OLTL’s Ilene Kristen “Thrilled” to Have Roscoe Born Back in Llanview

TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco chats up One Life to Live’s Ilene Kristen in his latest interview. In it he asks her about the return of Roscoe Born and the revelation that Mitch is Rex’s (John-Paul Lavoisier) father. 

TVG: What’s it like having Roscoe back on the show after all these years?

IK: You know what? I’m totally thrilled and excited, but we have yet to work together. I’m dying to tape our scenes and see how Mitch’s return affects Roxy’s life. This storyline has a lot of potential. I can’t wait. I have no idea where the storyline is headed but that makes it more exciting as an actress. Roscoe and I share a deep history as friends. Actually, I included scenes between Roscoe and I on my first Emmy nomination reel.

Read the entire interview at TV Guide Canada.

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    I’ve not been watching OLTL for very long but Roscoe Born plays Mitch Laurence who is Rex’s father and a former cult learde. He’s also Jessica’s biological father as well as having been married to Natalie and Dorian.

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    [quote=MandaPanda1331]Ohh that makes sense. LOL. I didn’t know that was the actor’s name! Thank you for your help. I thought someone else named that was coming to Llanview! :)[/quote]
    No problem, glad I could help! :)

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