Dangerous Attraction on GH

How can we go from Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) beautiful non wedding such a short time ago to Maxie ALREADY being involved in a "dangerous attraction" with a stranger and making out with him? Watch the promo after the jump.

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     This is too ridiculous. Let’s utilize a movie star to break up the only younger couple on the show. I know Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson can bring it, but I’d rather have seen them fight together as a couple rather them being so quickly torn apart. 

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    Um, b/c Spinelli isn’t a real boy (I am sorry, no human talks like that) & Franco, is well, played by James Franco.

    (Also, KS told me to tell you, "Shhh!"  …even Eden Regal wanted to play a mob princess in order to act alongside JF).

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    This is the best damn promo ever. 
    Finally we get to see Maxie being Maxie.  I sure hope this breaks up Spixie for good and I sure hope that Franco and Maxie do a lot more than make out.  I want some steamy hot sex.

    Fraxie is hot!!!

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    There’s my Maxie, the one I alaways rooted for against "Miss Wannabe Goody Two Shoes" LooLoo

    I have a feeling that Frons had two choices for this seduction Maxie or Sam, and there was no way in heaven and earth that he would have Sam cheat on Jason so soon after getting them back into bed with each other.  But I guess Spixie fans are expendable in his eyes.

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    As a FORMER GH viewer, can I answer your question?? Granted, problems I’m going to list do NOT include 2009, as I stopped watching in 2008. If you’re wondering? It’s VERY easy to do. I had been watching FAITHFULLY since 1984. Frisco. Felicia. Brownstone Murders. Not anymore I tell ya….

    This is the same "Writing Staff" That….(in no particular order)

    1) Killed Alan Quatermaine in an ungodly way…
    2) Left the Quatermaine Manse barren…..
    3) Shot a teenager in the head, rendering him comatose
    4) Limo Grief Sex for his loathsome parents
    5) Who’s Megan Ward?
    6) Left it up to "Night Shift" to resurrect Anna & Robert
    7) A transformer blows and so do the women (Sam w/Rick  Liz w/Jason) 
    9) NuEmily…..Lulu
    10) Some Stupid Virus. Bye-Bye Tony Jones. The past 22 have been real!!

    I still "Follow" GH through DC and any ‘preview’ I may see on my TV, but the past 2 years or so, this is not the GH I always knew. So if you ask how a character can be so moronic, or a storyline assinine, I feel (my opinion only, of course) that if your questions are pertaining to anything Port Upchuck or Pine Lavery, the questions are better left unanswered.

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    Looks to me like Maxie is BACK!!!! Sorry, but Spixie isn’t working for the long run. I sure wish they put some reason to it …. but yeah, Maxie needs a man. And sorry, but Spinelli will always be just a cute geek.

    And yeah, Kirsten Storms and James Franco – hell is setting fire on earth. LOL

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    How they’re getting from point A to point B here remains incomprehensible to me. Maxie’s enormous love for Spinelli and her unwillingness to even risk losing him has been made abundantly clear to us, so there’s no way she’d instantly jump into bed with the first hot psychopath who comes along EXCEPT for the fact that it’s James Franco. Common sense, logic and continuity apparently flew out the window when the show learned that JF would guest star, and obviously he had to have a sex scene with someone, right, so why not Maxie? Never mind that it completely regresses her character and makes a mockery of the Spixie storyline that culminated in their non-wedding. Personally, I’m still hoping for some external explanation for her behavior, because otherwise there’s not a thing that make sense about this.

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    I couldn’t be more thrilled! The Spinelli/Maxie pairing has dragged Maxie’s character down and should have ended a long time ago. I did not enjoy watching everything I loved about my girl Maxie be sacrificed so Guza could live out his geek fantasies onscreen.

    Bring on Fraxie!!!

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    Thank goodness. Hopefully after Spinelli/Maxie breaks up this will send Maxie into Johnny’s arms where she really belongs.

    Spinelli is too old to be talking like a 14 year old. That got played out some years ago. I was never a Maxie/Spinelli fan when it came to romance. I only liked them as friends.

    If Johnny and Maxie doesn’t hook up, it will be Johnny next leaving in a body bag.

    He’s too good and they can’t a younger actor outshining MB or SB. He will end up another Zander post 2003.

