Chad Brannon GH Air Date Set For Dec. 22

Get ready for the return of Zander Smith folks! Chad Brannon tweeted the exact airdate fans can expect to see him back on General Hospital. Said Brannon,

By the way, Correction: ABC Publicity said my air date for General Hospital will actually be Dec. 22, Merry Christmas! 

*Sigh* I miss Chad, maybe Jamey can wishful cast him somewhere….

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    Could he get on OLTL as Joey or is he too young.

    That would make me watch that dreadful show again.  What they are doing to Ross is pissing me off

    But I can see him on DOOL as well. That would make me watch that show.

    I still would like to see him on GH.  My dream is a Zander/Liz/Jason love triangle that is equal.  Liz has both of their child and she could be really torn as to who she wants to be with and raise her family with.  But I know that will never happen.

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    BigDede I already wishful casted him as Joey las week.  Oh if only they wold listen to us.  If not, then I hope they would cast him as someone not related to Nat.  I have always thought those two would be good together.


    I thought you loved Niz…wheres the loyalty LOL



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     *girlish sigh* I miss Zander too. 


    Just seeing posts about Chad Brannon start my heart a fluttering.


    December 22nd will be marked on my calendar just as Oct. 27th was :)

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    EET, how many times do we need to remind you that Jason’s true love is Sonny and well I agree about Zander but Emily’s dead and it’s not like that stopped Liz before :x



    lol irl, this comment is made of truth and awesomeness

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     Zander’s true love is Emily. Nikolas’s true love is Gia.


    Zander and Liz were a hot pairing that have history, friendship, chemistry, and passion… not to mention Cameron, who is going to be the next spitfire and probably break Molly’s back at some point (when they’re older). Zander coming back permanently would be amazing for all parties involved…

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    I daydream of Zander returning from the dead to claim Cameron and undo his end of contract character assassination. I would even take another twin brother if CB would return. Or identical cousin. Or heck, even Zander’s long lost clone Zebonk.  Or SORASing Cam so that he’s older than his mom……:)

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