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I was on a GH high last week and what always gets me about this show is that I feel like I come down too hard. I haven’t been feeling that high this week and in fact I see a lot of typical repetitive nonsense BUT I’m still hanging in there. I’m not jumping off the bandwagon just yet. Obviously, James Franco has me wondering and the addition of Scott Reeves as Steven Lars Webber has me giddy with expectations. One thing that is definitely keeping me hanging on… Dante/Dominic. Whatever you call him I’m saying Tom Pelphrey who? So much so that I almost gave my roommate a smack across the head when she declared her dislike for him the other day.

Luke mentioned on IM how over the top Zacrazy’s reaction was to Claudia’s death. It was a bit much for someone who tried to kill his own kid quite a few times but I suppose it’s that old saying… ‘I brought you into this world…’ What will Zacrazy do from behind bars? Better yet what will Johnny do to his former brother-in-law? I always liked the Johnny-Jason dynamic but I can totally get behind Johnny making Sonny his enemy numero uno. Will Johnny get his hands on a picture of his dead sister? What will he do with the knowledge of who Dominic really is? Speaking of knowing who Dominic really is… Lulu gets a little worried when Luke and Sonny decide to do business again. When it’s her dad on the line, will Lulu keep Dante’s secret? RUMOR has it it’s an overheard conversation between Lulu and Dominic that has Johnny learning the truth. Would Johnny put his lover’s son on the line to avenge his sister’s death? Will he use Dominic to take Sonny down? It looks like Johnny tells Olivia he knows the truth and leaves Olivia worrying over what he’ll do with the info.

Another secret… Liz and Nikolas. What will Elizabeth say when she finds out Luke knows and Nikolas didn’t bother to tell her? Will Nikolas send Rebecca packing telling her he’s in love with someone else? How does Rebecca leave Port Chuck and exactly what does Zander Smith have to do with it? All of this nonsense is making my head hurt. Liz asks Luke to keep what he knows from his cowboy. Will he? Elizabeth is torn between an old undying love for Lucky and her ever growing feelings for Nikolas. Didn’t we already have this story? LL2 hit the sofa yesterday and as mentioned in a previous blog, she’ll be hitting it with Nikolas again as well. Will they have a near miss with Lucky?

Maxie is on Lucky’s list of people to question. How did the PCPD make the leap from Claudia’s disappearance to Maxie? I know she was at the party but didn’t they say all the party goers were already questioned? I am interested in seeing the dynamic between Jonathan Jackson and Kirsten Storms. I didn’t hate Maxie and Lucky I just wasn’t a fan of the affair and her feeding him drugs. Will Maxie be a good mob moll and lie to Detective Spencer? Is it time for Lucky to finally get a clue about something? RUMORS say he thinks Maxie knows more than she’s telling.

More guilt from Jason over Michael… Am I the only one that likes this version of Michael? You raised the kid in the mob now deal with the consequences. Luke Kerr called him a brat, I like the brat. I even liked him ordering Max and Milo to scare Keifer. Furthermore, I’m sick of Jason feeling guilty about Michael. How about a little guilt over your own kid. I know, I know, my Liason bias is showing but really it’s a Jason bias. I loved Jason Morgan and now I see a shell of his former self. It just annoys me and this RUMOR has me annoyed the most. Apparently Jason tells Sonny he wants to hang up the holster and not be the enforcer anymore, for the time being anyways. He wants to show Michael it’s not all about the violence so Jason decides to tone the thug part of his job down. A. Isn’t this what Sonny was trying to do when Michael got shot? He wanted to show him the legitimate side of the biz and B. You won’t hang it up for a chance to be with Jake but you will to show Michael violence isn’t the only way?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Johnny is another Jax, all for Dominic taking Sonny down. Did someone do a little photo shopping? Remember the OLD RUMOR of Morgan becoming a little Michael – esque? Same plan different daddy. Jason and Sonny and a trap? You don’t say! From moneyless Cop to ring buying, house building Lucky. What happened to the financial woes? Olivia sees a picture.

Questions I didn’t get to last week….
Regan do you have ideas about how Sam fits into the Franco storyline??

I’m not 100% sure but she is in most of Jason’s scenes lately and since Franco’s focus is Jason I’d say it’s a safe bet that Sam will factor in somewhere. There are plenty of RUMORS however, TPTB are desperately trying to stay as tight-lipped as possible about his storyline.