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    errr Spinelli or Franco LoL
    Like Jamey says "Come on People"

    As for the Spin I like him I’m glad they are beginning to dress him not so much like an 8 year old and have his conversations with him speaking with some semblance of maturity.  I have cyberpals that like Maxi with him.  I was more of a Lindzie/Georgy fan so when they handed her story over to Maxi then Ko’d her 

     I never warmed up to them. I like Kirsten enough even though they would write for her and had my poor Georgy pouring LuLu coffee at Kelly’s with a guy on each side of her …it just highlighted how they will only write for the pets  …..all I have to say re: this story line tryst

    Hit it Maxieee P!

    Tap dat!
    Take off that dang shirt ..
    knock his psycho -A$%$  to the ground
    wrestle him around

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    I’m sorry, but my shallow and vain googles are on right now.

    If I was a fictional soap opera character (single or married, male or female, straight, gay and/or lesbian), I would totally lose all common sense and decency and "drop it like it’s hot" for the homeless man/psycho killer that looks like James Franco.

    In a fictional soap world, in which the Mob are considered the "good guys" and Lucky Spencer continues to be duped by Elizabeth and their "lock love", then all bets are off and Maxie should be able to get her "nasty" on with "Franco".

    TPTB aren’t going to kill her off if she sleeps with him.


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    BigDede  I don’t agree I think they won’t let Johnny go he is really good character  and he works good with all the cast . and they know that
    I love him in a scenes with Spinelli Dante and Jason ……

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    This is such a switch from the romantic non-wedding. I wish that they had used angst where Maxie and Spinelli could come together and discover information about Franco.

    As a Maxie fan who loves her with Spinelli, I am saddened by what this storyline will do to the character. She was happy and growing beyond her self-destructive ways. This will bring back her to a point where she thought of herself as not as good as Georgie, and will think she is a disappointment. I hate the idea of the return of her self-loathing. The self-destruction thing is getting repeitive and does not do justice for fleshing out the multiple layers of the character. She should be allowed to continue to grow.

    I also hate what this betrayal will do to the romance of Spixie. Where is the romance on this show?

    I hope that there is more to the story than the promo indicates.

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    I believe I also heard that Maxie was drugged, sort of along the lines of Lulu being drugged recently, maybe this is Spixie’s angst, seeing if Spinelli could forgive for something that was out of her control.

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    Its because Guza is creatively bankrupt and thinks sleaze and cheating is what the viewers want to see. I love Maxie and I love Spinelli and I adore Spixie. As a Maxie fan, this makes me so sad that all her character growth over the last two years could be wiped out with this one stupid act.

    I don’t think Spixie will be over, but some of their magic will be lost when Maxie sleeps with Franco. She said that Spinelli makes her want to be a better person and believe that she can be. Yet she goes and does this? It makes no sense, and is not a good story at all.

    Spinelli and Maxie’s love story was one of the sweetest, most romantic that I’ve ever seen on soaps. GH is stupid to mess with that.  I too hope that there’s more to the story.

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    Well, it didn’t look like drugs were involved today.  Fraxie is smoking hot.  They had the banter and sexual tension and the way Franco looked at her?  Spinelli who? No wonder a girls gotta do what a girls got to do.
    It was pretty clear at least judging by today that if anything happens it is because she wants it to happen.

    Maxie is back, bitches!!! hahahahahahahah

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    I totally agree Troy, but it would pain me to no end if this is the way they want us to get our girl back by throwing her under a bus. 

    Maxie has always been a flirt so her doing this is ok with me, but I cannot see her stepping over that line without a little push.  Now it might be drugs or maybe even something as Spin once again choosing Jason over Maxie.  If that happens I say ride that man (Franco) and make him beg for mercy.

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    I got my Christmas wish early maybe?

    I loathe Spixie together…that pairing is not good for either character and they are completely wasting Maxie in it.  This promo and storyline gives me hope.  I hope  they end them for good.  I thought they would always be better as friends and hated that they moved them something more that felt forced.  Their characters don’t work together and I am doing the happy dance.  Now, I hope they bring Johnny and Maxie together.  Their characters fit and I think have the best chemistry.

    So excited!!!!

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    Its because Guza is creatively bankrupt and thinks sleaze and cheating is what the viewers want to see.

    OR it’s because someof us enjoy the heat that Maxie shares with damn near every man she crosses paths with, LOL.  Frankly, Maxie has either bored or irritated the heck out of me for the better part of a year now, mainly because of the Spixie pairing.  CarJax is romance, as is Scrubs.  Jolivia is a living breathing Oedipus retread, and I don’t care either way about Liz’s pairings, so I for one am STOKED about seeing Maxie turning up the heat with Franco!

