Relive The Prattastrophe!

All My Children

Chuck Pratt is out at All My Children, but lest any of us forget the horror of his run relive some of the Prattastrophe with links below.

Chuck Pratt to AMC Cast: “Jamie Luner is No &#$ Kisser!”
Jamie “No A$$ Kisser” Luner All My Children Promo
AMC’s Chuck Pratt Blames Rianca Story Bomb on Riegel’s Exit
Eden Riegel Takes High Road With AMC’s Chuck Pratt
One Shocking Twist After Another
Beth Ehlers Talks Greasy About Chuck Pratt and JR Martinez!
Chuck Pratt On Rebecca Budig “She’s My Favorite”
Why One Life to Live Deserves to be The Last ABC Soap Standing
21 Daytime Questions With Jillian
All My Children Was ABC’s Most Watched Soap The Week of Oct. 19-23
Hey Fronsie, Maybe Thorsten and Alicia Just Aren’t That Into You?
BREAKING NEWS: I TOLD Y’all, All My Children MOVES to LA; OLTL Gets AMC Studio!
The Murder That Changed a Town Forever
Pratt In At All My Children, Esensten And Brown Out?
DC #381: DC Meets The Pine Valley Podcast
Daytime Soap Operas and The Theory of Opposite Thinking
HALLELUJAH: Chuck Pratt OUT at All My Children!!

Pratt Falls: The Parody that got us through the dark days.

LMAO: All My Children’s Chuck Pratt and Julie Hanan Carruthers in “Pratt Falls”
The Latest Episode of Pratt Falls
AMC Pratt Falls: Episode 3!!!!
AMC Pratt Falls: Episode 4
AMC Pratt Falls: Episode 5
AMC Pratt Falls: Shock and Awe, Episode 6
AMC Pratt Falls: Episode 7, Is Pratt the “Minister of Misogyny?”
AMC: Pratt Falls Episode 8: “Curses, Eden Riegel’s Power Grows”
Pratt Falls Episode 10

21 Responses

  1. Profile photo of babyc

    Ah yes, remember when he blamed Eden Riegel on his horrible writing? What an horrible, talentless hack he is. He should never work on television again, but he will on another poor soap.


    I bet the outrage that the Kendall/Aiden and David/Taylor rapes were the finally drop on the already overflown glass. If only they had fired him after the stupidity that was Bianca’s wedding…

  2. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I’m ashamed to admit it but when we first heard he was coming back to ABC I was petrified he was coming back to wreak more havoc on GH and was secretly relieved when he went to AMC instead.  He should be banished from the outer reaches of Daytime Television for all eternity as far as I’m concerned.  Has anyone in this industry ever sucked more than him?

    Does anyone know if he’ll be involved in the Anniversary show?  Do you think they’ll play the old opening music?  I still remember it.  I think they should throw the old music in just for fun every once in awhile for all the shows…maybe on holidays.  *sigh*  I guess I’m feeling a little nostalgic and hopeful with all the good news floating around today. :)

  3. Profile photo of babyc

    [quote=doodleynoodle] Does anyone know if he’ll be involved in the Anniversary show?  Do you think they’ll play the old opening music?  I still remember it.  I think they should throw the old music in just for fun every once in awhile for all the shows…maybe on holidays.  *sigh*  I guess I’m feeling a little nostalgic and hopeful with all the good news floating around today. :) [/quote]

    Well there is a rumor going around that the reason he got canned was because he made a disaster of the anniversary episode. I don’t even want to imagine what that disaster will be like.

  4. Profile photo of Crustee

    Some good soap news today First, ATWT may be getting renewed and now Pratt out!
    My two soap holiday wishes coming  true a little early.!

    I can barely even watch AMC right now–and have been watching since 1979. (Honestly the last five years have sucked at AMC) The hilarious duo at Pine Valley or PineView Podcast must be loving life today!

  5. Profile photo of keanna

    Now, if they get rid of Frons, Craputhers, and a few characters (ie Randi and Marissa) and bring back some characters (ie Brooke, Alec, and Dimitri).

    We can really celebrate.

    Hopefully, Agnes Nixon will have some input on the new HW or takeover reigns herself for a while.

  6. Profile photo of DavidsMuse

    I wonder what Vincent and Rebecca are feeling TOGETHER, because their story is just starting!  I’ll be praying to the soap gods with everything that’s in me that the new HW loves the fabulous chemistry these characters and actors have together and will be allowed to continue them! :)

  7. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    Yeah Pratt said he and Rebecca had a story all planned out….now what? Rebecca must be concerned, or maybe she’s excited? I hope we find out who the new Head Writer is soon….ABC really doesn’t have much time. I’m hoping for the best!

  8. Profile photo of Katjoy26

    [quote=season1217]I wonder how Vincent Irizarry feels.[/quote]
    He may have thanked him in his Emmy speech and in all fairness he (Pratt) apparently was the one who wanted him to return to the show. However, he can not possibly be happy about the crap he has had to play recently. I’ll bet he at least privately is happy to see him go.