And what do you make of this stuff about Lucky shooting Embecca as she is about to shoot Nik. Will she leave in a body bag?? (and would that make him as much of a "killer" as Michael)

I haven’t seen much about Lucky shooting Rebecca. There is a lot of SPECULATION over her exit based on Chad Brannon’s brief return. Some are saying that as Rebecca leaves town, she meets a man who looks just like Zander Smith leaving us all wondering.

Do you have any idea of what will happen to CarJax once she finds out Jax is trying to frame Sonny.

For months now RUMORS have had Carly and Jax on a very bumpy road but most of those RUMORS went with what Jax knew about Michael’s shooting. I would think that Carly will be just as upset that Jax is still hiding some major dirt from her. Despite who he is and what he does, Sonny is the father of her boys. I would imagine Jax’s enthusiastic role in taking Sonny down won’t sit well with Carly.

There was a rumor about a change in dynamic between Carly and Sam. GH lover and I are hoping for a CarSam friendship?? will we be seeing more of them together??

I don’t see a Carly and Sam friendship happening but you never know.

Is JF still taping scenes or is he done?

He may still be taping. He was supposed to tape on three separate days that would cover a chunk of episodes.

Speaking of the opening…that thing is embarrassing…when are they going to change it?

Plenty of stars were on their Twitters saying new opening shots were filmed. They also said they have no control or clue over when it was set to air. Its beyond embarrassing, it’s downright ridiculous that they have not updated it and removed the dead people.

Big game for my Buckeyes this weekend! I know Steve Burton, Tyler Christopher, Derk and Drew Cheetwood will all be cheering for the Bucks with me! GO BUCKS!

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thanks for the scoops Regan
    I can’t wait to see Franco on GH and what he will bring to Jason …
    This S/L sounds so good and the chance we will se a different Jason makes me so excited…
    Amazing things comes our way

  2. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Damn Damn Damn Regan, I had heard the rumor about Jason, and decided not to listen to it unless I heard it from your fingertips.

    If this is the way they go with Jason then my decision to call Jason a tool, and not the man I fell in love with will have its final nail in the coffin. I have no problem with Jason feeling bad for Michael but not now, his guilt has been going on forever and yet there is no change just angst, and Sam propping him up.

  3. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    I actually like the whole Michael Jason thing. Jason is kind of stupid. Michael grew up around this violence his whole life and Jason all of sudden deciding that he isn’t gonna do it won’t stop Michael from joining the mob. Jason needed to make that desision back when Michael was born not now. The only person who is gonna be able to stop Michael at this point is his own will power

  4. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Sorry Gh Lover, but IMO Jason is a wonderful father to Jake for not being in his life. The damage to Michael is because they were all short-sighted, what kid wouldn’t want the respect and money that Sonny has without so much as lifting his finger. As much as I hate Nik’s parenting skills, his child being banished to the four corners of Wyndemere are probably the best thing for the future Cassadine heir. Sonny and Jason wanted so much for Michael to not be like them but they did nothing to stop this.

  5. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Ok I said Jason was amazing father to Michael when he was on his care ………
    and in many ways he still is he always do the hard job that no Sonny and Carly do ..
    and now Jason wants to show Michael example by not acting with violence for me it is a big thing …
    I still think that Jake needs Jason in is life because when he will find out it will hurt him more
    And in my real hopes they will change and make Jake as Lucky’s because it doesn’t feel right when Jason worry more for Michael than Jake ….

  6. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan thanks for the answers to my many many questions LOL. I will admit it, I am a spoiler addict. Rebecca turning out to be Emily after all and leaving with Zander or a Zander look alike would be heaven. The only thing that would be better is if she started sending Nik a monthly photo of her and Zander in different romantic settings so that the knife twists slowly LOL. Its amazing to me how much I have come to dislike this character, probably from the time that Emily was raped, but really kicking in when he started sleeping with Courtney and sleeping with his brothers girl only tossed fire on my hate.

    I think the difference is that toning down the enforcer part might set a bit of an example for Michael or perhaps make the violence seem less enticing, but it would do nothing to keep Jake from becoming a target. One issue is about safety and the other is about keeping the boy out of the mob.