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    I hate what they’re doing to spixie. I don’t find Fraxie hot at all. I want my spixie back. The sleaze on this show goes to far sometimes in my opinion.

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    I’m glad I’m not the only one on board with this. I loved Spixie..even up to the wedding, but after that, It got annoying for me with Spinelli always following her around like a puppy dog. Give me back My Maxie!!

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     I have to agree with a lot of you.  I love Spixie and loved rooting for them.  BUT, I do feel like some of Maxie’s shine or attitude has been gone lately.  I mean this IS the girl who traded drugs for sex with Lucky, so it’s hard to buy the happy wife routine for so long.  I’m excited to see where this goes, but feel terrible for Spinelli already…

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    I was creeped out by her laying blindfolded on the floor  and being photographed by a serial killer.  Is she really going to have sex with a man that would degrade her like that?  just for her job? 

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    Even if I weren’t a huge Spixie fan, I would have problems with the lay out of this story. So Maxie is just fine with lying in a chalk outline? The same Maxie who has been the victim of  violent crime and whose sister was KILLED in a violent crime? Why exactly? 

    Also, the show hasn’t even bothered to show any problems brewing between Spixie that would have led for Maxie to turn around and do this. Sorry, I don’t buy the "he’s hot" excuse. It’s a soap. Everyone is hot. There has to be more to the story than that, or it makes Maxie look ridiculous.

    Hate the pairing or not, this set up (or non set up) is typical lazy assed Guza nonstorytelling.

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    Maxie has changed because of Spinelli, but nobody can fully change and she still has that wild side to her that is just dying to come out. The character of Franco is dangeous and mysterious, just the type that Maxie is drawn too and I can see Maxie falling into the game he’s playing.

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    Guza will never get me to buy that Maxie would think Franco is creepy, get mad about him taking chalk outline pictures of her, then will just sleep with him because he’s hot. Sure Maxie’s always been attracted to edgy and the bad boys, but she used to at least have some common sense. This Franco storyline is not doing her any favors. I really like the more grown up Maxie and I’m sad to see her revert back to her Bad Blond One ways.

    Maxie and Spinelli’s non-wedding was amazing and a real high point of my GH watching. I’m not sure why GH is willing to squander all that chemistry and story for a short term guest star, but really, when have they been known for making the best decisions. I just hope that this story isn’t the end of Spixie and that eventually they’ll come back together having grown up some and with an even better understanding of each other.

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    It is a new low to go from the best episode I have seen on GH in YEARS AND YEARS (Sept 25th, 2009) to what we saw today.
    Maxie leaving the show with someone she has not 100% even confirmed to be Franco and not tell anyone she is leaving or where she is going is socially irresponsible even for this soap.
    Don’t glamourize something that gets young women killed in real life.
    This was dangerous and sick.
    I think we need new writers PRONTO
    I love Spixie and it is sick that they are being split up because of a temporary guest star and to have it done in such a twisted way

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    This post is dangerously attractive…hehe. 

    I agree with absolutely everything here.  I’ve been watching Maxie bury her own desires in order to be someone she isn’t so I’m rejoicing right now to see my hot, fiery, complicated, brazen vixen is still alive and kicking.  

    Her scenes with Franco were dripping with chemistry and heat and I’m looking forward to lots more.  Hopefully my Maxie won’t go back into her shell and she’s free to find that dangerous type that she craves so much. 

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    So I just watched today’s episode, and it was SUPER creepy.  It had to be a man writing that a woman could be "charmed" by being pushed into being blindfolded and photographed as dead.  If Maxie had never seen violence visited upon her I could see maybe that this was reckless abandon.  But her sister was murdered and Maxie was almost raped by Logan.  No matter how charming Franco is, I can’t see her being anything but disturbed.  I was really excited about the prospect of Maxie and Franco, and I hope this s/l turns around, because right now it’s just downright creepy…

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    Courtney fan4life

    So the real maxie aslut who would cheat and be used by a freak who is a killer. Yea I can see some of you are real maxie fans. Wow

    This is disgusting. WHy do this after the amazing Non wedding story. i love Spixie. i love both of thoise charcaters. And from the fan mail they STILL get great feedback so why do this. Its annoying and im beyond annoyed.

    Maxie is up there with Liz as PC whores!

    break up Scrubs end the disgusting Niz. not my Spixie!

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    Today was just Creepy as hell! There’s nothing hot about going off with a stranger who blindfolds you and makes you lie down in a chalk outline, posing as though you were dead. That’s just sick and creepy.

