Full Length James Franco Promo

You’ve watched partial promos for James Franco, now watch the full length General Hospital promo after the jump.

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    Was that Maxie ripping his shirt open? WTF?!

    All in all it looks good. I hope that they do it right, and let this dovetail to others the way good soap does.

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    We need to know his character’s first name already! The sooner we do, the sooner we can create a good squish name. I’m hoping it starts with a “J” since I love the idea of “Jaxie!”

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    Love the whole “Mad World” idea…I hope this is not a dud like that Lame Biotoxin Crisis. So much hype, but a joke of a storyline in the end. But I don’t think It’ll be like that, this should be good for GH :). Can’t wait til the 20th..

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    Yeah the character’s name is Franco

    It definitely looks like Maxie in that promo…here goes GH blowing up another couple a month after they get them together. I know it’s a soap, but give some couples a chance to be happy for a few months…jeez!

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    Anyone notice at .49 of the promo the body that looks like Maxie (or another tiny blonde) face down holding a pool cue(?) in a chalk outline? Anyone hear anything about someone blonde leaving the canvas? Did Franco dig up Claudias body? So many questions, anyone have any answers (or theories)?

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    Guza, if you sacrifice Spixie at the alter of James Franco, I will come down to that window you often sit at when it rain, and make a scene of the likes of which you have not seen in some time.

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    Since we are talking whats coming up…I think the idea is he is a psycho masquerading as an artist that does pics of dead bodies. I think Maxie is just posing. Remember she is doing this piece for Crimson. For her work, she would do just about anything even pose face down in an outline.

    I think the issue is how Spixie will deal if she is hell bent on finishing her assignment and spin is starting to get the heebie geebies about the guy.

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    Anyone notice at .49 of the promo the body that looks like Maxie (or another tiny blonde) face down holding a pool cue(?) in a chalk outline? Anyone hear anything about someone blonde leaving the canvas?

    Soapfan_Incognito…It’s definitely Maxie, and I agree with EET that she’s posing – the blindfold is what gave it away for me.

    If we’re coming up with theories…What if the blindfold symbolizes Maxie seeing Sonny with the bloody handprint on his shirt, and the chalk outline represents the consequences for Maxie if the wrong person discovers what she witnessed that night? [I know, I know…I’m reaching. But still, it *would* be interesting. :) ]

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    Yes..great promos for James Franco. BUT..has anyone seen these in ABC primetime? My guess is ABC has this great opportunity with an A-lister on one of their daytime shows and they are not letting anyone know outside of their daytime schedule. Anyone see these promos in primetime????

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    I haven’t seen this promo in primetime which is very surprising. Why wouldn’t they want to promote this during their primetime shows is beyond me.

    Go Maxie!!!

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    Yeah, yeah, great promo, but as one of the GH writers apparently tweeted that Guza himself was writing this story (hence the Jason worship), I’ll reserve any excitement until I actually see it play out. Usually GH’s promos are way better than the actual execution of the story.

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    Great theories EET and Samrocks, I admit I automatically jumped to the conclusion that someone else I love would be leaving the show. I too would love to see some deeper symbolism, but I am not holding my breath, however, the show has continued to hold my attention and I hope the Franco storyline is no exception.

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    I am very excited for this storyline. I love Jason, but I am looking forward to someone having one-up him. We might see some emotions out of Jason we haven’t seen for a while.

    I don’t think they’ll break up Spixie, but there will be a bump in the road.

    Glad to see that they are advertising in prime time. Would be silly and wasteful if they didn’t.

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    ummmm, don’t you mean THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH!!!  Good Lord ABC you are really, really DUMB!!!!!!!!!!

    In retrospect, you should’ve just said "coming the week of November 16th".

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