First Impressions: James Franco on General Hospital

Today is "officially" the big day! What are your First Impressions of James Franco on General Hospital

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    Boring.  James Franco’s character is just another prop/cog in the mob BS.

    Johnny’s and Olivia’s scenes were far more interesting, emotional and exciting because they came from a real, organic place and they talked about insecurities and possible consequences arising from Olivia, who has no idea how to handle the Sonny/Dante situation.

    Give me these types of interactions over gun fights and obsessions over corpses any day, please.

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    First impression:HAWT.HAWT.HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love him, his character is all messed up (in a good way).He is a creep, a stalker, he gives women orgasms just by letting them shave him (which IMO is very true to life since I was about to…nevermind.LOL )

    and that kiss?  Lord almighty, it’s gonna be a couple of glorious months on GH.

    I missed the darn Maxie and Franco promo, sob


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    I loved it.  His waving at Jason was fabulous!  Although I think from a long term story point, the scenes between Olivia and Johnny were the best.  I loved the last line: There expecting me.  His character seems pretty interesting, too.  I just read Ken Tucker’s take from  He says he’s coming at it from a completely new viewer and I had to laugh when he posed a question to GH fans: Does General Hospital have any scenes in a hospital?  Too Funny. 

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    Awesome and classic, can’t wait to see what happens next. And Ken Tucker from on that question, Ha, lucky he hasn’t watch GH in past ten to fifteen years, To answer that question a few and not enough.

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    What I saw, I liked. However, I wish that his scenes could have been longer and I wish that they would stop playing "Mad World" during all of his scenes. We get it!

    His kiss at the end was especially hot though! That and we got some diversity finally.

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    He’s awesome! He reminds me of Heath Ledger’s Joker in "The Dark Knight" in a way. I stopped watching GH and tuned back in for him. So far so good.

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    It was boring.  I loved Ken Tucker was irriated by Olivia as most of us are.  Most of the comments are bashing Olivia.  She is horrific

    But on  to JF. I know he’s suppose to be this death artist but did everything have to look so dirty? Today, aside from the Niz/Lucky scenes, everything looked dirty. 

    I can’t believe a Black woman was on GH and actually spoke words and kissed JF.  They did that Hollywood kiss, not the daytime kiss.  I hope she stays long enough and not get shipped to the Quartermaine attic.

    I’m not excited because I know it’s just a mob storyline only to make Jason look like this hero and to see his inner pain about having to kill people.

    Now if he came as a Cassadine to go up against Luke/Lucky, that would have been more exciting.

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    disillusioned GH fan

    If the EW comments are any indication, people that are coming back to GH to watch this storyline have instantly picked up on what the faithful fans have been saying for 8 years… where the hell is "hospital" in General Hospital?!?

    I’m sure the story will boost the ratings short term, but as we get wrapped up in yet another mob story, the faithful will continue to tune out and the newbies will continue to wonder why this soap is called GH!

    I agree with Bigdede, he should have come along as a Cassadine, that would have EVERYONE cocking a brow up high!! I think GH has failed itself on yet another opportunity.

    This is not the Steve Burton show and it NEVER has been! *shakes head* Only Guza and MAYBE Burton think Jason "is" the face of GH!

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    Amazing Amazing Amazing
    I am so looking forward to this S/L
    And the wave to Jason was so priceless and Jason look was so freaked out ….

    And I am for one happy for this S/L .it is not mob S/L it is a guy who is obsessed  with death and is nuts LOL  I am sorry but have him A caassdine will be stupid because this supposed to be long tern
    A villain for Jason always was a good S/L like manny and Jerry his pushing Jason over the limits will be amazing S/L more than A cassadine that will come for  a long tern so CALM DOWN ..
    I am for one happy that he has  a story with Jason M,organ and that will be good and amazing 

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    Just when I think I’m out of GH….they pull me back in. 

    I’m kidding…but not.  It’s been a long time since I felt invested in GH but ONE scene with Franco with an interesting backstory and I’m back in the thrall of the show.  I loved the creepy vibe and the weird incognito "homeless man" thing.  After Joey Limbo’s tossing money on the ground and dismissal of the homeless guy, I felt a twisted karma thing when Franco stepped on him.  My heart sort of jumped a little bit knowing it was so wrong but still utterly fascinated by it. 

    And then the kiss?  Pure potent soapgasmic bliss. 

    And then the Franco and Maxie promo?  Uhh….yeah.  Count me in as tuning in every single second of Franco’s stay in Port Charles. 

    I do agree with the other blog comment though.  The scenes were filmed incredibly dark and I had a hard time seeing everything on the first run through.  I had to stop and rewind the dvr a few times to catch the expression during the wave and such.  Hopefully that will improve.

    And for the JoGrandma scenes?  As a Johnny fan I liked them a bit because I enjoyed his anger but then even enjoying that I thought they were too damn long and a bit repetitive with what they were saying.  Should have been much shorter and I have to say, I’d be more inclined to find some sympathy for Olivia (who I like but not with Johnny) if while she was telling Johnny her situation that maybe she proved she meant what she said by telling Johnny the rest of the truth.  She didn’t so she pretty much started sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher…"waaah wawaaah waaaah waaaah". 

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