Victoria Rowell’s Secrets of Soap Opera Diva Pre-Selling Like Crazy on Amazon!

Victoria Rowell
‘s highly-anticipated first novel Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva is currently on pre-sale at, and the juicy tome is already scorching up the charts! We hear the tale about a sexy, black starlet’s tenure on the soap opera The Rich and the Ruthless has quite a few of Rowell’s real life former costars chewing off their fingernails over whether or not any of the fictional characters will resemble them!  Click here to pre-order your copy now! In other Rowell news, the divalicious actress recently booked an episode of The Ghost Whisperer (ep. 513), and was spotted at the Warner Brothers Studios in New York.  Was she there to audition for George Clooney‘s upcoming series Delta Blues? Wouldn’t you just like to know!

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    Keep writing books Victoria.  For what I have heard about this girl, I don’t think there’s a chance of her coming to Genoa City.  I do wish her the best though.
    I still don’t understand why she hasn’t been seen on anything in primetime/film.  One word: reputation.

  2. Profile photo of rob3215

    Thank you DaytimeFan0001!!!!!
    I think she was kickass as Drucilla, but so many of her costars have made it clear what she was like to work with – I don’t think anyone would want their worst nightmare back after they’ve left!
    I hear her interviews and cringe – really, really self serving and obnoxious.
    Great actress, but her costars have sent their message!
    Because of reading some battles between bloggers and DC writers, I have to add I love this website – comments on actors and shows aren’t slights on our beloved DC writers…..LOL

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    Please, VR ain’t the only difficult actor on the show.  They are pretty of difficult and spoiled actors on Y&R and still getting screentime and a paycheck.  VR was fighting for the black actors and actresses on the show and there aren’t no black writers behind the scenes.  That is saying something that is the number on show in the AA community.

  4. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Love love Victoria R
    will read Secrets of a Soap Opera Divas
    and will catch her on Ghost Whisperers

    Delta Blue here’s keeping my fingers crossed on that one
    You Go girl looking so good right now
    she looks happy…

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