DC #483: CBS and DAYS Killing Three Birds With One Stone

On today’s CBS and Days of our Lives Daytime Confidential episode Luke, Jamey, Jillian, Melodie and Mike discuss the latest in storylines and news from the previous week, including:

Daniel Cosgrove joins As the World Turns. What impact might his character have on Luke and Noah’s story? Tom Pelphrey arrived in Oakdale promising youth to those that would listen. Where is this story headed and should ATWT stop while they are ahead? Katie continues to mourn Brad as Jack goes on a quest for redemption.

Steffy kisses Bill on The Bold and The Beautiful before he marries Katie. Bill and Katie’s wedding was a simple affair, but did it mean the brides maids needed to look so bad? Luke thinks Bill looked like Burt Reynolds’ Boss Hogg from The Dukes of Hazzard movie. Jamey thinks he looked like a pimp. What is Sandy’s deal and what could she be hiding?

Crystall Chappell has “Chappelled” Taylor Spreitler in their scenes together, but before there was a "Chappell” there was a "Sorel.” Is Mia Carly’s daughter? Louise Sorel is back as Vivian and since this the first CBS/Days podcast Jamey’s been back on since her return he shares his reaction to her comeback. Nicole’s house of cards is crumbling around her as Sami confronts her.

Thom Bierdz speaks out about his departure from The Young and the Restless. Deacon and Phyllis have smokin’ hot chemistry, should Y&R pursue it or will they just stick to their playbook? Daniel and Amber get married. Mac decides to carry Cane and Lily’s baby. Does this mean it will be that much easier to fast forward the show?

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troymcclure's picture
Member since:
25 December 2008
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2 years 5 weeks

I like Tom Pelphrey's story on ATWT because it is different.  We don't know what the heck is going on, is he good or bad?  It isn't telegraphed like every other story on soaps.  I also like how the Mick Dante character is quite different from Jonathan (at least for now).

I have read on most boards that Daniel Cosgrove will NOT play the gay doctor that comes between Nuke. 

naughtytomato's picture
Member since:
27 January 2009
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1 year 14 weeks

Love how everyone is excited over Days.

One question -who was the Crystal Chappell co-star that was on comedy central?

AlistairCrane's picture
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4 May 2008
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2 years 37 weeks

It makes me sick that they had Vivian and Carly face off and showed absolutely NO flashbacks. Where are the flashbacks??? The people at Days are idiots!!!

jsg03jd's picture
Member since:
14 February 2008
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2 hours 40 min

Thank you for calling Y&R out on its cowardice and BS re: its purported intent to tell gay storylines.  Scott Hamner couldn't have been clearer in SOD, SOW and SID that Adam was and always will be straight despite Maria Bell's attempt at a PR spin after those interviews came out.  And Thom Bierdz pimped himself out for NOTHING.  There was no point indeed whatsoever in his return, and the way the writers wrote the retcon of his "death" never made any sense.

The rest of the show is already a hot mess.  Maybe Y&R could have actually done something new and interesting with Adam, Rafe and Phillip (or Chance too - he's better off gay than getting stuck with Chloe).

Shame on Y&R and Ms. Bell. 

dkp's picture
Member since:
9 June 2009
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5 weeks 2 days

What a great show. So glad you called out Y&R on basically lying to everyone about being committed to gays. What a great disapointmet and the rest of the show isn't that great either. Seems like Y&R has gotten way less hell towards it's treatment of gays than ATWT did during their "kiss ban". As terribely as ATWT writes for Nuke, at least they've consisantly given them storylines (as bad as they often are) and show at least some committment, Y&R didn't even do that.

And speaking of ATWT, glad you also called out the "supernatural" stuff. Show seems to do some good stuff, then shoot itself in the foot.

Member since:
6 April 2008
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4 years 15 weeks

Y&R's biggest crime, besides wasting everyone's time, is character assassination...why bring a legacy character back just to turn him into the douche bag of the year?

Your estranged injured son needs you to stay, but some hot aussie and cattle rustlers are more important?  Seriously? 

I'm calling shenanigans on you Maria...this is crap writing!

dqh257's picture
Member since:
20 May 2009
Last activity:
10 weeks 6 days

Jamey- I disagree about your comment regarding going easy on the younger actresses. The only time I've heard you go easy on actresses were the younger actresses on DAYS. I've heard podcast after podcast where you ripped Denise Vasi, Stephanie Gatschet, and Bonnie Dennison, et al. They may not necessarily be the strongest actresses, but you've denigrated them and called them hair models, permanently dishonorably mentioned, etc.

Member since:
18 November 2008
Last activity:
4 years 7 weeks

Bo and Carly need a second chance this time around.  Hope has been a completely different character since Kristian returned.  She is immature and self centered.  She treats Bo like a child.  Everything is ME ME ME. She's slowly been taking away his manhood over the years.  I think they bring out the worst in each other.

The writer's can pretty much start fresh with Bo and Carly and re-establish their relationship.  They seem to have a better maturity level between them anyway. She talks to him as an equal, she trusts him unconditionally, etc.  And Bo can maybe start getting some his self-respect back in the process.

Chemistry between Justin and Hope?  I think not.  The only thing they have in common is they are both boring.  And I feel bad saying that because I loved Justin back in the day, but I hate the way he is being written right now.

Hope needs to be on her own right now and figure out how to be an adult.  

I do agree though that Vivian seems to be more her old school self.  I am really looking forward to her scenes with Victor and more scenes with Carly.  Enough with the snarky lines though.  Although I enjoyed her first scenes with Carly, I think there needs to be a much more serious and frightening confrontation.  And I mean a realistic one.  Not another buried alive type thing.