Peter Bergman On Y&R Pay Cuts: "Eric Braeden Was No Exception"

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly to commemorate his 20 years at The Young and the Restless, Peter Bergman sounds off on Eric Braeden's recent paycut drama.

Eric Braeden has been very vocal about his recent salary negotiations, especially about how he was being told to take a pay cut – or else.  Had you experienced the same type of negotiation?
Everybody on this show was asked to share in some of the burden and Eric was no exception.

Did you really expect that Eric was going to leave?
There were days that we all thought he was going to be gone. In the end it was fighting with a corporation, and the corporation was going to win. It wasn’t whether or not they were going to fold. It was always whether or not Eric was going to agree to come back for a lesser salary.

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All this bullshit is hurting Y&R once a great soap now just limping along like the others. Just goes to show you that the networks want out of soaps with AMC going to L.A., there not giving them any budget. I give Y&R another year a two.

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Jillian always means Y and R news!  This almost looks like they're setting this up for hype when Braeden returns....... or do the old time divas still exist?

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I'm Team Jack. Victor makes me ill.