and Vicki and everything will be just right!

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    I love Erika but she’s been a little naive when it comes to Frons. ES is a smart cookie so my guess is she’s just saying the PC thing for the interview..

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    Well if you have ever seen Erika Slezak’s Archive of American Television interview she is a consumate professional, very articulate. I think she is more diplomatic if anything, I mean she even says positive things about Robin Strasser and Jill Farren Phelps, despite the discord between the two respective pilars of daytime. I think she makes her point by saying during the interview that she doesn’t want to be known as “a complainer”. I don’t see her being as verbal about Frons as most people in the same position could be. She just focuses on the work, and it shows – she’s a great talent to watch. And her points made, are pretty viable, why move them at all if they can just cancel the show. And if it’s staying steady in the ratings enough they might as well keep it afloat rather than cancel it and then substitute a revival of yet another game show from the past. Does anyone know if the new “Let’s Make a Deal” is doing better in GUIDING LIGHT’s old time slot?

    PS The Erika Slezak interview is at:

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    TV Gord

    I can’t believe Erika Slezak said, “…pissed me off!” LOL! Imagine Todd’s reaction if Viki ever said that! Hee hee! I would love to see that!

    That was a great interview. I hope the rumors about Brian Kerwin leaving are not true, 50% because he’s terrific in the role, but 50% because Viki deserves to be married a little longer than five minutes.

    Thanks for posting this, Luke!

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    I understand what Erika is saying, but still even with the move things are up in the air with Frons regarding OLTL sad to say. I remember when Mel from DC went to the fan event for Guiding Light back in April and she interviewed the cast, almost of them didn’t think the show was going to be canceled at that time. The main reason they didn’t was because the storylines were picking up and because CBS shelled out a good chunk of money to send them to Universal Studios for the fan event and for that big location shoot. Look what happened, they still got canceled and the cast were blindsided by the announcement.

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    Why do this remind me of Guiding Light. They told them they were safe, they even spend big money for them to go to Florida to film at universal and boom volia. I hope not but its too similar.

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    “I can’t believe Erika Slezak said, “…pissed me off!” LOL!”

    From the interviews I’ve read, it seems Dame Slezak has quite a mouth on her. It is funny to think of Viki using bad language.

    I’m impressed that she is aware of all the storylines on the show and has honest opinions on each of them.

    For whatever reason, Viki is the one character I miss in all of daytime when she is off the canvas for an extended period of time. Weird, huh?

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    Not weird at all, Viki is OLTL. I have watched One Live since the 70’s and there is no heroine like Viki. She is smart, classy, and has been married almost as many times as Erica Kane. Her multiple-personality storyline is the standard for daytime, and will never be matched.

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    TV Gord

    Quite a mouth on her, eh, Scout? Well, that settles it! Erika is definitely at my table whenever I have to choose the five people from history I’d like to have at a dinner party!!! :-D

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    Why isn’t Erika Slezak on the frontburner and we get John McBore in the s/l when no ones don’t even like him. ES and RS should have good s/l, and I hope that this Mitch s/l isn’t about McBore, but with Todd, Viki, Dorian, Jessica, Charlie, Natalie and not be about McBore saving the day.

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    Thanks TV Gord for the link…it doesn’t seem like the *new* LET’S MAKE A DEAL is fairing any better, but they seem to want to give it time. Too bad they didn’t have the same respect for GL. I guess the bottom line is production cost.
    : (

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