    Obviously the skank is back. Its a pity because as a Maxie Fan First, I was enjoying the character growth over the last two years. She seemed genuinely happy for once. instead of alientating herself with self loathing and destructive behavior and hurting others around her, she was doing positive things, making friends, and was actually happy with herself and her life. As she constantly says she hates who she used to be and all the things she’s done. This just doesn’t make any sense. There’s no lead up to this sl.

    I guess some ppl like to watch sleaze, even though its with a creepy psycho guy. I’m sorry but I cannot find a person who gets herself into a situation like this, a situation that gets many girls killed, at all a hot scenario. No matter how hot James Franco is. The scenes today just made me ill that she could be so stupid, esp since she wasn’t even completely sure if he was the artist.

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    [quote=AllmyDaysatGh]This storyline is such a JOKE to me now. Really, Maxie? Shame.. SKANKAMISTA.[/quote] .

    Maxie is a TURBO HO, I first called her that when she was faking pregnancy and at the frat party, as some of you may recall.

    That said I love Spixie but the minute Spin started sad sacking and man sobbing about her job being more important than him I knew something like this was coming. I’d like to see Spixie mature into a real love BUT people are right she fell for Spin out of her desperate fear of being alone, and here is this sweet, strange social outcast, the way she feels inside…. She is spontaneous, has awful taste in men and loves forbidden danger. Yeah I thought FraMax was hot in this twisted way.

    I hate the only trouble the asshat idiots know how to do is triangles and cheaters

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    Okay, I might get shot for this but… I actually think Maxie doesn’t have such bad taste in men. I mean, Jesse and Coop were nice guys and Spin is definitely a sweetie. Logan turned out to be a psycho but she wasn’t interested in him – she hooked up with him just to spite Lulu.  And Lucky is normally a sweetie who happened to be at a horrible time in his life (which Maxie contributed to) when Maxie hooked up with him.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Maxie but if anything, I think it’s really Maxie that’s Trouble with a capital "T" lol.

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    Spins Vixenella

    Damn! What kind of crazy is Maxie? Even the biggest ho I know would never hook up with some guy they just met, ride alone with him back to his creepy loft full of naked mannequins, & wallow blind-folded on his floor for simulated death scene photos, & THEN have sex with him in front of a wall of dead people!

    There should be a crawl at the bottom of the screen saying, "please do not try this at home…this is how women get killed, chopped in little pieces, & are never seen or heard from again!"

    Today was simply disgusting. I’m not entertained, and I will not be watching tomorrow.

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    I am blown away by the righteous indignation this particular story is invoking among some fans.  I mean, Keifer is *regularly* slapping Krissy into next week, but THIS is the absolutely deplorable story!?!!?!

    I (honestly) don’t understand why this storyline is more shocking than any others, and it’s not as if this is the first time Maxie has proven that her career is most important to her.  This is the same woman who started making public appearances with Johnny because Kate told her her career depended on it.  Knowing that 1) it would hurt Spinelli, and 2) it would make BooLoo insecure, Maxie still went along with the plan with minimal hesitation.

    And yes, the non-wedding was great, but let’s not forget that Maxie only agreed to marry Spin because 1) HE really wanted to, and she didn’t want to let him down, and 2) Mac said she couldn’t.  Those are hardly strong indications that Maxie has changed, LOL.

    Finally, obviously it is unsafe to leave a public location with a stranger, but it’s not as if those of us drooling over the Fraxie chemistry are going to start trolling art galleries in the hopes of running into some Franco-like artist so we can act out our own Fraxie-fantasy.  I mean, I love the JaSam chemistry, but I’m not on the market for a leather jacket-wearing hitman with expressive blue eyes, LOL.

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    Well said Samrocks! And might I just add, I wish I would see this kind of outrage directed at OLTL – which is currenlty home to three violent psychos that abuse women (Todd, Mitch, Ross).

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    Samrocks, thank-you once again for going straight to the heart of the matter! I always know that I can count on you to have already said all the things that I want to say, only much more eloquently.

    I agree that this situation is very far fetched based on what we wimmens are taught from a very early age about stranger-danger, however, the chemistry is off the charts so I am sitting back and enjoying wherever they choose to take me. 

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    Courtney fan4life

    Samrocksthe video isnt about Krisitna or her abusive boyfriend its about Maxie cheating on her boyrfriend. Im sick and tired of the cheating on this show. I already have Niz to deal with.

    The non-wedding showed that Spin and maxie are soulmates and are in love with each other. We go from that to this? PLEASE!

