Bryan Dattilo Back At DAYS


He’s back! Fans of Bryan Dattilo‘s alter-ego Lucas can breath a sigh of relief. The Days of our Lives actor will be back onscreen Dec. 3.


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    I just hope they give him a story where he doesn’t have to play the cuckold or is constantly mainipulated by Kate. How ’bout something new and different for Lucas, huh?

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    Bangel Angle

    Lucas’s is back! Awesome!

    Next, how about we remember that he help to run both Titan and Dimera Co and also ran the Horton Foundation. So maybe its time this guy gets his own business.

    Lucas starts a business or steals Basic Black. Brady, the heir, wants it back  and  we have two floating vet characters now with actual stories.

    Put Sami as Lucas or Brady’s partner (pulling her away from the constant baby dramas) and we have an awesome storyline.

    Toss in Phillip and Titan and let the fun begin.

    Four characters with history, family connection and a story based on business that’s not criminal. I’d watch it!

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    Good for Bryan. I hope his character will actually get a s/l now.

    NO lumi revisit please that got on my nerves after a while. I wouldn’t mind Sami and Lucas teaming up though they need to be doing something bad. 

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