BREAKING NEWS: Lorraine Broderick IN at All My Children for Transition!

A little birdie just chirped to me former All My Children head writer Lorraine Broderick has been tapped to head write the soap at least for the foreseeable future.

"I just found out Lorraine Broderick for the transition," says the mole. "I don’t know who will ultimately go in."

Broderick joined the All My Children writing staff in 1979, training under the legendary Agnes Nixon. Broderick served as co-head writer of AMC from 1987-1988, associate head writer from 1981-1987 and 1988-1991 and as head writer from October 1996- December 1997, according to Wikipedia. She has also written for Another World, As The World Turns, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light, One Life to Live and Port Charles.

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    Jamey your sources quote says that in short that she is just there for the transition until Frons finds another homie to step in lol. Wouldn’t you think that this women study under Nixon and has established herself they would just keep her

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    I know im a happy camper so is nelson branco who alongwith me has been campaigning for broderick to headwrite this soap.This is a woman who knows the rich history of amc.Frons do us a favor and just hire lorraine permanetly

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    Uh, that sounds pretty good. It seems she was during good year,s though I may be wrong. Does anybody know what storylines she did or was involved with?

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    I’m jealous. So now can we get rid of Dena Higley at Days and promote Christoper Whitesell? 
    According to Wikipedia, Broderick served as transition writer when Tom Langan took over.  Too bad. His headwriting was such a reign of terror. We had to put up with that crap for THREE years! I can only imagine how long Pratt was at AMC.   Maybe next year will be the year for soaps to make some wise decisions as far as headwriters and producers go.

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    I checked out other boards, and it seems she was the one that created David Hayward and was during the beginning of Erica and Jack. It defenitely sounds way better than Pratt. I hope that if she’s any good they either keep her or go for another good writer, not like they usually do.

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    This is PERFECT! She knows AMC’s history! I am so happy about this…I hope this isn’t just temporary! She was one of my suggestions, wooT! Praise!! If anyone can save AMC, it’s Broderick!!

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    Yes lorraine wrote the whole noah and julia on the run to jamaica storyline and when erica took marias baby and when erica was hooked on pain pills and julia santos rape among other great storylines.I haven’t been as glued to my tv this year with the mess chuck pratt brought to our screens.Being an amc watcher for 20 years im confident in Lorraine brodericks writing.I know this is a transition im praying it becomes permanent and Lorraine can woo julia barr back to the show.Right now i think more than ever we need familiar faces on the show.Im just so ecstatic that pratt is gone.

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    Why are the transition writers often better than the longer term headwriters? If Broderick wants to stay they should keep her instead of hiring more hacks like Pratt and B & E..

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    I’m very pleased that LB is AMC’s new HW!  Yes, she indeed created David expressly for VI in 1997; he never had to audition.  LB knows AMC through and through and so knows the legacy of her Emmy-winning creation.  So I have to believe she’ll do right by VI/David and AMC as a whole! :)  ICAM LB needs to be permanent HW if this show is to survive!

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    Uh oh Oltl you might FINALLY have some competition on my dvr again if Broderick can patch up the battered ship Pratt has been helming…. I dunno what to do with myself if I actually ENJOY both of my soaps, instead of grit my teeth and bear it with Amc, and loving Oltl.

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    I was hoping for Claire Labine but I’m happy with Lorraine Broderick. She studied under Agnes, she knows and RESPECTS AMC history and she did write what I considered to be my girl Erica Kane’s best two storylines, the pill addiction and the kidnapping of Maria’s baby.

    Does anyone know when Lorraine’s episodes start to air? I hope it’s before the move to L.A./40th anniversary.

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    omg i’m so excited. love how she probably knows amc through and through and she’s got the emmys to prove it. back to the good old days. lalala hahaha chuck pratt

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    This is great news, she knows the history and she was there when AMC was one of the soaps to watch. I wonder whose decision it was, because I know it wasn’t Frons. I know the mess will not be cleaned up overnight but it is a start. Hopefully ratings will pick up and they will rehire her permanantly.