  9. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    To say I am thrilled in an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been a loyal AMC fan for something like 25 years.  I still TiVo the show daily– but must say I hardly watch it!  There has to be almost nothing on TV for me to sit down and watch the recorded episodes.

    Prior to Pratt’s tenure- I thought the show had hit an all time low BUT boy was I wrong!!  The satin slayer mess has nothin on this HOT MESS filling the 1:00 hour on ABC!!!  It is so crazy & unrecognizable to me it’s scary. 

    In fact when I heard the show was moving to LA under Pratt’s storylines– I had almost hoped for an ALL MY CHILDREN SPIN OFF to fill that hour & not AMC– cause I would have NO problems NOT watching it.  Kinda like Loving & The City.  But as long as its AMC- I feel obligated to record it & tune it to see whats doin with my pals over in Pine Valley

    I hope that Frons hires someone who will respect the show- it’s past and it’s characters!  Pratt just wasnt that guy! 

    I am also hopeful that some more vets may come back now that Pratt isnt there ruining the show & their characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s my take on the Pratt outing!
    In my area the tri-state area our daytime line up is:

    The View
    All My Children
    One Life to Live
    General Hospital

    Sooooo now Oprah has announced shes leaving— so if another familiar face on that line up crumbles (SUSAN LUCCI) — there daytime ratings and more importantly sponsorship will FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just hope Oprah’s exit will buy some more time for OLTL

    But now I am thinkin that the pressure is on Fron’s to keep his daytime line up afloat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ya know there has been something about AMC that hasn’t settled well with me in the last year or so. In a time when budgets are tight and all soaps are cutting corners: AMC has had 3 big budget people at the helm when they truly only needed 2. Julie Carruthers, Chuck Pratt and lets not forget Night Shifts Exec Producer Lisa de Cazotte. I wonder if with Pratts exit — Lisa & Julie will be exec producer and HW. I just wonder who will do what? Maybe Lisa will be the HW– cause her role with the show is so undefined

    Or maybe Lisa will become EP– and Julie will hit the road like Pratt & Lisa will promote from within or bring back a beloved HW who left cause of differences with Julie

  10. Profile photo of mrsa1107
    With the upcoming move & AM & TK not going along & rumors that DC’s stay with the show will end by April– the show needs to bring back some beloved vets!!!  I have a feeling that many of the vets who were asked to return to the show once they make the move to LA & some who were asked to return for the 40th anniversary played a BIG part in the exit of Pratt.

    For example– Rebecca B made it known when she exited the show last year how unhappy she was with the direction the show took Greenlee. And went on the record saying when she returns in 2010- that she expects that Greenlee is back to being that spunky character in character driven storylines.

    Pratt blamed Eden R for the failure of the Reese/Binks storyline. He showed a serious lack of respect for ER in his comments.  When both ER & Tamara B were both exicted to play a lesibian love stroy – only to have Pratt throw Zach into it and mess up the entire story.

    Rumors circulated prior to Tamara’s exit that she would have stuck around had Pratt had storyline ideas for Reese but he did not!

    Nelson B hinted that a vet of the show considered returning for the anniversary but would not after watching the train wreck for 1 week on TV! I have a feeling that was Cady or Robin Christopher!

    Pratt has alienated many of the vets by his lack of vision – non descriptive furture storylines- and a complete disrespect for the characaters and the show! So I have this feeling many vets would not agree to return if he was penning the show. So since Frons LOVES RB, ER and TB– maybe the only way for them to consider a long term return was to see Pratt gone!

    ~ also lets not forget how he totally dissed Beth E. The writers before Pratt had her all set to come to the show as LIZA. Pratt took over- decided he wanted to tell this ARMY WIVES type storyline and have an anti-Fusion type character on the canvas. He created Taylor with no long term storyline in mind. Only to bring LIZA back to the show a year later. PLAYED by his friend turbo Luner – who is about 15 years too young for the role.
    I could take or leave Beth E – never watched GL… BUT she is a well known name in daytime & his lack of vision for her was kinda a slap in the face in my opinion!

  11. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    Keanna….this is what I want so badly! That would be so great, and it would erase so many mistakes made by Hack Pratt!

    An idea by someone on the Soapnet Message boards was to make it so Kendall was still in her coma and dreamed the whole last year.

  12. Profile photo of keanna

    That would erase a whole of things (ie, the Stuart murder mystery, Marissa, that whole North mess, Bianca using Zach’s sperm,)  They can start from scratch.  Hey a person can dream can they?

  13. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    It would take away sooo many dumbfounded mistakes. Not very original, but that would be AMAZING. Great place to start for whoever starts writing for AMC.

    But I doubt it will happen :\. Kendall can’t dream up that 40th Anniversary….lol.

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