Watch Your Back Smilin' Jack on Y&R

Smilin' Jack and Dr. Emily better watch it, Mary Jane's not going to be thrilled with them dating... Watch this week's promo after the jump.

Thanks again to beautrel for the tip and tvobsessive2008 for the clip!


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I think the Emily was using Patty to get to Jack. I know Jack suppose to be mister charming but Damn he got her to go out with him a little to quick IMO. But the question is why do Emily want Jack.

Two is the shocking new that Patty suppose to tell Red is that Summer is Jack child not Nick and that she charge the results.

Three I think Emily is Ryder's and Daisy's mother. My thing is why Lauren and Michael unless she is the new Shelia.

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Wondering if the new doctor will turn out to be Katherine's long-lost daughter?
Jack is romancing her and if she does turn out to be the Chancellor heir (since Brock and this version of Mac are not involved in Chancellor Enterprises), well, even better for Jack.
Then there could be story line of does Jack love Patty's doc for her face or her money or as he said today "What's behind the face"?

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Emily is too young to be Katherine's daughter. It is possible that she could be Ryder's and Daisy's mother but that would seem a little far fetched.