    Saw some Sam rumor about Franco kidnapping her while Jason is with Lizard. That would be interesting. They have worked so hard to avoid talking about the past and that would certainly bring up some of that.

  7. Profile photo of badass

    I agree with Regan. Why he can take a back from the violent for Michael but he couldn’t do it for Jack?

    Please don’t give the same old answer, that he raised Michael from birth crap and have a bond. He could have a bond with Jake too if he would have taken a break to even try to bond with him. So whoever answer that question you better give me a good answer.

  8. Profile photo of badass

    EET that rumor most likely not going to happen because they are doing everything in their power to keep them off any screnes together, so there will be no Jason and Liz any time soon.

  9. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    They had scenes not a few weeks ago as part of the carnival storyline.

    Again, I dont think it has to do with the bond. Michael is a Corinthos, and unless he changes his name and goes underground he remains a target because he is known to be Sonny’s son. Jake is not a target because no one knows Jake is Jason’s and as long as its a secret, Anthony doesnt know to go after him (the russians knew?? but that got dropped). I suppose you could make the argument that michael is endangered by standng next to Jason and Sonny, as in the warehouse, but the problem is that MICHAEL already knows Jason and Sonny and has fought for the relationship. It makes it harder because he already knows and loves them. Plus, its not enough for Jason to eliminate himself from Michael if Sonny isnt going to do the same. Jake isnt going to demand a relationship with Jason because he doesnt know to demand one. Michael does.

    Thats the safety issue.

    The new issue is the allure of the mob life to Michael. It appeals to him because of what he sees. Jake doesnt see any of it because he isnt with Jason.

    And I see both sides to this, on the one hand, I think he could keep Jake fairly safe, on the other hand, I kind of think its selfless to give him up to help improve his odds of staying safe. Look at it this way – Michael and Morgan and Kristina are all Sonny’s. Michael’s experience and safety has been a totally different experience from that of Kristina and both are different than what Morgan’s has been like so far. If Jason knew for certain which scenario a life with Jake would lead to, it would be easier for him to judge. I think if he was guaranteed Jake would end up like Morgan, he would be at Lizards door in a heartbeat, but as long as the boy COULD end up going through what Michael has, he is staying away.

  10. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thanks EET your points were right on
    As you know I am Jason FF and it is hard on me …
    I believe he can be a good father to Jake and to Jake not suffer like Michael did , I really believe that ..
    Jason don’t he did the most selfless thing any man can do he gave him up with Liz manipulating him because he wanted to be the father he did but Liz told him he can’t and told him she won’t feel safe having her child who is also Jason’s child near him and also she didn’t want to hurt Lucky …….
    Jason after what she told him started to think about Michael went and decided that it could happened to his son so he gave up ..
    Michael in the mean time was shoot and when he woke up he wanted to be like him …
    Jason can’t back away from Michael , Michael knows him all his life now that things are bad he can’t go and say Michael I can’t be near you and so on …
    Michael will want more and more to be him and to be near him ..
    So Jason thinks that maybe he can’t get out of the mob but he can try to less violence so Michael won’t hear that Stone cold did again a job for his father ..
    And more Jason tells him killing is bad thing but he does it himself now that he won’t do that he won’t sound like hypocrite and michael will see that Jason doesn’t love that! that maybe it is not the best thing on this world…
    I don’t think we can give uup on Michael I have a feeling that Jason Sonny and Carly will help him ..
    And now with the Franco thing I think we will see more Jason changing ..

  11. Profile photo of BigDede

    I really hope Spixie comes to an end. It’s time for Maxie to get into a grown up relationship.

    I really don’t care Jason’s “internal pain” concerning Dexter Jr. All Dexter Jr’s life, he been told about the code. Now he’s following the code and acting like a brat. Jason’s pain is annoying.

    Bring on Niz, bring it on!!! Can’t wait for Lucky to find out.

  12. Profile photo of engradypind

    Am I right in assuming that the Franco storyline involves another crazy with tendencies toward violence? I sincerely hope not! We have had enough of the unbalanced and the violent. Enough is enough writers. Find some other sock to chew on for a while.

  13. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan! This:
    “Some are saying that as Rebecca leaves town, she meets a man who looks just like Zander Smith leaving us all wondering.”
    …would be Brilliant!!!