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    My only concern is Frons’ infamous meddling and micro-managing. No matter who they bring on as a writer, if Frons doesn’t back up, it will be all for nothing. I’m ecstatic about the firing of Pratt but they really need to let Frons go as well.

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    Jamey— is there any way this woman will stay as the HW???  Or is this really just a band-aid?????

     Her history with the show is exciting— and I – like many think that is really important- so I hope she stays put for atleast a year or so!   Clean up the mess- get it moving down the right path and train her replacement if she doesnt stick around long term!

    I understand she was HW during the Erica drug use- stealing Maria’s baby storyline— and the Julia/Noah romance— all exciting stories for the show— and great material for the talented cast.  Was she the HW during the Anita/Bobby/Kelsey introduction— that was a great summer teenage story!  It didnt overpower the show— but they were all rooted to core families and the baby boy ending up with Edmund & Maria was great.  I remember being in HS when that aired- and it was so real.  How Bobby met this troubled girl at a party- had some fun for one night— but wanted to forget about it and her the next day.  He moves to PV falls for the good little Catholic girl— tries to pretend to be that good guy for her— and in walks the one night stand— who is PG and the grand daughter of the chief of staff at the local hospital! Classic soap story telling!!!!

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    "So Pratt truly was the bottom of the barrel that Frons had to turn to a woman. That’s saying something."

    What do you mean? do you mean that Frons has such a low opinion of women that he would be desperate to hire one? Frons has hired women before. He hired McTavish, Barbara Esensten and I believe that at least one of the transitional writers after McTavish was fired  was a woman.

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    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!
    This *has* to work out! She *has* to stay! Lorraine Boarderick is amazing! I’ll always remember Erica kidnapping Maria’s baby and Julia/Noah was one of my favourite pairings as a kid!
    Jamey, do you know if there’s a chance she might stay or whwn her stuff might start airing?
    So excited!

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    Wow I cannot believe this, its great news. Lorraine Brodderick is a great writer, AMC was the best soap on the air when she was in charge, I hope they give her free reign so she can fix this mess. I must add that AMC hasn’t been watchable since 1998 and that was when she was fired from the show.

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    LB is the best HW AMC has had in the last 15 years. She wrote the Micheal Delany/ Kevin Shetfield coming out story. She also penned the great who shot Laurel at WRCW. Not to mention she created the Balosms over on OLTL, and the whole Jessica switch redux with Chris Whitesell. She is the best in the business, and just what AMC needs, besides a new EP!

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    I’m hoping with interim, hopefully permanent, HW Lorraine Broderick, the move to L.A.., and the upcoming 40th anniversary they would maybe consider going back to the normal daytime video look. I never got used to that "filmic" crap.

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    TV Gord

     I doubt that they will ever go back to the "normal video" look.  That + HDTV is way too clear a picture for our soap stars!  ;-)

    I wonder if Broderick is only agreeing to come back on a transitional basis because she knows of Frons’ infamy for micro-managing.  She may have intentions to stay on longer, but she wants to see how much of a headache the BF will be.  

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    Jamey can you tell us what this means for story. Has there been an indication.  Is there any chance they will redeem Aiden and keep the actor with the regime change?  Any change that they will reconsider their decision to fire WW. What are they going to do with the David character.  And is there any chance that Pratt leaving will change the decision by TK and AM to leave.

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    My favorite part of Lorraine Broderick’s last AMC head writing tenure?  The trio of Erica, Janet, and Skye.  Those three were a fabulous team and friendship.

    One LB storyline I was not especially fond of was Myrtle’s romance with incognito Santa, but even that should be a positive sign for fans: she actually writes stories that give VETERANS something to to.

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    Wow, she wrote for OLTL too? Awesome! And she was the one who wrote Myrtle in a relationship with Santa Claus? I know it may not be a deep story but I was just a kid back then and I loved it!
    Does the fact that she wrote Sky so well, mean Skye could return?

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