    SO Sam hasnt been acting like the slut she used to be so she needs to sleep with Franco next right? To go back to the old Sam.

    Oh god and if they try and put Maxie back with that 10 yearold Lucky im gonna barf.

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    I think Maxie/Franco were GREAT! She had lots of chemistry with him and while I agree it was all initially creepy, it got way better eventually. When he apologized, she softened up a bit and became comfortable around him.

    I hope this puts a huge nail in the coffin of Spixie.

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    Samrocks speak for yourself – I’ve been looking that Blue-eyed killer for years :)

    I can understand both sides to this argument, but being that this is Maxie she is being written in character a person who loves her job, and has been trouble, but in the same breathe this is not the same girl since her sister was killed, and for that I was kind of hoping for a little restraint, not from sleeping with Franco but from willingly laying down within a chalk outline, that crossed a little creepy line even for Maxie.

    Daisy (Get ready) I agree with you :)  Maxie has always had great taste in men just poor judgement in how to get what she wants

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    If Maxie sleeps with Franco and is not drugged and is only prostituting herself to get the photo shoot or whatever she wants him to do, then I hope Spinelli has enough self-respect to kick her to the curb and never take her back again! If he wants to be her friend, fine, but he needs to find a girl who doesn’t treat him like a possession, project, charity case, little brother or puppy. That’s how Maxie treats him most of the time and when she uses that baby voice with him I wish he’d scream at her to stop talking down to him.

    If she’s drugged and ends up sleeping with Franco, I’m sure Spin will forgive her. He’ll know it was out of her control. It may take him a little time; this is a soap, after all, but I’m sure if Franco drugs her Spin won’t hold it against her. He wouldn’t hate her for being victimized. But if she sleeps with Franco willingly, she’s not a victim and she deserves to lose Spinelli. If she wants to throw away a good guy like Spinelli for a one night stand with a psycho she doesn’t even know just to get ahead at Crimson, she deserves whatever consequences she’s forced to face from Spin.

    I always thought he forgave her way too quickly for sleeping with him to keep him from being friends, which was the key word in that situation, with Winifred, and kissing Johnny on the peer knowing it would hurt Lulu. She gets to do whatever she wants, but Spinelli can’t even be friends with another woman? Maybe her sleeping with someone else will finally be the last straw and he’ll realize he doesn’t need someone who sees him as less than an equal partner in their relationship.

    Maxie proved to me last week that that’s exactly how she views Spin. She hasn’t changed or matured; everything is still all about her and what everyone in her world can do for her. In Maxie’s universe, her career at Crimson is more important than Spinelli’s PI career, or the fact that he’s trying to help his friend, who is like a brother to him, stay alive. Maxie is much too selfish for Spinelli and he deserves better. All they’re doing is making Maxie look like the slut she used to be and Spin look like the fool, again.

    I like the Spixie friendship; it’s one of my favorite parts of the show, but the romance is just not working for me and I don’t think it ever will. They’re just not compatible enough. ‘but I think the breakup should be mutual and that both should be matured by the relationship, and by the breakup. If this is going where I think it’s going, the writers are doing a horrible job with ending Spixie.

  42. Profile photo of Miry

    Just had to add:
    …if they grew him up a bit, had him speak like an actual human being, then I could perhaps get behind them as a couple… but as it stands, Spin is just too damn annoying. He is okay in small doses. (I am sorry, but the way he speaks was okay for about 2-3 months, but it’s been a couple of years now, it’s time to get-it-together Spin! You have friends now, you have a gf, you interact with real live ppl– enough with the stupid monikers for ppl & speaking of yourself in the 3rd person).

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    Daisy, Ross is being sacrificed for Todd, I would not include him with Todd and Mitch and I don’t even like him. And let’s not forget Tea doesn’t consider what Todd did to Marty rape of course neither does Ron Carlavati.

  44. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    maxsmom: I haven’t been watching OLTL, but I’m sure you’re right about Ross being sacrificied for Todd. But I heard about Ross attacking Tea and it just made me sick… Carlivati keeps giving me more reasons not to tune in.

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    I was a Spixie fan in the beginning because I thought that they were cute together and while I enjoyed the non-wedding, I am now bored with the pairing. Then seeing her hot chemistry with Franco made me miss Maxie the vixen! Remember this is the same woman who slept with and fed drugs to Lucky and faked a pregnancy and miscarriage. She’s not above cheating. Franco is mysterious and has the bad boy image that Maxie has always been drawn too. This isn’t the first time she’s been drawn to that type of guy and I doubt it will be the last.

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