Simon and Molly Back on ATWT

More Oakdale returns next week. Paul Leyden (Simon) and Lesli Kay (Molly) reprise their roles on As the World Turns. Watch the promo after the jump.

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    Does anybody know how long Simon and Molly are stickin’ around? Is it just going to be for this “journey” of Jack’s or will they be coming back to town?

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    At least ATWT is not going down without a fight, I hope they can really turn it around. I’m looking foward to Simon and Molly coming back, toataly for got about her. I like the inpovments they have made. I just hope that isn’t a farewell tour.

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    Wow, cause soaps never have you suspend belief for a storyline. *eyeroll* Some people are just never happy.

    Anyway, Simon’s main interaction will be with Katie so yay for the Skatie fans. And I hope they get Lesli Kay to stay on at ATWT because B&B is wasting her. I can’t wait to see Molly come home to Oakdale!

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    Another homerun for World Turns :) I am so excited about this show as of late. I can’t wait to see Lesli Kay as Molly. I hgave only known her for B&B, and I know she is beyond brilliant as the little outcast Forrester. So, I cannot wait. And simon, oh I remember those days of the Katie, Mike and Simon triangle. Excitement, excitement!

    And, so is Mike gone now. He was only there for that one week camo appearence? I guess so. But, hoorah for ATWT!

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    I still crack up whenever i read “Every Day Counts”. I can see that for Days of Our Lives, but for this show? to me it just screams line the EP says to his staff to help keep the show afloat, I don’t think it has anything to do with a promotional campaign.

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