    EET & GH LOVER: Exactly! There are *many* reasons for Jason to keep his distance from Jake. And yeah, GH LOVER it was a very selfless thing for him to do. People say Jason isn’t acting like himself, well if giving Jake up so that he can live a happy and healthy life is Jason being a different man, then I say it makes him a better man. I’m sure that eventually Jason and Jake will reunite, but as of right now Jason is doing the right thing by Jake. And he’s trying to do the right thing by Michael. I like Jason more now than I have in years.

    Edit: According to my account profile thingy, I’ve been posting on DC for 2 years and 3 hours. WooHoo! Time really flies when you’re having fun! :)

  14. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    So Nikolas and Elizabeth are still going to be sleeping together now that she is engaged to Lucky?

    Why do I get the feeling that it is time to give Elizabeth another illegitimate child and Lucky hope that he is the father only to be devastated to learn the truth?

    I guess it finally worked for Jax, maybe Lucky will eventually get his own biological child too.

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Daisy between your lengthy tenure at dc and at tfo, that makes you like a founding father. I think from now on when people sass you I am going to tell you them to respect their elders LOL ….unless its about the awesomeness of Carly or the lameness of AJ and then I will have to let them have at it. ;0)

  16. Profile photo of Fire Frons
    Fire Frons

    I saw this on the soapzone site. Is there any truth to this or is it a complete joke?

    “Gossip for the week of 09-Nov-2009
    by Carol Banks Weber

    It’s starting to resemble a Y&R porno without the hot hook-ups. Jason and Sam will have a major falling out, because of the drama surrounding Elizabeth (where’d she go?) and the turmoil to her children. Lucky and Elizabeth break up because of her whoring around with Nikolas who’s gone off the deep end. Lucky maintains custody of Elizabeth’s children out of spite, and Jason knows it. Lucky may wind up in Maxie’s orbit again, threatening her good thing with Spinelli. Jason rescues Elizabeth, and Sam reverts to type. Sam notices the new character James Franco takes on. The two of them hook up. Look for this reversal to wrap up and do everybody in by December. By February of next year, Guza will have successfully massacred Patrick and Robin’s marriage. –SD/Daytime Dish”

  17. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    EET: Thanks! LOL!!!

    Fire Frons: I’m not a Spoiler Diva like Regan is, but honestly that sounds like fanfic to me. I see those kinds of posts on DD/SD all the time and it never happens. I don’t know why people post false spoilers. It pisses me off and it accomplishes nothing except getting some fans pissed and getting the hopes up of other fans (and letting them down when it turns out not to be true.)

  18. Profile photo of keanna

    Thanks Regan for the spoilers!!!
    This why I say they need to turn Jason back into a Q, so he can look back and show remorse for what he’s done and be a better example for Micheal.

    Can’t wait for JF to appear next week. Just wish that it wasn’t mob-related though.

  19. Profile photo of BigDede

    I don’t believe those spoilers from soapzone. First of all JF is not on that long for him to be starting relationships and kidnapping people. I do hear that Jason finds out that Liz is in trouble and he gets really worried which pisses off Sam but that’s it. I don’t think Lucky will keep custody of the kids out of spite either. This is JJ’s Lucky on screen now. They are doing their best not to make him like the old Lucky was. Like right now, as a cop he’s not stupid. He’s actually a smart cop. And this whole thing with Nik/Liz. He’s not stupid. He sees something is wrong with Liz but of course he will never guess she’s sleeping with his brother. But he knows something is up.

  20. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Lucky cant keep custody, as part of their divorce she got physical custody, so he would have to take her into court and show cause. I also agree with BigDede, they would not have JJ’s Lucky take that step.

    I would not be surprised if they chem test Lucky with Maxie. If tptb think ickyniz works, they might leave them together for a bit, have a Luxie hookup and then still leave LL2 as the end game unless it takes off.

    I also dont see that being true because I really believe KeMo would think seriously about leaving the show if they trashed the character again. That was the rumor last contract, that there had to be some redemption, and we heard SJB was also doing 1 year contracts because she didnt want to continue to play a bad girl.

    THe other thing is the version I heard is that Sam gets kidnapped because Jason goes to take care of Lizard after she tells him its an “emergency” When it turns out that her emergency was that Lucky and Nik are spiraling, Jason is annoyed that this crap is what pulled him away from Sam and created the opening for the kidnapping.

    I find both DD AND Soapzone unreliable. There use to be a real rivalry between Ravenbeauty and CBW I think and from I know that Ravenbeauty was almost never wrong.

  21. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Response to #1

    Nikolas gave Lucky $300,000 when he was a brokey dopey banging Maxi in his house… maybe its part of that money….I’m not sure if Elizabeth returned it when they were divorced.

  22. Profile photo of Beth

    Why does Teenage Freddy Krueger have that pouty look on his face? Did Dominic, or Dante, or whatever the hell his name is, just take away his binky???

  23. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    If Michael continues to brag about who his father is and that people better think twice before dissagreeing with him, someone is going to kick his ass into next week. Kristina was right, “who was that and what happened to my brother”. I wish Kristina would have told Ethan the truth about her bruised face.

    I don’t like how Maxie was treating Spinelli. It seems that the writers are trying to split them up.

    Jason’s transformation should be interesting to watch if they really go all the way with it.

    The new JF storyline still looks intriquing but creepy.

  24. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    I hope with Liz finally sleeping with Lucky we don’t get a WTD storyline. I mean thats all we need is Lucky not to be the dad to another of Liz’s kids and Nik have another kid he doesn’t even take care of.

    I can’t wait for JF to come on GH. I can’t wait to see how the story plays out.

  25. Profile photo of pisces

    Hi Daisy. The Carol Banks Webber section that was taken from was actually from the gossip section of her column, not the spoilers. My view is, if they decide to break up Spixie, which I can totally see them doing for several reasons, I want them to put Spinelli with someone too instead of leaving him pining for Maxie all alone while Maxie jumps into bed with Lucky. If Maxie’s going to be as mature as she’s supposed to have become lately, then the breakup should be mutual and she shouldn’t crush Spinelli to have an affair with Lucky just because Lucky’s back in her orbit.

  26. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I wonder if the problem is in part that there is no one on canvas that is free and could potentially work in a pairing with Spinelli. I like Maxie with Spin, but I could see her with Johnny or Lucky too. I am not sure who or what kind of character would work for Spin – unless they wait a year and soras molly LOL

  27. Profile photo of samrocks

    I don’t like how Maxie was treating Spinelli. It seems that the writers are trying to split them up.

    I don’t think Maxie’s behavior has undergone *any* changes, really. She has been 70% career and 30% Spinelli for a while. Yeah, she amped up the Spin percentage during the non-wedding and immediately thereafter, but Maxie taking Spinelli for granted *is* the norm. Before this, she didn’t even want to get married, but was too much of a chicken to admit it. Before that, she was all over John like white on rice. IMO, Maxie has always and will always prefer the chase – think about her “relationships” with Johnny, Logan, Coop, Lucky, and Jesse.

    So, if you ask me, Maxie being in love and acting TOTALLY committed is OOC (but I still love you, Maximilliana Jones)!

  28. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I have to say, I’d never been very excited about a Spixie pairing because I thought it limited Maxie as a character. I liked her being bitchy and funny and involved in dramatic storylines. I figured pairing her w/ Spin would make her just a comedic character and nothing else. I think that has happened, but I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. Either way, I doubted Spixie was going to be longterm. I guess we’ll see.

    As for who they can pair Spin with…they could always bring Winifred back, lol! (did they ever explain where she went?) I’m assuming they would bring someone in for him… I’m hoping that in his next relationship, he’s not running after the girl like a little puppy dog though. That’s really old.

  29. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    JaSam fans – several sites are saying we are getting a VERY romantic Christmas Eve but a dangerous NYE and that Sam plays a big role in the franco story as he considers her Jason’s “masterpiece” whatever that means.


  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Samis is saying Carly and Olivia fight. I guess that friendship is over. She finds out Dante is Olivias son and runs to tell sonny, olivia goes after and they end up….hmmm I wonder if brawl is going to be the right word. I would love to see less wrestling (like with Olivia and Claudia) and instead have a real brawl like a few of the CarSam fights. And if Carly needs a new BFF I have a great suggestion for her….SAM!! :0)

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